Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream: Homemade Gift Ideas

How to make homemade shaving cream with coconut oil and shea butter that smells of a delicious rosemary-mint pairing. Great for personalized Christmas gifts or just to pamper yourself.

Around the same time that I started washing my face daily with the Ginger Coconut Oil Body Scrub I had concocted in the kitchen, I also had the revelation that post body scrubbing, you could shave your legs without using shaving cream. Shaving cream and I are lifelong enemies. I have to buy some pretty expensive slathering lotion for it to do its job without leaving me looking like I had a run-in with a barbed wire fence, and I, frankly, am complaining about it. <--me complaining.

Shortly thereafter, my husband, who sports a perpetual 5 o’clock shadow (you don’t believe me, just click, click, and click), was distraught when said expensive shave cream ran out, leaving him standing in the shower, the water streaming down with nothing but bar soap and a dull razor to do the job. Despite his relaxed work wear and general lack of requirement for such things as a smooth face, he was in desperate need to keep up appearances (or something), which prompted me to tell him to use the scrub instead, simply rinsing off the “scrubbers” before shaving.

It was this singular event that led him to request a non-scrub shaving cream be born of the kitchen, one that he could rub on, shave off, and would leave him feeling refreshed with a smooth, razor-burn–free face. Like most things he asks for, I took my time in making it happen, but eventually, I gave in and produced such a product that now sits on the shelf next to my jar of sugar scrub.

While we use the shaving cream here, it would also make a great gift for that special someone in your life, be it your significant other, your dad, or anyone else in need of some pampering. Paired with a jar of sugar scrub, a loofah or natural sea sponge, and a facial brush, you have an easy homemade spa ready for gifting this holiday season.


  • I’ve found this works great for sensitive skin. Still, you should ALWAYS test out a small area before applying to larger areas. You may be sensitive to different oils (both essential oils and non), and you want to know before going ahead with a large application. This oil cream allows you a layer of protection from the razor as you shave, and it reduces razor burn for us, even with a dull razor.
  • Unlike a traditional shaving cream, this contains no soap. Soap dries skin out, while oils will moisturize and create a protective layer over your skin as you shave. If you’ve ever used conditioner, a lotion-based cream like Trader Joe’s or Pacific Shaving Company, or coconut/baby oil to shave it’s a similar feeling. The cream will melt a bit on your skin as you apply it. This is okay. Just make a thin layer of the oil and shave as usual.
  • To clean the razor off, I swish it in a cup of warm water between strokes. When I’m finished, I let it soak in the cup for a few seconds, give it a swish, and then hang it up as usual. I wipe the collected oil from the cup with a small square of paper and discard in the trash.
  • Post shave you don’t need to clean your face if you don’t want to. All of the oils and butters in here work as natural conditioners. However, you do want to rub off the excess. Using the same method as removing the coconut oil scrub, just use a warm, wet wash cloth and rinse the skin by pressing firmly. Alternatively, you could use a light face soap or body wash post-shave, if you prefer.
  • You can use both refined or unrefined coconut oil. The unrefined version will have a more coconut smell to it. The important distinction here is between coconut oil and fractionated coconut oil. Coconut oil should be a solid at temperatures below 74º F. Fractionated coconut oil is a liquid, and that is not what we want. We want a solid that will make this nice and whippable.
  • Shea butter comes from the shea tree in Africa. It’s a moisturizer, and I buy mine either online from Amazon or Vitacost, or I can find it in the beauty department at Whole Foods and in the personal care aisle at Walgreens and other drugstores.
  • The jars in the two higher photos are from Weck Canning. The jar in the bottom photo is a Fido jar.

1/3 cup shea butter (72.67 grams)
1/3 cup virgin coconut oil (72.05 grams)
1/4 cup jojoba or sweet almond oil (54.88 grams)
10 drops rosemary essential oil
3-5 drops peppermint essential oil

In a small saucepan over low heat, combine the shea butter and coconut oil, stirring until just melted. Remove from the heat and transfer to a heat-safe bowl. Add in the jojoba oil and the essential oils. Stir to mix.

Place the bowl in the refrigerator and chill until solid. Remove from the refrigerator and whip using a hand beater or a stand mixer until light and fluffy. Spoon into a jar. Lid and keep in a cool, dry place.

Makes 8 ounces.
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  1. I just bought coconut oil the other day, so I’m halfway there! Now to find the rest of the ingredients… James would love this for Christmas.

  2. I am so doing this, Shaina. I have eczema and contact dermatitis and this time of year is the worst! I love this!

  3. oooh, I bet Steve could really use this!! Thanks for the recipe Shaina!

  4. Brilliant! Standing ovation! Of course, I want to eat it.

  5. Where do you get Shea Butter at?

  6. Hi! I love your recipe!! I guess I could use this for shaving my legs too? I bet it leaves soft skin and prevents irritation! I have a Q: how can I replace the shea butter? I live in Ecuador and we don’t have that here.. Maybe Cocoa butter? Thanks!

    • I use it on my legs, yes. I would think mango butter or cocoa butter would be a good substitute, but they won’t sub out 1:1. Cocoa butter is hard at room temperature, so you’d want to use less of it. Maybe start at 3-4 tablespoons and see what the texture is like after you whip it.

  7. Genius. Pure genius.

  8. Had to Google shea butter to learn what it is.

  9. This post made me laugh! But where am I getting shea butter?

  10. Nice! We’ve been doing all natural skin products lately and will add this one to the list to try. Our favorite oil right now to moisturize is argan oil!

    • Love argan oil. I use it on my hair, but my skin tends to be oily anyway, so I find washing with oil helps regulate it on its own for the most part. Maybe this winter when it gets dry (it’ll be my first full winter on the oil method) I’ll get to try the argan oil for my skin, too.

      • Cool! My sister is doing the oil cleansing method and loves it. I need to try that soon, too. We’re all about the baking soda/apple cider vinegar hair cleaning (aka no-poo) right now! Good to hear from someone else going au natural with skin/hair care products! Take care, Shaina!

