The State of the Garden {A Tour}: July 2013

The State of the Garden (A Tour) July 2013

A quick tour of our backyard gardens, which got off to a late start due to the inclement weather we had this spring, but are now finally in full swing. I think it’s about time I shared the ever changing landscape of my backyard. We started the summer with a plan to build a shed, […]

Peach Crisp Pops Recipe

Peach Crisp Popsicles via

Refreshing and crunchy all in one, peach crisp pops are a mix of youthful fun and adult flavor in one cooling summer treat. Simple + Summer. These are two things that I would like to live together, to get cozy with each other. Instead, it always feels as if summer is sprinting out ahead of […]

Dissecting Lunches for Your Summer Vacation {Eat Well, Spend Less}

Summer Lunch Ideas via

Take a look at how to survive summer with these kid-friendly lunch ideas for everything from road tripping to lounging around the house. Summer, when kids run wild and reckless with abandon. This month on the Eat Well, Spend Less series we’re looking at all the ins and outs of summer eating, be it cookouts, […]

Say Hello to Summer with Key Lime Pie Pops

Key Lime Pie Pops via

Creamy yogurt-and-honey key lime pie frozen pops on a stick with a crunchy graham cracker pie crust. Excuse the mess. My kids are home for the summer. The skies are crying. No. Literally, the skies are crying and the kids are stuck inside with me. Send help. This rain is casting its dark-clouded self over […]

Savory Parmesan Granola

Savory Parmesan Granola via Shaina Olmanson |

I’m sharing a recipe for savory Parmesan granola, combining all your granola clusters and crunch and turning it into a salty snack treat. Spring took its time showing up this year, with winter lingering far longer than is necessary. Still, I am ready for summer to hit, even if the weather might not be just […]

Eat Well, Spend Less: Looking Back on the Way We Ate

Eat Well, Spend Less Yearly Review via

This month in the Eat Well, Spend Less series we’re looking back on what’s changed over the past two years in the purposeful way we feed our family. This month marks two years of the Eat Well, Spend Less series. Last year for the one-year anniversary I covered a lot of the ongoing changes we […]

We’re Going on a Treasure Hunt, a Good Cook Treasure Hunt

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Come on a fun treasure hunt for kitchen products to be entered to win one of three grand prizes from Good Cook. Photo by Brooke from Cheeky Kitchen for Good Cook We’re going on a treasure hunt. We’re going on a treasure hunt. Treasure hunts are fun, right? Sure they are, especially when there’s a […]