The Monday Menu: December 27, 2009

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First, because I was naughty and didn’t say it the day of, Merry Christmas! I hope yours was as joyous and fun-filled as ours. We spent several hours driving through blizzard-like conditions and made it to all of our Christmas programs, functions and events. Now we’re all tucked back into our little house trying to dig our way out of the Christmas aftermath, but it’s a delightful aftermath filled with squeals and giggles from the kids here as they explore the new that has entered the house and make room for it by recycling some of the old.

I can hardly believe this is the end of the year. I’m not quite sure when 2008 became 2009 and 2009 went on by, but here I am. I think I may actually make a few resolutions this year. I have a few things in need of improving and readjusting as we enter 2010, starting with being more devoted to things I am passionate about. Do you make resolutions? This is probably the first time in 6 years that I actually have a list of things I would really like to change. We’ll see how successful I am.

Monday – Grilled cheese (with St. Jorge Portuguese cheese from Santa Rosa) with tomato basil soup

Tuesday – Grilled salmon, spring mix salads and steamed rice pilaf

Wednesday – Smoked ribs that Ole made last week, cornbread and from scratch baked beans

Thursday – Catered dinner before the Commissioner’s Ball.

Friday – Leftovers redone and reused and remade into something new, specifically the ham and au gratin potatoes

Recipes to look for here at Food for My Family this week: Well, gosh. I’ve been bad about everything lately. I figured a pancetta-topped deviled egg was in the near future, as well as that kugelhopf I promised earlier. Decided I must share cheese from Santa Rosa with soup first. And our Christmas card.

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  1. Isn’t Santa Rosa part of the Azores?

  2. Rona, it’s from Santa Rosa, California. 🙂


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