        • Connie says:

          What is the no poo recipe?
          I’ve used baking soda to clean residue from my hair and vinegar for the shine but I would think that using baking soda all the time would be too harsh on your hair.
          If you could send it yo me at
          Thank you!!

  11. I make a similar concoction as a face moisturizer but haven’t tried it as a shaving cream, great idea!

  12. so clever!! Love this

  13. What an amazing idea! I would love to make this for myself!

  14. I’m so glad you shared this recipe! I have the most temperamental, sensitive skin and I totally need something like this for it.

  15. This looks amazing! Quick question- I’m really sensitive to rosemary- red bumps, itch etc. Do you think I could swap out the rosemary for basil or thyme EO? I assume I’d just add about the same amount as the rosemary. Any ideas of other EOs that would have similar benefits as the rosemary?

    • Rose hip would be a good oil to try to have a similar skin benefit!

    • Oooh, thyme essential oil on your face/legs? As an aromatherapist I would say that would not be my first choice – very very strong oil that can cause sensitivities and redness. Lavender is lovely and well tolerated (and not expensive), for more luxurious smell and effect – sandalwood or frankincense or if you want the astringent property – geranium or a few drops of cypress.

  16. I was wondering if the shea butter is unrefined (raw?) and is the coconut oil unrefined as well or would the food grade oil work? Thanks! :)

    • I buy unrefined for cooking with, so that is what I used. I think refined would work fine, too, though. I have used the refined in the scrub once, and I saw no difference. I also used raw shea butter, but I have a container of refined shea butter that I use for dry knuckles in the winter, and I think that would work well, too.

  17. What a great gift idea for the guys! Men are so hard to buy for. And it’s in a jar! :)

  18. What is the shelf life for this? Will it need to stay refrigerated?

  19. Shaina?!?!! What a cool idea! I’m thoroughly impressed and just might have to surprise the hubs.

  20. How lovely is this?!?! Ahhhh…

  21. Hi Shaina,

    Where do you buy your shea butter? Is there a vendor you recommend online? I’m also a blogger at



    • There are a few links in the notes section of the post. I personally purchased this batch from Whole Foods, but I have bought it from Amazon in the past, too.

  22. Anne Moore says:

    Hello! This may be a silly question – but is there a shelf life for this? Just wondering about concerns of bacteria or other creepy crawlies.


    • Kept in a cool, dry place it should keep up to a month. Almond oil has a slightly shorter shelf life than jojoba oil, so that is one thing to take into consideration. We keep ours in a sealed jar outside the shower, but still in the bathroom. This way it doesn’t get exposed to unnecessary moisture while others are showering or bathing.

  23. This is genius! I will have to do this! Love the jars too!

  24. My hubby has the old school brush and shave set. Do you think this would work with that? If not, I suppose I could always use it!

    • Hi, Loretta. Because this is a moisturizer- and oil-based cream, a brush would collect those oils, so you’d have to clean the brush after each use. Still, this won’t lather the same way a soap-based cream will. It is a closer experience to using a shave lotion or oil.

  25. I was wondering if you might be able to use Lavender instead of Rosemary? Thank you!

  26. I was so excited to put this together for my husband. It smells amazing but he is having a tough time with getting it to lather. Any suggestions? The oils melt with body heat so a warm brush and skin don’t seem to be helping.

    • Hi, Marie. I added a note above, but because these are oils and not a soap, they don’t lather the same way that a soap-based cream will. Instead, the oil creates a protective barrier between the skin and the razor. If you’ve ever run out of shaving cream and shaved with your conditioner, it is a similar feeling. Also, Trader Joe’s has a lotion-based cream that works in the same way, as does Pacific Shaving Company. I hope this helps.

  27. Christian Rene Friborg says:

    I don’t usually use shaving cream, which leaves my stubble hard. This post sold me. Trying this out!

  28. What type of coconut oil should you get for this recipe? I have never used coconut oil before. Is it all the same? Thanks in advance for the help.

    • Hi, Emily. Look for a expeller pressed refined or unrefined coconut oil. It should be solid at temperatures below 74º F. You can find it online, or Whole Foods even has coconut oil in the beauty department to make it simple.

  29. Hey, i just made this luxurious cream, thank you for this recipe. I made it for me and my boyfriend and it is just divine, i used neroli oil instead of peppermint and it is still great!

  30. Jena Slinde says:

    I can NOT wait to make this tomorrow. I make homemade sugar and salt body scrubs.

  31. I was very excited to find this. I make (almost) all my own B&B and cleaning products. I’m happy to finally add this to my list of things I don’t have to buy! I used different EOs and it whipped up nicely.

  32. I love this, Shaina! Can’t wait to make it!

  33. Hello, i made this last night, and put it in a sealed jar in my bathroom. The oils separated over night. Any suggestions on what i should do? Thanks!

    • Hi, Laura. The oils shouldn’t separate as both coconut oil and the shea butter are solid (the coconut oil solid below 74º). Could you tell me what kind of oils you used?

      If you have an extremely warm house, it might be a good idea to keep them in a cooler part of the home, like a hall linen closet, so that the coconut oil doesn’t melt. Still, I have never had mine separate, even during the summer months.

      For the batch you have, I would just place it in the refrigerator and then re-whip and store in a cool, dry place. I hope that helps!

      • I used coconut oil and shea butter (gold). I think I left them in too warm of a spot. They melted, but I was still able to shave with it, and it still worked great! I won’t go back to store bought shaving cream. Many thanks!

  34. Hello! Question with regards to the shea butter: did you use the white refind butter or the yellow raw & unrefind shea butter?

  35. Sounds delish like I’d want to eat my husband after!

  36. Hi there! I did not realize that the coconut oil should be a solid, I ended up with mine more soupy but still works brilliantly as a moisturizer. Plus side, my husband I smell amazing!

    • I’m so glad you like it, Brynn. I made a note in the recipe so that people can see it needs to be coconut oil in a solid below 74º F form. Thanks!

