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Mojito Chicken Sandwiches (with Unicorns!)

Flexibility is a necessity when you have to cook for a large group.  Flexibility is essential if you want to buy main ingredients in bulk and be able to use them periodically without repetition.  One of the “must haves” around here is chicken breast.  It is easy to portion out and a veritable blank canvas […]

The Monday Menu: March 30, 2009

Spring is here! See the flower? Too bad there is snow in the forecast for this week. Fluffy white snow…flowers…spring is dead. In honor of the winter-like weather, I’m making a Thanksgiving dinner to say goodbye to March. Comfort food to help me get through the snow predicted for Tuesday. Monday: California grilled chicken sandwiches […]

Tried and Tested

Here are a few links to recipes by fellow food bloggers we have consumed recently and loved, loved, loved. They have the O6 seal of approval. The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever. – The Pioneer Woman If you want to fit into your jeans, this may not be the best decision. I could eat half […]

One Deal, Five Meals: Heavy Whipping Cream

Okay, so heavy whipping cream may not be what you’re thinking when you the words “dinner,” “staple,” or “versatile menu item” run through your head. However, luxurious cream flowed freely this week. (It’s all about moderation and pairing with healthy options here at Chez O.) The heavy whipping cream love affair started with a trip […]

Bacon-Wrapped Beef Tenderloin Medallions

Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin – The Prequel (the cutting and bacon-wrapping portion) Sometimes we avoid cooking certain foods because we think they need to be complicated or the main ingredient is too expensive. It would be a shame to try a new recipe with a high priced piece of meat only to mess it up and end […]

Leftovers Redone: From Beer Cheese Soup to Cheesy Rice

We often cook more food than we need to purposely have some for lunches and weekends. The problem with leftovers is they sit in the back of the fridge, alone. Forgotten. You open the fridge, hungry, looking for a tasty addition to a meal, a delightful snack. That leftover cheese soup is not calling your name. (Well, it’s not calling MY name.)

While the cheese soup on its own would be fine, you can only eat so much beer cheese soup before you’ve had enough. We used the soup from the soup swap to make a side dish for our dinner last night. To make your soup turn into a creamy rice side dish…

Beer Cheese Soup

We do a soup swap. Everyone brings soup; we eat the soup; the leftovers go home with people. It’s great. I received some delicious turkey noodle soup from the last soup swap that Kidney Bean is is love with.

Somehow, I decided that making a beer cheese soup was a good idea. While I do love my beer cheese, it isn’t really a meal in a bowl. So, I probably failed my neighbors on this one. To make it a full meal, you’d probably want to add…