Ginger Plum Preserves and Easy Appetizers

A recipe for ginger plum preserves turns into tasty crostini appetizers with thinly sliced and toasted baguette, capricho de cabra goat’s cheese, and fresh plums. Stone fruit season is one of my favorites. Coming at the end of summer, I wait patiently all year for its arrival. As the heat of summer reaches its peak, […]

A Bit About Makin’ Bacon

How to make crisp and evenly cooked bacon in the oven without all the grease splatters and mess of frying it on the stove. Pin It Bacon. Have you ever noticed that bacon has the ability to instantly trigger a response in your brain? Its salty goodness reaches to the recesses of your mind, and […]

The Easiest Way to Make Squash Purée

An easy way to get fresh, roasted squash butternut (or any other) purée to use in recipes at home. So, as evidenced by my insistence on making my own pumpkin purée, you can probably imagine that I did not purchase a can of squash earlier this week for the butternut squash soup with bacon and […]

Strawberry Groundcherry Jam and Summer’s Last Hurrah

The last of the everbearing strawberries and groundcherries from the market find love as a sweet jam. It’s been warm here, the kind of warm that makes you want to take long bike rides through the trail system that runs just east of your house, stopping to enjoy the view of the lakes and swamps […]

Homemade Pumpkin Purée: Can the Can

I have a confession. I don’t remember ever buying pumpkin in a can. Ever. I know my mom did when I was younger a few times, but generally, our pumpkin came from, well, a pumpkin. For years in high school I avoided pumpkin pie with it’s brown, creamy texture. Then I realized it was because […]

Turkey Broth from Bones: Using Every Last Bit

Let’s talk turkey. Turkey carcass, that is. No, don’t throw it away. Let’s use it. While I used to snicker when my aunt’s would decide who would bring home this year’s turkey bones or the ham bone at the holidays, I now understand. I get it. I have been enlightened. The power of making your […]