Monday Menu and Mindfulness

When making our Monday menu, we look to fit meals together and use similar ingredients in different ways throughout the week to avoid waste. We also benefit from a well-stocked pantry.
A Monday Menu and Mindfulness on

Mindfulness is the act of being aware, of paying attention in a particular way. It’s being aware of the underlying intention that drives our actions. I’m not perfect. Often my actions are driven by fatigue and stress, by trying to fit it all in, by life getting in the way of living.

The return of the Monday menu. It wasn’t so much that I had misplaced my menu or that we hadn’t been writing one down and planning our meals out, but that I wasn’t being as conscious of it as I had been in the past. Changing schedules and a shifting workload made it difficult, and so I let it fall away. I wasn’t being mindful of it.
A Monday Menu and Mindfulness on
I’ve been working on taking time to appreciate the small moments more, when the kids are excitedly helping with dinner, when we sit in humid pools for hours to see Kiera swim across a handful of times, and in that showing my children that I love them beyond just saying the words. With Valentine’s Day approaching, there are several ways to show your children they’re cherished. I share a few ways I work to do just that over on I See Me! with a Valentine’s Day treat and sharing how you can personalize a book for your child, too.
A Monday Menu and Mindfulness on

Monday – Barbecue Chicken Nachos

Tuesday – Broccoli, Ham, and Mozzarella Egg Bake

Wednesday – White Chicken Chili

Thursday – Sicilian Spaghetti with Pan-Roasted Cauliflower

Friday – Ham and Split Pea Soup

The Preparation Shortcuts:

  1. Roast a fryer chicken for your nachos, and then use the leftover meat for the chili, and the bones for the stock.
  2. Use the extra chicken stock for the ham and split pea soup on Friday.
  3. Start your week off with a roast ham dinner or Sunday. Save leftover ham and the ham bone to use later in the week.
  4. Ham stock for the soup can be made ahead and then reheated Friday for the soup.

Last week from Eat Well Spend Less was all about heading back to the basics:

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With that, here’s to a week of school spirit with pajama days, crazy hair days, and school colors.


  1. I love this post. We have been working on mindfulness as well, and while it’s not always easy, it is making a HUGE difference. The picture of M & L is the essence of it.

  2. I recently started meal planning, and I’m so hooked on it. But, sometimes I still go overboard at the grocery store and buy things that I don’t need. I get so down on myself about it.
    Anyway, thanks for your meal plan 🙂

  3. Good for you for being more mindful.. its so much easier to disconnect sometimes! I may be speaking for myself there. 🙂

  4. This was a really good post. I think, especially with this economy, we could all use a few lessons in mindfulness. With spending, with wasting food and with how much we eat. This is a nice reminder post!

  5. I think the important thing is that we try our best. To be honest I would not want to be around a “perfect” person,

  6. I try to do the same.. We are mad about Quiona and use it to make little bites with chicken in them, as a rice substitute in stir frys, apricot chicken etc and we also buy a lot of chicken, chicken is very versatile!!


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