  37. Hi!

    i made this but found that it does not have a whipped feeling but is rather runny, what did I do wrong?

    how do I get it to have a whipped look/feel?

    • Hey, Cait. Make sure you only added a 1/4 cup of jojoba oil and that you used a coconut oil that is in a solid state at temps below 74º.

    • I had the opposite problem… I put it in the fridge until it was solid, which made it almost impossible to whip. I finally did get it to whip, but it doesn’t look at pretty and creamy like the picture. I’m going to let it come to room temperature and whip it some more, then see what happens.

      • I think if you let it sit in the cold too long, then yes, it would get quite hard. Really, you just want to get it warm enough to turn back into a solid. You can also just let it sit in a cold(er) room (not the kitchen with the oven on, for example), and it will eventually come back down to room temperature and be able to be whipped. The refrigerator or outside in the cold just speeds up the process.

  38. This stuff is awesome! I’m giving it as a Christmas gift and I really hope it’s loved as much I I love it. It smells great and leaves your skin so soft and smooth. The only down side is that a few of the ingredients are a little pricey. Overall, I’m very happy with the end product :)…thanks so much for sharing!

  39. I tried the recipe and I used sandalwood oil instead of the rosemary since my man loves that scent. I tripled the recipe for gifts. Best shave ever!!!! I didn’t even have to put lotion on my legs after and they were soft all day. Thanks so much for posting this recipe.

  40. It sounds like such a great recipe that I had to try it. I am waiting for it to cool right now, but I seem to have beading of the oils or something floating around, is this fine? Thanks.

    • They will do that as they cool. If you live in a cold climate, put it outside, or once it’s cooled enough, you can stick it in your refrigerator to speed up the process.

  41. You can get a much better price on shea butter if you get it from a wholesale supply instead of retail – try – theirs is certified organic and a fraction of the cost of buying it in the store.

  42. I’d love to make this, but I have one small problem I need help with. Might you know of a sub for coconut oil. I know it’s an awesome product, but unfortnately, coconut and I have a rather deadly relationship. I’m very allergic so I can’t use it in anything.

    Any ideas, I’d appreciate!

    • Maybe a harder butter (cocoa butter or mango butter), cut 50/50 with more almond or jojoba oil? Mango butter would be heavenly.

  43. I just made this using sweet almond oil for the liquid fat, and with very slightly more aromatic oil than called for (my dropper on the rosemary bottle was a wee bit quick). It’s just a beautiful cream, soft and lush like whipped cream, lovely smelling, with a slight cooling effect after application. I think it’s going to be lovely as a surprise for my spouse. My 2 year old “helped” (sniffed, helped level measures, stirred the melt between heatings, ate coconut oil by the spoonful) and loves the scent too. What fun!

    • I have to post an update. My spouse loves the aroma and the concept. The first time he tried this shave cream, he was alarmed by how slippery his razor was in his hand and by the way the cream stuck between the blades of his razor. He has pale blond/gray beard hair and was not thrilled that he could not see where he had already shaved, as the cream melts on contact. However, he tried it on a Friday morning. Saturdays he often skips shaving. On Sunday morning, he was shocked that the close shave he had gotten had still not reached the usual Saturday morning level – it looked like a 12-hour-old shave, not 36. He didn’t shave Sunday, either. Monday morning, he used his commercial shave cream, felt his chin, and said “hmph.” And this morning (Tuesday), he used the rosemary-mint again.

      “I thought you preferred the other?” I asked. “Nope. I can’t get that close a shave with it.”


      • I am so glad he’s enjoying the shaving cream, Linda! Thank you for stopping by to update!

        • Not only enjoying it, but using it every day. His very serious dermatitis has taken a holiday and his face is as smooth as 20 years ago when he was a Marine (and had cranky superiors commenting on the quality of his shave.). I have been aiming people at this recipe. ;)

  44. Jennifer Kerner says:

    Was wondering can I use any other oil like evoo luv the recipe ..

  45. Kind of off topic, by I absolutely LOVE the font you used for “SHAVING CREAM” in the first image. By any chance would you be willing to share what it is?

  46. I’m planning on making this for the scruffy man in my life. Is there a big difference between food grade almond oil and sweet almond oil? Thanks!

  47. Just made this for myself and love it. Thanks so much!

  48. Is it creamy enough to put in a squeeze type of tube?

  49. mine did not come out creamy at all! it is hard.. could not use mixer .. more like a lotion bar… how did you get yours so creamy

    • Can you tell me which oils you used specifically? Also, if you let it sit in the refrigerator overnight or for a longer period of time, the oils will be quite hard. Leave it on the counter a while before trying to mix.

  50. Do you use raw unrefined shea butter or shea butter lotion?
    What kind of shea butter do you use? and where do you get it?
    Thank you

    • It can be refined or unrefined shea butter, but it’s in its natural form, not as a lotion. There is a link just above the recipe to examples of the different products. Let me know if you have other questions that I can help you out with!

      • I’m looking at buying the EfaGold coconut oil off of Amazon, will that work? and the brand of oil I was looking at is Now Foods, its off Amazon also.
        Thank you very much! I’m excited to make this because my husband has very sensitive skin.

  51. How long should it take to chill?
    It was still warm once the oils were mixed together…

  52. Can i use cocoa butter instead of Shea butter? That is what i have on hand

  53. is it thin enough to be applied with a shaving brush

    • It’s an oil-based cream, so it doesn’t lather. It’s not well suited for a shaving brush, I don’t think. It’s more like a layer of lotion that you shave off.

  54. How do you clean your shower after using this shave gel? Don’t the oils leave a film?

    • I haven’t had an issue. I shave daily, and my husband shaves once weekly. The majority of the oils stay on the razor, and then they are rinsed directly down the drain. I rinse them in a cup, and then I wash that out.

