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The Monday Menu: June 1, 2009

My irises continue to bloom. The garden continues to grow. It’s been a busy weekend. A picnic wedding reception, two backyard barbecues, a karaoke wedding dance at a polka bar, one 30th birthday party and one 1st birthday party later, it’s all over. I did make the birthday cake successfully. I found a wonderful recipe […]

Super Garlic Toast – Flavor from the Side

A lot of work goes into main dishes.  For the most part, I tend to focus on the protein portion of our meals, but when possible, I like to double – even triple up on items that can be put on the grill for any given meal.  I’ve already talked about the asparagus that can […]

Organizing Your Way: Planning Summer Schedules for Your School-Age Kids

You can find me at Organizing Your Way today talking about our summer schedules and how to organize them when school lets out for summer.  Working from home becomes even more interesting around here when I factor in sports, trips to the waterpark and summer camp schedules.  I cover the basics of staying sane, deciding […]

The Juicy Lucy – A Memorial Day Gift

My employer was generous enough to give me Friday off in addition to Monday for Memorial Day this year, so I’ve decided to pass the generosity on with a recipe guaranteed to elevate your backyard BBQ to “best ever” status.  Today we’re doing a Twin Cities original – the Juicy Lucy. Now, even many native […]

The Monday Menu: May 25, 2009

It’s been a long weekend here, extending into tomorrow. We’re going to brave the possible nature congestion and take the family to a state park, maybe hike a little, stop at a drive-in and play some mini golf. So, if you’re headed to that same state park, I’ll be there with a pack full of […]

Leftovers Redone: Steak and Cheese, Please!

A Philly cheesesteak isn’t something to mess with, so we didn’t. Instead, we created our own variety of steak sandwich, topped off with a mound of fresh grilled vegetables and a simple chipotle mayo for a bit of kick. It is the combination we keep coming back to. The vegetables balance the steak and cheese […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Freezing Meals and the Basics of Food Storage

Photo by Three years ago, my in-laws bought us a freezer for Christmas. It is one of the best gifts we’ve ever received. My parents were feeling slighted, so they bought us a knife set this past year. Those are also wonderful, but I’m here to talk about the freezer. Our freezer is a […]