The Monday Menu: August 17, 2009


My mom gave me this hibiscus tree for mother’s day this year. It sat in my dining room, sad, unloved in its original pot. I spent hours trying to find the pot I wanted at random stores. Then I found a ceramic version that was close to what I was looking for; however, ceramic wasn’t going to work for a tree I planned to drag around based on the weather. Finally, because my tree was sad, hadn’t bloomed in a month and was starting to yellow, I settled on a nondescript pot, far from my original intention.

Then I went to Culver’s for custard with the family, and there, in front of the door, was a pot, just like the one I had pictured in my mind. There it was. And planted in it? A hibiscus tree. I nearly told Ole that he needed to make a switch. Still, I’m happy to say that THIS hibiscus, in its nondescript pot, has found a reason to live. In fact, Kiwi told me just last week that it was “happy again” while she was watering the garden.

My mom and dad ended up at our house for dinner one night and I had to improvise to make sure we had enough food to feed my dad, so I moved the pasta to this week because it had the least amount of perishable items. We’re continuing to empty our freezer in an attempt to make a bit of room for a grass-fed side of beef in there. I’m also in search of a few people that are interested in splitting it, say a quarter a piece? Let me know if you are. I’ve got half of it spoken for, by my mom and dad. My mom? She was happy to see that I didn’t kill the hibiscus.

Monday – Grilled tenderloin, grilled lime butter sweet corn, garlic toast

Tuesday – Shrimp and scallop linguini (based off this) in a white wine sauce, salads, french bread (I am really motivated to make this this week, and it’s a good thing we have been waiting to buy the scallops until the day before.)

Wednesday – Cedar plank salmon, potatoes au gratin, steamed herbed broccoli

Thursday – Chicken satays, steamed rice, spring rolls, potstickers, ginger garlic green beans

Friday – Breakfast for dinner blueberry pecan pancakes, fresh melon, breakfast sausage rounds

Recipes to look for here at Food for My Family this week: Sliders and chicken piccata. I opted to freeze bags of shredded zucchini last week in 2-cup amounts for zucchini bread baking this winter, but I already have two more to use.

For more menu plans:



  1. thanks for the chicken satay link that looks delicious I cant wait to try it 😉

  2. Hope to see you at Crock Pot Wednesdays on this week. Thanks for posting. Debbie

  3. Debbie, I’ll have to dig out a few Crock Pot recipes. I’ll tell you a secret. Mine had a crack on the bottom that grew and grew until one day it shattered. I haven’t had the heart to spend the money on a new one, and I’ve been too lazy to take the time and order the insert for the one I have. I’ll work on it, though, because I do have quite a few things I enjoyed making in there…once upon a time! 😉

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