    • Kristal says:

      I keep a spray bottle with equal parts blue dawn dish soap and white vinegar. It’s an amazing degreaser for everything!!! I just spray my shower every day or two and just leave it on. The vinegar is a great antibacterial, anti fungal, and anti viral cleanser (vinegar smell evaporates right away) and dawn is a great degreaser. Just spray and walk away. When you shower next everything goes down the drain and the shower stays clean!!

  55. Wondering how long this will keep? Would adding some Vitamin E as a preservative help or change the consistency in a negative way?

    • I added 1 tsp of vitamin 3 oil to mine when I tried it and there were no adverse affects to the final product. I just made it last night though so I don’t know how long this will last.

  56. luis cedeno says:

    do i need any preservatives for this recipe if i wanted the shelf life to be longer? if so which preservative and at what ratio? making some mens shaving products like pre shave oil and shave creams and after shave splashes to sell at the farmers market on the weekends and would like to know whats the shelf life in this recipe, Thank you

  57. When I leave mine on the counter in the bathroom to use on my legs in the shower it turns back into a liquid any suggestions?

    • You might just have a more humid, warm climate in your bathroom. My bathroom is rather dry and cool – no real reason why that I know of. The hot room in the house is the one next to the bathroom. Regardless, you may just need to move it to a cupboard away from the heating element in the room or even to a different cupboard (hall closet perhaps?) so that it isn’t exposed to warm air for such a long time. Playing with the ratio of solids to liquids will help a bit, too. Add more shea butter and a bit less jojoba oil for a stiffer mixture.

  58. Jamie Stroupe says:

    Is there a substitute for shea butter? I’m allergic to latex and shea butter has latex in it. I’d love to use natural shaving lotion for my husband and myself though.

    Thanks much!

  59. Just wondering if this can be used as a lotion?

  60. Hi Shaina!

    I followed your link to the Weck Jars on Amazon (the jars without the clasp…just the loose lid) and they don’t seem to be offered there. Do you have another website, or is there another link to Amazon that would have them? I love that jar!

    I am really excited to make this cream. Thank you for your beautiful photos and explanations!


  61. If I wanted to make up a dozen jars for Christmas gifts can I do just one large batch you think? Thanks!

  62. rosalie says:

    just made my second batch for my husband! He loves it. So easy to make, easy to use, easy on his sensitive face. Great stuff all round!!

  63. Rosemary is a migraine trigger for me…. thoughts about using different essential oils?

    • You can always just leave the rosemary out. If you end up going with a different essential oil, look for ones that are skin-friendly.

    • Eucalyptus is similar in fragrance to Rosemary and blends nicely with mints.

      And for skin-friendly, you can never go wrong with lavender.

  64. Does it have to be virgin coconut oil? Or can you use refined coconut oil?

  65. When I initially whipped it it fluffed up a bunch but after about an hour it had fallen and became liquidy again. My kitchen isn’t warm at all so it’s not the heat that is causing it. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  66. I use shea butter and coconut oil in my hair. I’ve also hear of people using jojoba oil for coarse hair, too.Can’t belive I never thought to use it as a shaving cream!

  67. *heard

  68. Does this 8 ounce recipe fill just one jar or more?, going on the size jar in your picture. Thanks.

    • The recipe makes just 8 ounces, but depending on conditions – humidity, temp, etc – sometimes it whips up lighter than others and you might have a small amount of extra cream to deal with.

  69. I make almost the same stuff as whipped lotion/cream. However, I don’t actually melt the shea butter. I melt the coconut oil, then add any other oils I’m adding and stir, then add the shea butter chopped up but not melted. The mixer breaks it up and whips it into a lovely smooth and fluffy texture, and mixes everything perfectly. It a great base for all kinds of skin-friendly recipes. (Examples: scrub – just add sugar or salt, deodorant – add baking soda and/or cornstarch or arrowroot, sunscreen or baby rash cream – add zinc oxide, bug bite cream – add baking soda and/or powdered oats. The list goes on and on.)

  70. I have been looking for something like this to make my husband for a while now! I’ve been scared to try something though because my husbands’s skin is SO sensitive and he breaks out often with ingrown hairs! Do you think this might help with that?

    Thanks so much for this!

    • My husband has similar issues, and he’s loved this. Before you use rosemary and peppermint, just because he is sensitive, add a drop of each to a tablespoon of water and then test a small area of his skin. As long as he doesn’t have a burning sensation or redness, go ahead and give it a try. Otherwise, even without the essential oils, this is a wonderfully soothing oil/cream for shaving.

      Thanks, and let me know how it turns out!

  71. Yay!!! Just found your recipe by following links on Pinterest! Thank you thank you for this great idea! People are always asking me for an all natural shaving cream, and this looks like a nice one to start with– especially with all the positive comments from people who have already made it with success. Any chance you have a natural deodorant recipe? That’s the other product people are asking me for… :) Thanks again!

    • I make homemade deodorant with beeswax, coconut oidea , shea butter, arrowroot powder, baking soda, and essentials oils for fragrance (I generally use peppermint because it is a strong, clean scent). It works great (though keep in mind it is not an antiperspirant since that would require unnaturally plugging up the sweat glands; however, I’ve found the arrowroot does help absorb moisture), and we store it in a regular deodorant container which twists up prefectly. I found this recipe idea on Wellness Mama’s blog. :)

  72. Dannielle @ The DIY Show says:

    Thank you for sharing!! This is great ‘Guy DIY’ I featured you in a collection of DIY projects for guys with a link back to your site!! Stop by and see me sometime and join The DIY Show Link-up Party!!! :-)

  73. Greetings!

    I love the recipe! Will definitely try it. I shared it on my blog, and of course shard a link to your website/recipe.

    Best of luck with all your homemade concoctions…


  74. Can you use any type of essential oils for different fragrances?

    • You want to be certain they are good for skin. Some essential oils can cause irritation or dryness. So, read up on oils before you try them, and always test a patch of your skin first to be certain you aren’t sensitive to a particular oil.

