The Monday Menu: January 4, 2010

It was cold last night, -3 degrees cold when it happened. We were just about to leave to do our grocery shopping so that today could be full of cleaning and baking. Ole went to lock the back door because he’d been out earlier. When he did there was a large pop followed by hours of cracking, and that is how our door died.

While I do find it annoying, and I most definitely find the giant pink foam board covering the opening where there once was a giant pane of glass an eyesore, it’s actually pretty funny to think about it popping and splintering.

This week’s menu is heavy on oven usage. I’m also baking a cheesecake right now to combat the fact that it just feels cold in here to me. Plus, it really is cold outside and won’t be getting much warmer for quite a while, a grim reality that has us waiting to install a new door until we can remove the outside steps to get the frame in. I’ll keep trying to embrace the pink foam where my large window used to be, and I hope to stay warm in the kitchen while doing it.

Monday – Oven-baked tilapia fillets with sour cream and dill sauce

Tuesday – Steak and eggs, french toast casserole, grapefruit

Wednesday – Orange chicken, steamed jasmine rice, ginger garlic green beans

Thursday – Pot roast cooked with carrots and dill new potatoes

Friday – Caramelized onions and blue cheese orecchiette with spring mix salads

Recipes to look for here at Food for My Family this week: So, the kugelhopf, right. Well, I may have let it overproof in my lap on my way to my mom’s house. Overproof as in proof over INTO my lap. We still baked and ate it (turned out fine), but I was so busy trying to clean it up, wash my coat and everything else, I completely forgot to finish taking pictures of the finished product. I’ll get on making another one.

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  1. Oh, your Friday menu looks AMAZING! I just discovered how much I love blue cheese after years of avoiding it. I’m going to have to try this!

  2. good luck with the door and trying to stay warm….I want to do things like sit under a blanket and knit — but watching t.v. gets too boring! I am having trouble with my garage door. The electric opener doesn’t want to work in the cold….that and when my daughter rides in the car with me she can’t get her door open to get out! Love the menu. I have to try the French toast recipe!

  3. I’m sorry about your door, but that is a neat picture! You menu sounds yummy!!
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday ~ Jan 4 -10 =-.

  4. So sorry about your door! 🙁
    I often leave the oven door open after cooking on a cold day to use the extra heat to warm the house. Your menus look yum (we have orange chicken on our menu too!).

  5. The door looks really pretty actually, but I wouldn’t have been amused! LOL
    .-= Victoria´s last blog ..Ultimate Recipe Swap (New Years eve) =-.

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