The Monday Menu: June 22, 2009

On Father’s Day: Ole, thank you for being the father to my children. I look forward to another year of parenting with you and can’t imagine doing it without you. Thank you for your patience and your rationalization, your love and your tenderness, for the stability and support you bring to our family. And thanks for putting up with me. Really.

I bought Ole Lobel’s Meat Bible for Father’s Day. He spent two hours on the couch browsing through its pages this afternoon. I think that means he likes it. The information about the different cuts of meat is very informative. I do wish it had more pictures. I’m a visual person. I like lots of pictures (if you hadn’t noticed). The kids and I also threw in yet another cookbook and a basting brush canister to store his homemade barbecue sauce that he is working on perfecting.

We’re still emptying out the stockpile of meat we have in the freezer, finally nearing some sort of happy medium where I feel like I could actually buy food and know it’s going to fit in the freezer without having to worry that we’ll be eating 5 pounds of X tonight because the door doesn’t shut. Now it’s time to look for a deal or two and make a few meals to freeze for t-ball and soccer nights.

Monday – Sole Roulades with herbs and lemon, rice, steamed broccoli

Tuesday – Drunken game hens, rosemary and garlic mashed potatoes, garlic toast

Wednesday – tacos (very similar to build-your-own burritos with smaller shells and ground beef), refried beans and Spanish rice

Thursday – Roast grilled chicken with herbs from the garden, grilled potatoes and vegetables (holdover from last week)

Friday – Give a man a piece of meat…sirloin. We’ll see what Ole does with it. I’ll be sure to update later. I’m sure that book has some information in it that should help guide him in one direction or another.


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  1. The Drunken Game Hens look interesting- your whole menu looks good actually. I gotta stop reading these when I am hungry. LOL

    Dddiva’s last blog post..Menu for the week of 6/21

  2. Ha – your man sounds like mine – he is a carnivore to the bone!!! Looks delicious.

    Angela’s last blog post..The "Dad’s out of town" Menu

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