  75. I have a rosemary plant and a mint plant in my herb garden,
    Would I be able to crush these and use them? Also, what do you
    Think would be a good equal to coconut oil? I have allergies.

    • You can I infuse them into the almond oil it will just take a little extra time and the scent may be a little lighter

  76. Stephanie says:

    I made this for my partner, without the essential oils for fragrance, and he loves it. Even in the summer, it hasn’t melted in the jar. Thanks for the great recipe!!

  77. I made this for my dad’s birthday and i absolutely love it. I didn’t have the rosemary and peppermint essential oils so i just used lavender. Turned out great. I can’t wait to make more.

  78. Sarah Bateman says:

    Hi, I’ve just read your amazing recipe for the Handmade Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream and I have a couple of questions to ask. Firstly, I live in the UK and we don’t use cup measurements, its either ounces or metric, would you be able to tell me how many ounces of each ingredient i would need and secondly, how long does the shaving cream keep for. The recipe looks fabulous and thanks for sharing it. Sarah

    • Hi Sarah, I Did the conversions and 1/3 cup is a little over 2 ounces, specifically 2.66667 oz, and 1/4 cup is 2 ounces :). Hope this can still help you and wasn’t posted too late! I cannot wait to try the recipe!

  79. damaris g says:

    Love this! How did you get it to be so fluffy? Mind turned out like a custard.

  80. Is this listing made by you? The picture looks the same.

  81. Thank you for solving my problem of what to buy or MAKE for the guys on my Christmas list.What a great idea…

  82. Such a great idea. I’m allergic to shea butter, is there another type of butter that would have a similar consistency that you would recommend? I’m assuming cocoa butter would be too hard?


    • You could probably find a deodorized cocoa butter that is still natural. You would just need to adjust the amount of coconut oil you use. If you find it’s not setting correctly you could try palm oil (which also sets up and has a similar texture to shea butter).

  83. this sounds so wonderful! Do you think adding bentonite clay would be possible without messing up the texture too much? How much would you add?

  84. What a lovely recipe! Thank you so much for sharing, I really love the addition of the Rosemary and Peppermint Essential Oils. =)

  85. We have a very similar product we sell as body butter! It’s great to see alternate uses!

  86. Does this recipe melt easily? I just tried it, and the whipping consistency seemed to disappear as it melted in the jar…

  87. Can you use tea tree oil instead of peppermint?

    • You can exchange the essential oils for others, but be aware of skin sensitivity to products. Perhaps start with a low amount and do a test area on your skin to ascertain how your skin will react.

  88. How long does this keep? I’m guessing as long as coconut oil does, but figured I would ask. :)

  89. Will this work in a pump bottle?

  90. Hi Shaina,
    I love this so much that I want to share it in my 30 days of D.I.Y. Gifts and Decor blog posts. I will link it back to this post and, of course, give you all the credit. Thanks for sharing! ~Erika from MishMashedMe

  91. How did you get your shea butter out of the jars. Did you heat it up somehow first?


    • I scooped it out with a spoon and then added it to the pan to melt it. Mine is always firm, but not so firm that I can’t get it out of the container.

  92. Great idea–how cost effective was this?

    • It costs me about $4 in ingredients to make 3 months’ worth of cream. I buy in bulk, though, and the initial investment is more to get the essential oils and large quantities of oil.

  93. Hello~
    I have been asked by several clients from the UK to make a shave oil cream. I currently make a whipped shea butter and when I make it I never heat it at all just whip it (yes, it takes a while to get it softened) but it retains all of the nutrients this way and since you are melting then chilling this saves a step.

    • Hi, Judi. I like this mixture because it stays softer even when it is cold, so it’s easy to work with. Also, I’m not melting at a hot temperature to cook it. I’m keeping it as low as possible just to get the ingredients to mix, and then immediately cooling it. I realize this is not perfect, and you could definitely do the same just whipping the ingredients for longer to incorporate if heating them is a concern. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  94. my hubby is hates shaving! lol i made this shaving cream for him months ago and he LOVES it!! he used it all up and asked for more :) he is now on his second batch! so i am planning on making it for all the men in the family as christmas gifts!! and am going to make a girly version for the girls legs too.. my legs have never felt softer!!

  95. My hubby is allergic to coconut. Any suggestions on an alternative? Thanks!

    • Try this mix instead. You might need to adjust the shea butter and jojoba oil a bit, but it will work similarly.

      1/2 cup shea butter
      1/4 cup jojoba or sweet almond oil
      10 drops rosemary essential oil
      3-5 drops peppermint essential oil

  96. I love this recipe. I think I will make it as a gift for both guys and girls but my brother and boyfriend break out, and have oily skin. I was so wondering if this is an appropriate shaving cream for them being that it has so much oil incorporated into it

  97. No need to heat any of these ingredients as it destroys their properties. Just whip a bit longer and you will get the same results–light fluffy cream.

  98. I gave this recipe a try and, while it was ok, I found that I had to keep it refrigerated in order to prevent it from turning into an oily soup consistency. Maybe I put too much almond oil in? To fix this, I melted a little cocoa butter and added the shaving cream. Once it all cooled, I re-whipped it and problem solved! The cocoa butter gave it a consistency of Noxzema when at room temperature.

    • How much cocoa butter? Wondering if I should just make it with cocoa butter right off the bat so I don’t have the same experience as you…:-)

      • Do you happen to have a solution to the extra oily mix? Mine turned out very drippy… and I don’t know hot to fix it!

        • Hi, Ryanne. It’s possible your proportions were a bit off, unless you used fractionated coconut oil. Try either chilling it longer in the refrigerator or adding a bit of extra shea butter or cocoa butter and re-chilling and re-whipping. I hope that helps!

          • Thanks!

            I happen to just stick it in the fridge out of desperation, and that’s what helped!

            After some extra fridge time, it turned out great! Thanks!

  99. Is the shea butter already in a lotion form (shea butter lotion) or is it just some sort of solid? I was hoping to make a bunch of homage gifts for Christmas this year, but I am thinking that shaving store bought shaving cream would just be cheaper since the shea butter cost is more per once than a good brand of shaving cream. I need some advice. Thanks!!!!!!

