Peach Sorbet Bellini and Spritzer

Peach Sorbet and Bellini Spritzer #Recipe via

Silky smooth peach sorbet bobs lightly in their bubbly bath in this frozen take on bellini. Serve this easy recipe with a spicy ginger ale or sparkling juice for a virgin take on this classic cocktail. Peaches announce their presence with sweet scented air, enticing you with their velvety soft surface that promises bright juicy […]

Green Monster Smoothies Fit for Freezing

Green Monster Freezer Smoothies #recipe via

A recipe for a green mango monster smoothie that is fit for freezing and sending in the lunch box for school lunches or enjoying immediately. Plus, a Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processor is up for grabs! If I were to keep a list of things I am in continuous denial about you may find such […]

Homemade Irish Cream and a Happy New Year

Homemade Irish Cream #recipe via

A recipe to make your own homemade Irish cream using Irish whiskey, coffee, chocolate, and of course, cream. A delightful toast to the New Year. So we head towards the close of another year on the Gregorian calendar. The end of the year and the beginning of a new one always seems like a good […]

Homemade Pear Italian Sodas with Cardamom Cream


Make your own homemade Italian soda with fresh pear syrup and top it all off with cardamom cream. My house is full. There are four small bodies that fill it daily with their voices, loud and fun, quiet and contemplative. They fill it with their clothes, hastily thrown in the corner, discarded in the middle […]

Pompelmocello: A Celebration of Grapefruit, Spiked


How to make your own pompelmocello (or grapefruit limoncello) using seasonal grapefruits and Everclear. Start now, drink later. I’ve left you waiting unintentionally. My intentions were to come back and tell you a story or two, share a recipe and even a fun something I have been sitting on (tomorrow). Good intentions don’t get you […]

Lemongrass Soda and Tiny Pea Babies


Honey-sweetened lemongrass soda brings a delightful zip to any party, especially when it’s a baby shower for a few Peas and Their Pod. Soft fuzzy skin and sweet-smelling heads. Tiny little fingers that grasp on tightly when you place your finger in their palm. They way they curl into themselves, looking so vulnerable and Even […]

Homemade Ginger Ale for Summer Evenings


Summer is here. Cool off and take refuge from the sun with some homemade ginger ale, perfect for sitting by the pool, with rum as a cocktail or with dinner on the patio. (Note to self: finish patio construction.) Most days, my mornings are hectic. I get up to the sound of Ole’s alarm going […]