Weekly Dinner Menu: 9/26/10 and a Giveaway!

One of the things we strive for when planning our menus is making everything fit together into one nice, neat little package. We look to use ingredients in different ways throughout the week so that we’re benefiting from the ability of do-aheads and being able to buy in bulk. We also benefit from a well-stocked pantry.

I have to tell you that I’m not feeling much like menu planning. We had a mock Thanksgiving dinner over the weekend, and after a marathon day of cooking and testing recipes, three loads of dishes and a fridge full of leftovers, I’m kind of menu’d out, but I will push on. I will persevere. Plus, leftovers make easy school lunches…or easy work lunches if you’re Ole.
raw honey

Also, I’ve been cooking with raw honey lately, courtesy of the kind folks at the Mohawk Valley Trading Company. I’ve made muffins and pannenkoeken, and I’ve also incorporated them into my everyday cooking, tossing a bit in to sweeten teriyaki sauces and using it on toast in the morning. The honey is fragrant and smooth, and I’ve found it perfect for use as a natural sweetener.

Raw honey hasn’t been heated like the honey that comes in the bear, and that gives it a silky consistency. We also use honey as a cough suppressant and to relieve sore throats, and I can tell you that these raw honeys are a treat even in the midst of the aches and pains.

They would love to share some with you as well. Mohawk Valley Trading Company is providing a lucky reader 16-ounce jars of each: Raw Wildflower Summer Honey, Raw Orange Blossom Honey, Raw Blueberry Blossom Honey and Raw Apple Blossom Honey! The giveaway will run now through 10/4 at 8:00 a.m., when I’ll pick and post the winner in next week’s menu.

To enter, (1) just leave a comment telling me what recipes you cook with honey or which ones you’d like to try cooking with honey as the sweetener or you can (2) join the Food for My Family community on Facebook or on Twitter where I will entertain you with my amazing wit and say hi to me either place. Then just come back and let me know you’ve done so by commenting here!

Monday – Cauliflower Mushroom Leek Soup with Butter Fish

Tuesday – Tuna Bruschetta with Spinach

Wednesday – Fish Tacos

Thursday – Spinach and Sausage Soup

Friday – Potato Pizza with Garlic and Rosemary

The Preparation Shortcuts:

1. Buy or make extra loaves of bread for the soup and the bruschetta. Look for a good family pack deal or just grow that sourdough starter a little bit bigger.
2. Leftover fish from Monday’s meal can be used in Wednesday’s tacos.
3. Spinach is used in the bruschetta and the soup, but if you have a lot of it, it can also go on top of pizza.
4. All of the leftover vegetables from the week can be used to top your pizza: potatoes from Thursday’s soup, tomatoes from several meals, extra shallots or onions pieces. Try slicing them all and making small pizzas that everyone can personalize with their favorite toppings.

The Shopping List:

3 pounds black cod
1 pound mild Italian sausage
3 limes
2-3 shallots
1 head romaine lettuce
3 large leeks
1 head celery
1 head cauliflower
1 bunch cilantro
2 pounds red potatoes
1/2 cup mixed dried mushrooms
10 flour tortillas
3-4 avocados for guacamole
4 ounces cheddar cheese
1 jar mango salsa (or make your own mango salsa)
8 cups vegetable or chicken broth unless you make your own
2 5-oz cans tuna in oil
1/2 c bread and butter pickles

Pantry Items:
olive oil
soy sauce
aioli or mayonnaise

Garden Items:

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A quick note: Our friends had their baby early last night (at 29 weeks and 3 days) via emergency c-section. Mom and baby could really use prayers this week and in the following weeks as they are both recovering from some major events. Huge hugs, Rick and Heidi and Big Brother Cam. Lillian is adorable!

For more menu plans:

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  1. I’ve been eyeing some new granola bar recipes that have honey in them. But honestly… peanut butter and honey toast is heaven. You really don’t need to make it more complicated than a drizzle of honey on some bread. Nut butter, normal butter, or none. Honey is perfection.

  2. We use honey in a few of our recipes like Killer Kalbi, Malaysian Chicken Wings and Monkey Bread. For these kinds of honey, though, I’d say Monkey Bread would benefit most.