    • Hi, Angela. The shea butter is a solid. (Please refer to the link. I do NOT get paid for Amazon links any longer, so click away.) It costs about $4 to make 3 months’ worth of shaving cream. Yes, the ingredients are expensive, but they stretch quite far, and you do not need as much cream to shave as you do with traditional shaving creams. I hope this helps answer your questions. Let me know if you have any others!

      • Ok, that makes sense with the solids. I know that I am going to make this recipe at least for my husband. I was going to make this for Christmas gifts for the men in my family as well, but I might just place in smaller jars since it makes a good bit. I am also doing lotion bars and salt scrubs so the smaller amount of shaving cream won’t be so bad. Thanks for a fast response and help!!!

  100. Hi what is the shelf life on this? Thanks!

  101. Can you suggest a substitute for rosemary. I am making this for my father-in-law as part of his gift, but my husband just informed me that his dad cannot stand the smell of rosemary. Thanks!

  102. Hey there – thanks for this recipe! I made a cute label, filled up a few Fido jars, and made some very nice Christmas gifts. My final product came out much more yellow than yours, however. I was hoping for that lovely ivory shade in the photos. Any insight?

    • It’s going to have to do with the type of carrier oil you used, as well as the shea butter color. Some unrefined shea butters are more yellow or cream-colored than others. Also, if I use avocado oil or olive oil, mine ends up tinged yellow or a bit greenish. Sweet almond oil and jojoba oil give me a more creamy ivory product.

  103. Chris Vanderhoof says:

    Hi. Great article and a great website. Do you know how long this shaving cream keeps if not used right away?

  104. How long does it take to turn into a solid in the fridge? Mine has been in there about an hour and it is still as clear, smooth, and liquid as it was when I first put it in.

  105. How will this convert to grams? I’m gonna try this recipe tonight. :)

  106. After I took it out of the fridge (from overnight) it seems VERY solid, too solid to whip. Do I need to wait for it to come to room temperature or do I just take the beaters to it? Thanks

    • You’ll need to let it come up to room temperature before you beat it. It doesn’t need to be completely warm, but it’ll be difficult to whip if it’s been in the refrigerator overnight.

  107. tracy dabrowiak says:

    I had trouble finding raw shea butter….I Used a “pure shea butter” bar of soap that had very few other additives (mostly palm and cocont oils)…my final product is grainy…I have reheated it….added more oils….whipped the crap out of it….still to grainy for shaving. I dont know what to do with it. I hate the idea of wasting the ingredients. If i add a little water to the bits of grain on my skin they go into solution….any recommendations? It has a fine grainy texture but not suitable for shaving…can I save it?

  108. hello. what if i dont want to use coconut oil on the face? it is more prone to clogging pours so i avoid it for the face. for legs im sure it would be fine though. is there something else i could use instead? i know with lotion you can make it with oil, water, and emulsion wax or something like that…any thoughts?

    • Dani St. Major says:

      Hi just wanted to pipe in … Hope ya don’t mind. Coconut oil is one of the best oils for your skin- especially your face! It helps with wrinkles and acne (my issues). I know it seems super oily on the face- I actually mix it with aloe vesta skin moisturizer ( some hospitals use this product for their patients. Best pricing at during the day but at night before bed you can just use coconut oil alone after your face is still damp from washing. Hope This info helps :)

  109. Hi,

    What happens to this product after 4 weeks? It seems like it should keep longer.

    • Nothing, Julie. I’ve made multiple batches and kept them in a cool, dry place without any ill effects. However, because this is a product that would live in the bathroom and bathrooms are often warmer and humid, I know that any product can expire with moisture sealed in under those conditions. If you store it correctly, you should be able to get many months’ worth of storage without problem.

  110. I looked at this article and i decided my dad would like this he always said he doesnt like paying for shaving cream and now i found this it could really help. However, i dont have and essentials for the scent…is there and substitutes i can use for a scent or something because i dont know what i could use.

  111. I’m wondering about making my own DIY shaving cream, among many other products I would like to try, but I haven’t bought any ingredients yet. I’m a bit apprehensive buying things because I have no idea what brands or types I should be looking for. Do you have any examples of kinds that you bought and where you bought them? I’m a big fan of myself.

    • There are links to the products I use above and in the sugar scrub post. I purchase through Amazon, Whole Foods, and Mountain Rose Herbs for most personal care products.

  112. I have now made this stuff twice and I love it, but I have check now twice and both times, I can get it to only turn into a lotion and not a whip. It works great like this, but I would like for it to be fluffy at least for a little while. Is it possible my house is just too warm?

    • I would leave it a bit longer in the refrigerator before whipping it first. It should definitely be fluffy after the first whip. It could be that your house is too warm. Mine is kept around 70º F in the winter, and it is a bit colder in the bathroom when no one’s taking a shower, but warmer when someone is. I haven’t had a problem with it in the summer, though, either, and we don’t have air conditioning. Perhaps try storing it in a different area, or use a tablespoon more shea butter in the initial mix to help stabilize it just a bit.

      • Michelle Shanks says:

        Also I was wondering if you knew what the shelf life is on this. Since I’ve given most of mine away each time I’m not really sure.

  113. John Snyder says:

    I just read your recipe for Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream & I loved it! The only problem I have is I have a rare allergy to peppermint oil. I react like most people do to Poison Ivy. Is there a different essential oil I can use?

    • Yep! You can use anything you prefer. It could just be rosemary shaving cream, or if you like eucalyptus or grapefruit, those are great, too. Check for sensitivities before using the oil by mixing it with a carrier oil and then rubbing into a small area on your hand or arm.

  114. tattooloveshow says:

    I whipped some up today had all the stuff already. I used chocolate fragrance instead.

  115. I got everything to make this today, but I am going to use lavender and sweet orange EO. I might add a drop or two of tea tree as well. My husband and I are going to share! Very excited!

