A Back-to-School Eat Well, Spend Less: ABC Ideas for Your Lunchbox

Looking for inspiration on what to pack in your kids’ lunchboxes as they head back to school? Here are a few fun lunchbox ideas to get you through the year (or at least the first half of it) in this month’s Eat Well, Spend Less series. I pull the white cotton sheet over my head […]

Eat Well, Spend Less: Getting Your Kids in the Kitchen

This month’s Eat Well, Spend Less is focused on the kids and the process of getting them in the kitchen to cook and eat. With summer vacation looming, this is the perfect time to tackle the terrain. When I was seven I cooked my first meal. I opened up a worn copy of my mom’s […]

Holiday Baking 101: Freezing, Including the Kids and More!

Get started now on your holiday baking. A few tips for freezing cookies, baking with your kids, figuring out what to make first and having fun while you do it. Get the Christmas music ready, it’s time to bake! Tomorrow it will be December. (If you just recoiled at that thought, I’m with you.) That […]

Breaking Down School Lunch Box Ideas

Rethinking ideas for the school lunch box from sandwiches to wraps to crackers and cheese and fruit on a stick. Let’s talk for a minute about this business of school lunches. Just one more time, I promise. We’re a week and a half in. I’ve sent hard boiled eggs with my kids three times. In […]

Easy School Lunch Macaroni and Cheese for Sliding into a New Routine

This 15-minute macaroni and cheese is one of the school lunches I fall back on easily. I only make it once in a while, but it’s a kid favorite, the creamy cheese sauce keeping the pasta hot until lunchtime. Our day starts as the sun rises. Alarms blare. (To my neighbors, I apologize for Ole’s […]

Baked Apple Puff Pancake and The Whole Family Cookbook

An easy-to-make baked apple puff pancake is perfect for breakfast for dinner or a late Saturday brunch, and it’s just the thing to get the whole family involved and cooking in the kitchen. My very first memory took place in a kitchen. A tornado was also involved. When I got older (as in past the […]

National Nutrition Month: Very Hungry Caterpillar Giveaway!

I remember reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar to my sister when she was growing up, and it was one of the first books I purchased for my first child as well. There hasn’t been a moment in my kids’ lives where this book wasn’t front and center and at the top of the bedtime reading […]