Weekly Dinner Menu: 7/26/10

One of the things we strive for when planning our menus is making everything fit together into one nice, neat little package. We look to use ingredients in different ways throughout the week so that we’re benefiting from the ability of do-aheads and being able to buy in bulk. We also benefit from a well-stocked pantry.

We just returned home from a long weekend in the Boundary Waters, and I thought it’d be fun to share a campfire cooking menu with you. Several campgrounds will include a grate over the fire pit that can be used as a grill or as a stove top for cooking in pots and pans or heating up your cowboy coffee. You can always bring a grate along with you and prop it up on large rocks if you feel you need one. Heading out on your own camping adventure this summer? Check out my tips for successful campfire cooking over on Simple Bites.

Monday – Marinated T-Bones with Banana Boats for dessert

Tuesday – Fire-Grilled Burritos

Wednesday – Pizza in the Woods

Thursday – Lemon Dill Grilled Fish

Friday – Campfire Potatoes and Stick-Roasted Chicken Habanero Sausages

The Preparation Shortcuts:

1. Add your frozen steaks to a zip-top bag and toss in your marinade ingredients. Your steaks will marinade while they thaw and act as extra ice for the cooler.
2. Make taco meat ahead of time and freeze. It acts as its own ice as well.
3.Pack your food in zip-top bags and carry less weight into the campsite. If convenience is more important and weight is not a factor, consider pre-measuring ingredients into separate containers so it’s ready to mix, stir and pour directly into the cooking vessel. This will save time and create less mess as your prepare your meal.
4. Foil is your friend. So many things can be cooked on or in foil. It can be used to line pans to make cleaning easier or to allow for several cooking surfaces right in a row. Let’s say you want to make pizza, need 2-3 of them but only have one pan. Lining with foil will allow you to slip the first out and start cooking the second immediately after.

The Shopping List:

2-3 t-bone steaks
1 pound ground beef
4 fish fillets or catch your own
2 pounds red potatoes
1 bunch bananas
2 lemons
flour tortillas
1 pound cheese, shredded
2 cups Bisquick mix
sour cream

Pantry Items:
olive oil
chili powder
cayenne pepper
chocolate chips

Garden Items:

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  1. My brother used to do a boundary waters trip every summer. Glad you had fun. Love this weeks menu!

  2. Great idea to do a camping menu! The fireside burritos look great. What a good idea to use the frozen taco meat as ice!

  3. Your menu sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing so many great camping tips with us. Those Fire Grilled Burritos sound amazing!

  4. What a fantastic menu for the week. Everyone’s been giving a lot of attention to those burritos, but I’m a personal fan of the pizza. BBQing pizza–that’s something I’ve yet to try, and I might just have to go for it, even if I’m not in the woods!

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