The Monday Menu: September 14, 2009


We made it through the first week of school! We’re off to a great start so far. I have to say I kind of liked the quiet after I sent all but Kidney Bean off to school or preschool, even if it is just in the morning. I was so much more productive for that small amount of time.

We tried something new tonight and walked to the grocery store. We’ve biked before, and we’ve walked for small trips. It was an adventure. I have to say the cool night air was nice, but I’d leave a bit earlier so we had more light on the walk home. The kids liked it, and it definitely tired the younger ones out. Our groceries, including ice cream, fit nicely into our reusable freezer bag and sat behind Kidney Bean in the double stroller. All in all, a success.

Monday – Mediterranean Pasta, spring mix salads

Tuesday – Dinner out. I have an eye appointment, and we decided it would be easiest if we just make it a fun night and pick somewhere to go. Chipotle is high on the list.

Wednesday – Greek burgers, Greek orzo pasta salad, zucchini spears with Tzatziki

Thursday – Steak fajitas, Spanish rice bake, Texas caviar and tortilla chips

Friday – Grilled chicken salad using the cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden, pesto cheese bread

Recipes to look for here at Food for My Family this week:
Ole and our neighbor, Mike, made a video on barbecued ribs that needs to be edited. Look for that. I also have a chocolate gateau from a birthday celebration this weekend that will be going up and the rum-roasted candied pecans from the banana rum cake from earlier.

For more menu plans:



  1. That Greek Orzo Salad looks so good! I love those flavors together. I’ll have to try it and the Greek burgers.

  2. The Mediterranean Pasta sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I agree, the pasta sounds delicious! I’ll definitely add that to my try list

  4. Hey!

    It’s nice to meet another Shaina! Your menu looks delicious! What a great blog you have here 🙂


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