The Monday Menu: May 11, 2009


I’m looking to get back into a routine with meals this week. Last week was anything but routine; therefore, the “menu” was revised slightly drastically. It resulted in an impromptu trip to a restaurant where someone other than me did the dishes. That alone was worth it that day, and we made it through the meal without a single grimace or hint of a whine from the kids.

We also haven’t been to the grocery store, leaving the supermarket aisles free of the chaos that ensues when the six of us come rolling in. I just couldn’t do it on the way home from mother’s day dinner with my mom and grandma. I wanted to get home and get the kids tucked into their beds and curl up on the couch. Tomorrow will have to be the day.

I’ve found it goes much more quickly if I have Kiwi and Kola Nut come with me and make trips back to the cart with the items we pick up while Ole pushes Kumquat and Kidney Bean in the cart on their own missions. The hour-long shopping trips were making me consider a grocery service for a while, except I don’t think I could EVER let anyone else pick out my produce (or just pick the top package and call it a day).

Monday – chicken wraps, corn chips, guacamole, spicy green beans

Tuesday – lemon and dill grilled salmon, artichoke rice bake, croissant dinner rolls, steamed baby carrots

Wednesday – bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin (look for updated tips the next day!), fingerling potatoes, spring mix salad

Thursday – blueberry and pecan pancakes, scrambled eggs, grapefruit

Friday – calzones, broccoli spears



  1. Wow. It all sounds yummy!


    niki’s last blog post..Menu Plan Monday…May 11

  2. I regularly use a food delivery service.
    I injured my back a couple of years ago and the one activity that can be guaranteed to give me pain it’s doing a full grocery shop.
    Different services give different quality of service and we’ve settled on one we’re happy with.

    zoe’s last blog post..Menu Plan Monday

  3. All sounds yummy! Seeing a few “breakfast for dinner” on the menus this week. Great idea! Happy MPM!

    Mimi @ The Things We Do’s last blog post..Menu Plan Monday

  4. Zoe, I’m glad you found one that you’re happy with. I’ve always just been nervous about it, so it’s fantastic you have one that has produced good results.

    Mimi, we love “breakfast for dinner,” probably because I rarely make breakfast foods for breakfast. We’re a yogurt and berries/cereal/granola bar and fruit family, despite my love of anything and everything breakfast related. Breakfast foods end up as dinner, brunch or the occasional weekend morning around here.

  5. Your gucamole link reminded me that I need to post my hubby’s recipe. Our teen and I love his guca with his homemade chips.
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