Turkey Broth from Bones: Using Every Last Bit


Let's talk turkey. Turkey carcass, that is. No, don't throw it away. Let's use it. While I used to snicker when my aunt's would decide who would bring home this year's turkey bones or the ham bone at the holidays, I now understand. I get it. I have been enlightened. The power of making your own stock, your own broth may have been lost on me … more

Leftovers Redone: My Favorite Turkey Sandwich

the build

We all know the feeling of the post-Thanksgiving hunger. You finally get hungry after the mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, dressing and turkey has had time to digest, and when you look in the fridge? Thanksgiving leftovers. Not what you were hoping for. Sure, a sandwich is always an option, but the thought of limp bread, cold Thanksgiving … more

Whole Chicken Stew: The Perfect Winter Meal


Daylight savings, nearly a month ago now (where did the time go?), marked the end of late evenings, cooking dinner by the light of the kitchen window. The sun is gone by 5:00 p.m., forcing me to turn on glaring overhead lights earlier, sometimes before I've even stood up from my computer and finished work for the day. Dinner-hour darkness and … more

The Monday Menu: November 23, 2009

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We had our first Thanksgiving dinner today with my dad's side of the family. It was fantastic. My job was to show up with sweet potato casserole and consume food, keep my kids from spilling anything (success!) and make sure my mom lost at air hockey at least once (she's brutal). We took a trip or two down memory lane, which is what usually … more

Streusel Pumpkin Bread: Conquered

side by side

I have a confession. I am a coffee lover. Maybe it's the fact that coffee shops are EVERYwhere. There are the plain white cups with the brown sleeves at the local shop two blocks away. When I take my kids to the library, the Brothers stare me down. Still, it could be that I shop at Target, and the topless mermaid calls my name as I walk … more

Roasted Five Pepper Salsa Done My Way


So, I may be a little picky when it comes to salsa. I had one I liked, a "must be refrigerated at all times," store bought variety. They changed the recipe. Repeat after me: Do not fix what is not broken. I want it to be fresh. I want it to have an afterburn but not enough to make me skimp when loading up the chip. The obvious answer is to … more

The Monday Menu: November 16, 2009


Goodness it's been a busy week. First and foremost, I have some exciting news. A few weeks ago, Tanna from Complete Organizing Solutions asked me to be a regular contributor to her blog. Tanna is a professional organizer in the Nashville area, and her blog is dedicated to helping you become organized and clutter-free. I'm thrilled to be part of … more