  3. Ooh, how I would love to win! I would substitute honey in all of my baking if I could. I love it over pancakes too!

  4. I use a lot of honey for baking! My favorite honey recipe is in banana bread!

  5. I love honey butter to top my homemade breads or cornbread muffins. I also use it a lot in marinades and salad dressings. I was just thinking yesterday that I would like to use more honey in my baking… huh- fate?

  6. I use honey on toast, and in a Paula Deen coleslaw recipe. I would also be up for trying this honey on a spoon right out of the jar! 🙂

  7. I recently bought a jar of local honey and it’s amazing. I am planning to make honey-lemon muffins with it but want to incorporate honey into more of my baking.

  8. Great honey giveaway! Raw anything is so much better than pasteurized-better flavor & of course maintains the nutrients. Please include me in your giveaway.
    Thanks for including my Cauliflower Mushroom Leek soup in your weekly dinner menu. xo

  9. I follow your tweets.

  10. Just became a fan on Facebook too 🙂

  11. Judy Sullivan says:

    I would like to try pumpkin bread using honey. Thanks for your time to share.

  12. I would like to try to make baklava! Yum…

  13. I use honey in our homemade granola and granola bars. I’d love to incorporate it more into our other baking. If I’m substituting honey for sugar in a recipe is it a 1:1 sub?

  14. I really like using honey instead of sugar in the Fall; somehow it adds a floral/spicy element that I enjoy in muffins and oatmeal.

  15. I make a regular honey cake, and also a recipe called Old-Fashioned Honey Oat cake.

    I also use honey in steel cut oats, mixed with ginger and raisins. Yum!

  16. I eat peanut butter toast with raw honey almost every morning! I also love to make my own honey-mustard to coat wild salmon and top with pecans. Add it to oatmeal, drizzle over fresh fruit, straight from a spoon.. I don’t think there is a way I wouldn’t like it 🙂

  17. I can’t think of a recipe that I use that has honey in it. I usually use honey as a sweetener for tea or smoothies, or to brine a chicken.

  18. I love raw honey! I usually eat it for breakfast. Spread on an English Muffin or on top of a waffle with yogurt and fruit. It’s such a treat! I already follow you on Twitter 🙂

  19. I have a few granola recipes that I want to try with honey as the sweetener.

  20. Liked you on Facebook!

  21. I already follow you on Twitter & Facebook and you are bookmarked so you are on my toolbar. Also, I love honey on cornbread and it’s really good on oatmeal!

  22. I’m already following you on Twitter, but just liked you of FB :0) I love honey on PB toast and in a glaze for baked ham.

  23. Wow the Blueberry Blossom Honey sounds amazing! I’d like to try making some holiday treats with honey instead of sugar.

  24. I’d like to make some honey wheat bread & I love it in oatmeal.

  25. The best chicken I have ever had (even better than grandma’s) has honey in it! You mix honey, Dijon mustard, butter, curry powder, and a pinch of salt, throw it over the chicken and bake for an hour and 15 minutes, spooning the liquid over the chicken every 15 minutes. Divine. It falls right off the bone!

  26. Lovely! I truly love honey and use it all the time in recipes. The simplest recipe is grilled peaches and a drizzle of honey. My favorite recipe is one I grew up making with the family of my friend is Pignolatta (a sweet Italian dessert with honey and chocolate).

    I also joined your Facebook page… thanks for the invite!

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  27. I have a honey pizza dough recipe that is just wonderful.

  28. I love using honey in my recipes. One of my favorites is Salty Sweet Chicken Wings. This recipe combines Soy sauce, jalapeno paste, honey and maple syrup into a dynamic glaze. I would love to try out some raw honey in this recipe, as I have only used processed honey.

  29. I am a fan on Facebook (Cheryl HeartnSoulmom)

  30. I am email subscriber

  31. I have a recipe for chicken breasts with almonds and honey that is really good. I also like honey in my tea.

  32. Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio) says:

    Here are a few off the top of my head: I make the classic honey-baked curry chicken (having it tonight, as a matter of fact!), peanut butter and honey “energy balls” for the high school soccer team, a fruit salad dressing with sour cream and honey, plus a favorite breakfast–wheat toast with peanut butter, honey, and sliced bananas on top.

