Weekly Menu St. Patrick’s Day Style

A weekly menu plan with St. Patrick’s Day in mind plus tips on how all the meals work together to create a functional meal plan that won’t take up all your time or all your money.

The weekend devoured me in a chlorinated steam cloud, the kind that hits you in the chest with the first breath as you enter the pool deck. The last of the season. From here to Sunday it’s all spring break around these parts, which means we started the week off with plenty of snow in our pockets.

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, which is why you’re getting my Irish-inspired menu this week in case you want to plan your own. With my daily existence continues to be covered in white, I find St. Patrick’s Day to be a great way to encourage the green of spring to enter in. Please? Politeness never hurt anyone.

Monday – Bangers and Colcannon Mash

Tuesday – Vegetable Curry

Wednesday – Cabbage, Bean, and Crispy Kale Soup

Thursday – Cauliflower Pizza (and another version without chickpea flour)

Friday – Shepherd’s Pie

The Preparation Tips:

1. Make extra mashed potatoes while you’re boiling them for the colcannon on Monday. The extras can be refrigerated and used for your shepherd’s pie on Friday.
2. Extra cauliflower from the curry gets used in Thursday’s pizza night, as well as any other vegetables you want to add on your pizza. You can also save leftover canned or frozen tomatoes from Tuesday to use when making sauce on Thursday.
3. The extra cabbage and kale from the colcannon is used in Wednesday’s soup.
4. Use curry vegetables (like carrots) that can then be used for Friday’s meal to save money by buying in bulk.

Around the Web:

I’ve been trying to get better about sharing some of the interesting things I find…or the things I find interesting through the past week. Here is a small smattering from last week.

  • Wealth Inequality in America: I was fascinated by the disjunction between people’s perception of reality and actual reality.
  • The Atlantic’s Response to Yahoo! on Telecommuting: (This is a week old, but worth sharing.) As someone who has worked from home for the past 10 years, I can say that I am plenty productive. I can understand the need to come together as a unified workforce, but I don’t think that needs to mean doing away with a flexible work environment and telecommuting altogether. Perhaps Marissa Mayer could use an Office Space viewing? /sarcasm
  • Monday the 4th was National Grammar Day. The Harvard Business Review makes the case for how grammar can help your career.


  1. The wealth inequality video was fascinating and it’s really shocking how off our perceptions are but what I found the most interesting was the statement that they made about how both Republicans and Democrats chose the same distribution. Not what you would expect.

  2. I love that snowball throwing picture! And your links (and humor) 🙂


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