  116. Thanks for this recipe! I made it today and it was easy and turned out fab!!! My guy has a thought, though…..he says that when he rinses off his razor the hair and oil stick to the sink…….and it just sits there…..any thoughts?
    Also was wondering if anyone has thought about the coconut oil clogging the drain?

    • Hi, Connie. I mention in the notes that I clean my razor in a cup of warm water because it does build up on the back. I find the oil sticks to the cup, and then I just wipe it out with a square of toilet paper or a tissue before cleaning it.

  117. Where can I get the essential oils from?


  118. I’ve been doing oil pulling recently and in my research everything said not to spit the coconut oil in the sink after oil pulling because it can cause plumbing issues (build up when it solidifies again). Will allowing the coconut oil and shea butter from the shaving cream go down the drain cause plumbing issues too?

    • Hi, Anna. I rinse the razor off in a cup, and then I collect the oil bits by wiping the cup out to avoid having it flow down the drain. I have pretty old pipes, and both my husband and I shave this way, and we haven’t had issues. I think if you were doing it excessively it would be a problem, just like pouring any oil down the drain when cooking, but since most of it gets collected in the cup, it should be okay.

  119. Jennifer Brooks says:

    I tried this yesterday to shave my legs and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I am going to have my husband and son use it to shave their faces today. Thank you for posting this recipe. I will NEVER use store bought shaving cream again.

  120. kristina gutierrez says:

    I can’t wait to make this!! I have everything except jojoba or sweet almond oil. do you think avocado oil would work in place of either of those oils?

  121. I have very sensitive skin and would prefer not to add any essential oils. Is this possible? If so, do I need to alter the recipe a bit to make it the right consistency?

    • Yes. You don’t need the essential oils in there at all, and there’s no need to change the ratios at all to accommodate the change.

  122. Rosemary is supposed to be good actually for oily skin.

    I may have just overlooked it…so sorry if this is a repeat question, but what temp does this have to be stored at to keep from melting? In just minutes in our house, it started to melt. We live in Texas….

    • Hi, Mae. If you don’t have air conditioning, you may have an issue. We don’t, and I haven’t had issues in summer, even on days nearing 100 degrees, but our bathroom stays cooler than the rest of the house. Coconut oil is liquid at 76ºF, but it is mixed with shea butter which has a higher melting temp. As stated in the post, this does melt on skin contact due to body heat. I hope this helps.

  123. Hi Shaina,
    I found your shaving cream on Pinterest. Thanks for the great post! My kids and I are making this for Daddy for Father’s Day. I’m wondering and hope it hasn’t been asked already, but my husband gets a lot of irritation (breakouts?) from shaving–even with a brand new razor. Do you know of a non drying aftershave that could be used effectively after all of these oils? Or could I add a few drops of tea tree (or other) oil to the shave cream for the antiseptic properties? If so, do you have any idea how many drops would be needed? I really hate to make this wonderful (and expensive!) shaving cream only to have him slather his face with some cheap aftershave made of rubbing alcohol!

    • Rosemary oil has antiseptic properties already, but you could always add a few drops of tea tree oil, too. I’d start small because it’s rather potent, adding a few drops, stirring them in, and then testing it on your cheek.

      That said, natural aftershaves usually recommend coconut oil and shea butter or a lotion bar. Since these first two are in the shaving cream already, my husband has found he doesn’t need an aftershave anymore. You could also infuse apple cider vinegar with some cinnamon and cloves or other essential oils, or he could simply use a small bit of the shaving cream and rub it in once he’s done.

      While this is pretty expensive, my husband uses less than a teaspoon of this per shave, so it does last a long time. I hope your husband likes this as much as we do, and let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Cristel says:

        Made this for my husband for Father’s Day! He hasn’t tried it yet. But I sure did on my legs, underarms, and bikini area. A little bit goes a long way and I didn’t have to use lotion after getting out of the shower. My skin was smooth and soft all day. I could go over one shaving area over and over without any irritation. I love the smell and feel. It is a great massage cream/ oil as well.

  124. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on going green. Regards

  125. Thank you! I am going to make this for my hubby right now :-)

  126. Can someone tell me where I can buy citric acid. For the dish washing detergent? Thx

  127. Monica M. says:

    Since I plan on making Christmas gifts from this. How far does 8 oz go? I plan on making it for 3-4 men.

  128. My husband shaves his head and tried using this just now. Unfortunately, it is liquid again at room temp and not near thick enough for him to use on his head. Am I doing something wrong? Should I change the recipe?

  129. Jon Templeton says:

    I’m wondering if there’s an alternative to coconut oil that can be used in this recipe as I’m allergic to coconut.

  130. Hi do you have to use jojoba oil cam you leave it out or use g rapeseed oil? Keep up the awesome , work

  131. Hi I love your recipes but I have a question what is the difference between coconut oil in the rosemary shaving cream and the virgin coconut oil in the body butter recipe. Can I use just coconut oil in both or does it have to be virgin oil. Does it make a difference?

  132. Does anyone know what the shelf life is?

  133. Hi!! can i replace the essential oils with a orange and jasmine blend? so want to make this for hubbys birthday!!! looks amazing :)

  134. It’s a great shave cream, but it is messy. I have to be sure and shave over the sink as it drips as soon as it hits your face. I do have to say though, the shave is beyond smooth.

  135. Ian Stephan says:

    Hi Shaina,
    I find it nice that you take the time in answering everyones questions. I scanned through but didnt see a question about Refined or unrefined Shea Butter. I believe the cold pressed unrefined would be the right choice. Could you confirm that? Thanks for taking the time and nice recipe. Ill be a happy shaven man after this past Movember. Greetings from Germany

    • Hi, Ian. You could use either; however, I prefer the unrefined for its softer feel and added benefits to the skin.