  33. PB, honey, and banana sandwich…a simple pleasure!

  34. I use it in my pancakes. So yummy!

  35. I like Food For My Family on Facebook.

  36. I love cooking with raw honey! I use it for everything, from sweetening my coffee & tea to salad
    dressings and trail mixes. Would love to try the Apple Blossom honey listed in your post.

  37. I love to make Scrumptious Swiss Oat for breakfast, peanut butter and honey sandwiches for lunch, and honey lime chicken enchiladas. Those are just a few things I like to eat with honey as an ingredient.

  38. left my comment on Facebook…..oh how I love honey!

  39. I love honey on Greek yogurt!

  40. With honey this special, I would just drizzle it on warm homemade biscuits. Yum!

  41. Love PB, sliced banana & honey on crispy waffle. Do you have a recipe for the apple tartlets? Look delicious and love hand-held size!!!!

  42. We LOVE adding honey as a topping on pancakes and biscuits. I also use homey to slightly sweeten my homemade pizza crust. These sound amazingly delightful!

  43. my family loves my honey baked butternut squash casserole. i have never used raw honey, though i would love to try it.

  44. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m looking forward to trying a brownie recipe that uses honey as its only sweetener.

  45. We use honey to make granola but would love to try making cheesecake with honey as the sweetner

  46. I use honey in several of my bread recipes, granola, canned peaches and much much more. I currently cannot keep it in stock in my pantry. I also like Food for My Family on Facebook.

  47. Oh, how fun! I just discovered your site and now there’s a giveaway!? Whee!

    I love raw honey, and try to use it in ways that I really appreciate the flavor, which means super simple. Oatmeal topping, for example, and, like you, too soothe a sore throat by the spoonful (or for mom, in a hot toddy). I love to make a little “syrup” for weekend waffles out of honey and butter gently heated together, then drizzled over. If there’s any leftover of that (not often), I put it in the fridge and use it for my toast. I also like to mix a bit with my regular deli mustard for a sandwich spread or as the base for a pork chop glaze.


  48. I am so happy I found your site (and your facebook and twitter pages)! Your recipes are amazing and so encouraging as we are starting out on the seasonal/natural/whole way of eating, trying to leave processed foods in the dust. Your journal of your endeavor to eat well makes it so much easier for us newbies to follow along in your wake before it becomes second nature! Thank you for helping us to adapt to this new lifestyle a little easier. I love using honey in plain yogurt, just a touch – for making granola and also honey butter to use on a crusty piece of artisan bread or a soft croissant. Yum!

  49. I love honey, but I don’t regularly use it as an ingredient – I’m going to have to change that! I do use it in a fabulous honey-pumpkin pie, with honeyed pecans. Yum!

  50. i love love love raw honey!!! i use it in oatmeal, on pancakes, and of course, in little in my morning tea! 🙂

  51. I think your idea of making muffins is really fantastic.

  52. I love to make Honey Pork Chops with honey and brown sugar as a glaze. The chops cook up in the skillet quick and everyone loves them. The recipe came from my $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook. We love it.

  53. Honey Whole Wheat Bread – would love to use their raw honey!

  54. I am sending the link for this post to my daughter. This is exactly the kind of post she would enjoy reading and can relate to as a young wife.

  55. I use honey every day as a sweetener in tea and on toast (the usual stuff) but also like to add it to savory dishes like asian-style stir fry. It’s especially good in a peanut sauce.

  56. I have every intention to try baklava soon, and honey is a main ingredient! I also use honey in tea, more so of late, as everyone I know has had colds. :-\

  57. I have not cooked with honey, other than a recipe that may explicitely call for it. I’d be interested in trying it in quick breads, such as pumpkin bread. Muffins would be another interesting candidate for baking with honey.

  58. I like to use honey as a sweetener in spicy stir fry sauces, like thai peanut noodles. Also my husband is from North Africa and we make several of his native dishes that include honey, particularly in savory meat dishes. Its so delicious 🙂

  59. I’ve been wanting to make Baklava, using raw honey would be lovely with it! Also, I recently made a peanutbutter and honey cookie where the honey flavor was a prominent note. I found your blog from Tasty Kitchen, can’t wait to explore more of your recipes!

  60. Just got back from WDW and our favorite restaurant had a delicious honey lime salad dressing that was out of this world. I was able to get the recipe, so I was able to recreate it. Yum!
    Also recently made honey peanut butter balls for some healthy after school treats. By the way, loving your blog.

