The Monday Menu: May 18, 2009

dsc00722-640x480It’s going to be a long week waiting for the holiday weekend that’s coming. Like waiting for water to boil, watching it will make it seem longer, and I don’t know that I can help myself from counting the seconds. This weekend went by altogether too quickly, and I’m anxious to get a new one underway, even before today is over. Yep. I’m doomed.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my gardens (and showcasing random flowers here), and Ole’s been working on our new compost bin, which is officially complete as of yesterday. In fact, all of our major yard projects are complete plants planted and weeds pulled. The first year we lived here we didn’t even scratch the surface of our yard projects until Memorial Day Weekend. Having them completely finished and behind us is freeing. All there is left to do is water, fertilize, prune and harvest. My tomato plants have their first blooms, as do the strawberries. The rest of them are going to be a while before anything major happens, but I’m excited to see everything grow.

We had a holdover from last week on this week’s menu. The breakfast for dinner never happened, partially due to work-related reasons and partially because the kids and I ate all the blueberries before we got that far into the week. I have restocked the blueberries and moved it up to Tuesday this week. I’m pretty sure I can’t eat all of them before then. However, I have several tiny hands to help me in case I decide to try. We did get to the bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin and the fingerling potatoes, though, and I’m excited to eat the leftovers tomorrow.

MondayLeftovers Redone: steak sandwiches, corn chips, salsa, pickle spears, starfruit
TuesdayBlueberry pecan pancakes, scrambled eggs, grapefruit juice, cantaloupe
Wednesday – Juicy Lucy cheeseburgers, Garlic Parmesan Fries, carrot sticks
Thursday – Chicken salad, spring mix, ciabatta garlic toast
Friday – sour cream and dill baked sole, baked zucchini and rice



  1. I love flowers and gardening. I have a few plants in the office and our African Jasmine outside the store entrance. I may had some succelents to our collection this year.
    Great menu planned!
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  2. Mmmmm….blueberry pecan pancakes sounds delish!


    niki’s last blog post..Menu Plan Monday…May 18

  3. I may have to try the zucchini and rice bake. Have you already tried it? Can’t wait to check out the new compost bin!

    Niki’s last blog post..Phosphates in your dishwasher detergent

  4. Gorgeous picture!
    Those blueberry pecan pancakes sound wonderful.

    I’m waiting for strawberries to hurry up & be ready here, too. We’ve got 1-2 weeks more & then it will be time to make some jam!

    Have a great week!

    JustAnotherSAHM’s last blog post..Menu Planning Monday

  5. I too am gardening! The parmesan potatos and the garlic fries sound so delicious! I’ll be trying this soon! Stop by and visit my site for a yummy chimichanga recipe!

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