      • Jennifer Hoffmam says:

        I just made jars of these for my husband’s employees. My question is when to keep it in a cool place below 74 degree does the cream at all start to melt a little even if it’s in the cool place? I guess I’m asking so I can let them know that because of winter here the house still might be in the bathroom a little warmer. Should I tell them keep in frig or just make sure it’s definitely in a place cooler than 74 degrees? Sorry if this sounds a little confusing but I want to be clear to the men cause you know sometimes they don’t get the simple steps :)

        • Hi, Jennifer. I keep this in my bathroom even in the summer in my non-air-conditioned house and it doesn’t melt. It’s softer in the summer, but I never have had it turn into a puddle. I am not going to comment on the heat situation in your bathroom specifically, but if it’s 74 or cooler, I think you’ll be fine.

  136. I made a small batch of this to test on my partner – who is allergic to most things and has the MOST sensitive, eczema prone skin ever – and even with the essential oils added, he had zero reaction! His skin felt soft, smooth and was without irritation! Now I’m making 6 batches to give out for the men in my family this Christmas. Just wanted to say thank you so much for a great recipe!

  137. I am allergic to coconut and the smell triggers a headache. I really would love to make this, but what can I use instead of coconut oil?

  138. Stephanie Williams says:

    Hi Shaina,

    Can this shaving cream be used to shave the bikini line and vaginal area with the EO’s? Or would you recommend leaving the EO’s out for that purpose?


    • Hi, Stephanie. I’ve never had any issues with it, but as always, it’s best to do a test area to watch for sensitivities you may have to those oils.

  139. Think will definitely make a great gift for Christmas!

  140. Hi Shaina,

    This solves my Christmas gift problem. Dying to make it but I cannot find Jojoba oil or sweet almond. Live in Jamaica and everything is so limited. 3 stores to get the rosemary oil! What could I substitute it with? Extra virgin olive oil?

    Thank you,

  141. Daisy Smith says:

    I was wondering if I used a shea body butter would it work differently? Also how long does it take to harden? Finally, what should I do if the oils seperate out while it’s in the fridge?

  142. Marilyn Tavenner says:

    Great idea!!! Just made this for my husband and am anxiously awaiting him to try it. I love the smell of it and the consistency. I’m leaving it in the refrigerator for the moment and I was wondering if a person could add something for a preservative to make it last longer on the shelf? Thanks.

  143. Ok, this is an awesome recipe. My husband and I are going to love it. We’ve just started on our journey of essential oils and can’t wait to read more of your posts!

  144. Hi there Shaina,

    I made the shaving cream today and it was great fun (my first homemade cosmetic). Thanks alot! my face is as smooth as a baby’s butt.

    But I found myself battling with oil everywhere, really difficult to get rid of…
    Any comments or suggestions on how to make it less oily and more fluffy?

  145. Fantastic web site.Plenty of useful information here.
    I am sending it to a few friennds ans additionally sharing in delicious.
    And naturally, thanks for your sweat!

  146. I am giving this as a gift. I love this idea for my Father’s day, or my husband birthday. I went to vita-coast for all the things.. They have everything! I was wondering though could I use Lavender oil instead of the peppermint oil?

  147. Hi!
    I made your homemade shaving cream for my husband for Valentine’s Day. He loved everything about it…except what it did to his razor. It gunked up his blades so badly that he couldn’t finish his shave. I tried it and the same thing happened to my razor. We both swished our razor heads in hot water between passes but it didn’t help. Both razors still have a thin film on them that I cannot seem to clean. I checked the ingredients and instructions, and I did everything exactly as the recipe states, plus my cream looks just like your pic. Can you give me any tips on cleaning this oily buildup from the razors, or more importantly help it not build up in the first place?

  148. oh Wow. I’ll definitely give it a try and make this shaving cream at home. Not sure if you written such post already but do you have any suggestions on DIY shaving soaps as well?

  149. Hello! I tried this recipe yesterday and dingy me did not read your notes beforehand. I used liquid coconut oil instead of the solid. I was wondering if that was was it wasn’t solidifying in the fridge after over 5 hours in there. So I took it out and put it back in the pot on low heat and added the solid coconut oil to the mix; hoping it would help. It’s for my hubby and I didn’t want him to see it in fridge so I put it in our spare room overnight. After he left for work I out it back in fridge and 4 hours later it’s not solid. It’s thicker but not solid. I tried blending it with a hand held mixer and it doesn’t come out “whipped”; just more thick but nothing else. So I put it back in fridge just now. Did I mess this whole thing up and should start over? How long does it typically need to stay in fridge and how “solid” will it become before I can whip it with mixer.

  150. Hi, Kristen, because you used a liquid coconut oil, it will not whip up like it should. I would think you could add extra shea butter to the mix to help even it out. I would start by adding an extra 1/3 cup of shea butter and then cool and whip to see what the consistency is like.

  151. Hi Shaina, I actually had tried adding the solid coconut oil to see if it would harden up and left it in fridge overnight; it was harder but I didn’t trust it. So, I went back to the store and bought the right coconut oil and started over…and it worked!! I made 4 16oz. jars of shaving cream for family members for Christmas!!! Now that I have this recipe down I’ll be making more later I’m sure. Thanks for your help and thanks for this recipe. Merry Christmas!!

  152. Kappy hogan says:

    I doubled the recipe in order to make this for four people and my oil won’t harden!! I used 1 1/3 cup Shea butter, 1 1/3 coconut oil(the solid kind) and 1 cup sweet almond/a little olive oil to make the full cup. I let it sit at a cool room temp over night. It’s Christmas Eve what do I do!!!!!!!

  153. I’m glad it worked the second time around with the right coconut oil and you’re happy with the results. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  154. Hi, Kappy. I apologize for not seeing this sooner, as I was out of town for the holiday. The mixture is sometimes soft at room temperature if it is a warm room, especially if your house is over 72ºF. You can read the other comments on this. Give it a boost and help it stiffen up in the refrigerator. That said, mine stays soft and fluffy in my bathroom, even during the summer months, so once it’s a nice, buttery consistency, you should by fine.


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