  61. I would like to explore using honey more as a sweetener. Right now my recipe repertoire is limited to granola and honey butter. My kids do like honey and peanut butter sandwiches as well as tea with honey.


  62. We love honey in oatmeal and on homemade bread. I like mine in tea and on english muffins..mmm! And my kiddo loves it on his cheerios and of course a spoon:)

  63. I LOVE raw honey and its all we use. We discovered it when looking for a solution to help heal my 5 year old daughter’s dry skin. It’s the best natural solution thus far. We use it just by the spoonful or in tea as a sweetener. Also, I’ve been baking wheat bread w/honey too. Yum!

  64. Charlotte says:

    I would make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies or just put it on our home made bread.

  65. I love making peanut butter/coconut candies that use honey as the sweetener. Nothing tastes better! 🙂

  66. Amanda McClain says:

    I love sautee’d butternut squash…tossed in honey and chopped walnuts!

  67. I use honey in my wheat bread and granola. What a great giveaway!

  68. Living in S. Fla, we grew up eating/loving Orange blossom honey…but, these last few years having a harder time finding good quality. Lack of honey bees and sadly over development. Would love to try the blueberry. And, one of our favorite recipes is Baklava. Honey is so versatile…great sugar substitute and healthy too. Try it on oatmeal and yogurt with berries, nuts, wheatgerm and vanilla. So good!

  69. I am a fan on face book. Just love your recipes.

  70. debi paul says:

    I make honey baked chicken. My hubby came up with the recipe. I love using all kinds of honey, which shakes up the recipe and flavor a bit.

  71. I am a mom of a beautiful 3 1/2 year old daughter who I am teaching the art of healthy cooking! Honey is great to use as a substitute for sugar and it is better for you. Here are some of our favorite ways to use honey: add some honey to low fat butter and now you have honey butter. Use some on toast or make a peanut butter and honey sandwich. Put some honey butter on veggies. We also make honey chicken, honey mustard, honey mustard dressing, and a glaze to go on carrots (taste like the ones at the Cracker Barrel) oh yeah then there is honey cake! Happy cooking!

  72. I used honey yesterday to sweeten a pineapple ginger margarita…yum! Not the healthiest, but a nice little adult beverage treat.

  73. Since I’ve had to cut out sugar due to health reasons, I can’t have much of it BUT…..I do love to use a bit of honey as the sweetener in tea!! It’s also a great sweetener for oatmeal in the morning….yum!

  74. I have joined your facebook site and I look forward to your interesting recipe and cooking ideas. I love Honey Whole Wheat bread too, and I really like pure honey on a warm piece of homemade bread. Yum! I’d love to try this pure uncooked honey in a bowl of cooked cereal. Thanks!

  75. I use honey in homemade granola and in my Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole. I have recently run out and would like to try the raw honey. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  76. I like to make honey chicken

  77. It sounds boring, but I learned the simple trick of drizzling sliced apples with honey. I didn’t really care for honey before that, now I’m trying to put it in everything!

  78. I make my own BBQ sauce and honey is a main ingredient. Of course, I use it on muffins, toast, and in hot tea too.

  79. my husband loves peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I’d like to try this honey in making granola and bread machine recipes. Thanks!

  80. Arceli Long says:

    I use honey mostly to sweeten tea and as an addition to sauces. It’s also great when drizzled over my morning cereal.


  81. Ashley L. says:

    I’d like to try making muffins or pancakes with honey.

  82. Honey is always good in tea or with peanut butter on a sandwich, and it also is very good in homemade bread!

  83. Catherine M says:

    I use honey everyday to sweeten tea but, also use for many cooking projects like honey ham and salad dressings.

  84. I like honey instead of sugar when making bread.

  85. I love a warm lemon and honey drink.

  86. I use honey in my apple pie!

  87. I always use honey as a sweetener in hot tea.

  88. carrie bryant says:

    would love the honey for bread making and muffins!

  89. I use honey for Honey Whole Wheat Bread and as the sweetener in homemade bagels. We use over pancakes and in tea. The family would love some raw honey. We’ve recently invested in several jars of local honey and each jar we buy is better than the last.


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