Sweet and Sticky Barbecue Chicken Wings


These barbecue chicken wings are the perfect burger or brat accompaniment served with a side of Bush’s Vegetarian Baked Beans for your tailgate, kissed with homemade barbecue sauce and caramelized on the grill. Tailgating is a true American pastime. Whether it’s before a baseball game in the summertime, football in the fall or even hockey […]

Creamy Grilled Artichoke Dip and Green Valley Organics


This dip features grilled artichokes, spring onions and creamy sour cream and cream cheese for a side dish to pair with all your favorite summer meals. This creamy grilled artichoke dip will soon be a summer favorite. We made ours with Green Valley Organics Lactose-Free Sour Cream, and we’re giving some away along with their […]

Homemade Potato Chips and Avocado Ranch Dip for an Earth Day Virtual Picnic for the Planet

homemade-potato-chips- 2011-04-26 001

It’s Earth Day! Come celebrate with a Virtual Picnic in honor of the Picnic for the Planet the Nature Conservancy are hosting around the globe today. We’re bringing crisp baked potato chips and avocado ranch dip with us. Won’t you join us? Warming weather to this family means plenty of outdoor eating, sitting in the […]

White Pizza with Shrimp on Naan


A white pizza sauce made with garlic and oil graces leftover naan and is topped off with green onions, black olives and shrimp for a quick and easy pizza night or a stunning appetizer tray. Sometimes life has a way of sneaking up on you. It’s the random phone calls, doctor appointments that take longer […]

Corned Beef and Cabbage Egg Rolls with Ole on Our Wedding Night


Wondering what to do with leftover corned beef and cabbage from St. Patrick’s Day or any other day? Rather than the usual Reuben sandwich, try a corned beef and cabbage egg roll and a side of Russian or thousand island dressing to dip it in. In the case of my relationship with Ole, we haven’t […]

Game Day Chicken Wings from Deliciously Organic

Chicken Wings 1

The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and chicken wings are perfect for the big game. Sticky, spicy and sweet, these oven-roasted chicken wings pair perfectly with your favorite beer and finger foods. Have you ever met someone and just instantly decided you liked them, without even really having a chance to talk to them? It’s […]

Mini Lemon Dill Cheesecake Bites with Lox


These savory mini cheesecakes are filled with lemon and dill, baked inside phyllo shells and topped with a bit of lox (cured salmon). They’re perfect for parties, entertaining or as game day snacks. They also make a great late-night snacks when you’re hanging on the couch. Do you ever wake up one morning and realize […]