A Virtual Easter Dinner Menu and More

Last week I participated in a roaming Easter dinner. Today I’m sharing all the wonderful dishes we made and rounding them out into a complete Easter dinner from start to finish. Check out all the lovely salads, potatoes, desserts and, of course, ham.

Spring Orzo Pasta Salad

My pasta salad plays off the warming weather with Easter coming so late. It’s a great side for this spring feast with plenty of asparagus and artichokes brightened by the zest of lemon.

Hungarian Cucumber Salad

I’m a cucumber fan, and I love how a creamy side of cucumbers would complement the meal. It’s easy to throw together but big on taste.

Potato Rosemary Strudel

Aimee’s potatoes are seasoned and creamy and then finished off after being wrapped in puff pastry and baked. Plus, she really outdid us all with a vlog of her beautiful self putting it all together.

Goat Cheese Biscuits

Tiffany has the corner on the bread sides with these goat cheese biscuits. What a way to get rid of traditional dinner rolls and up the game a bit. Flavorful and light, I am willing to bed these make fabulous ham sandwiches, too.

Mustard and Orange Glazed Ham

Laura steers us away from a brown sugar glaze and over into the mustard side, then brightens my day with a bit of orange. Her ham sounds perfect to sit alongside the other bright ingredients in this menu.

Strawberry Pie

This strawberry pie is a cinch to throw together, but it still makes a statement, as any pie does. Perfectly ripe fresh strawberries and cream? Sure, I’ll have a slice.

and more…
Mini Lemon Dill Cheesecake Bites with Lox: The perfect finger food to get your guests mingling.
Melon Salad: This melon salad is bright and cheery, and it’d be perfect for a side dish or even a light dessert.
Easy Lamb Cupcakes: So easy for the kids to help put together and equally fun for them to eat.

Thanks so much for joining us for our Virtual Easter Dinner! Come back tomorrow when I’ll have three different kinds of coconut macaroons for you for Passover and a fun and cute way to serve them up for Easter as well.

For more menu plans:

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  1. Can I come to your house for Easter? I promise to do all the dishes and watch Harry Potter for hours with the kidlets.

  2. What a wonderful idea! Love the glorious food!

  3. Love the idea of a potato strudel. I rarely get to eat apple strudel because most places make it with raisins or sultanas in and I don’t eat those, but I love the whole texture of strudel.

  4. What a brilliant idea! I love all of the fresh flavors. It’s still breakfast time here and I’m now craving dinner.

  5. Um, great dinner! I love what you guys made! Everything looks so fresh and flavor.

  6. What a fun idea! You all came up with a delicious dinner. Happy Easter!

  7. What a fun progressive dinner. Great recipes. Thanks for sharing and have a special week!


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