The Monday Menu: December 27, 2009

ornamental me

First, because I was naughty and didn't say it the day of, Merry Christmas! I hope yours was as joyous and fun-filled as ours. We spent several hours driving through blizzard-like conditions and made it to all of our Christmas programs, functions and events. Now we're all tucked back into our little house trying to dig our way out of the … more

Steak au Poivre – The Showstopper


Steak au Poivre is one of those gorgeous meals that fills the house, is showy to make in front of guests and makes you want to curl into the couch after dinner, completely content and satisfied. Tenderloin filets are pan fried and then added to a rich, creamy pepper sauce. Sometimes you need a showstopper.  Maybe you are trying to impress a … more

The Monday Menu: December 21, 2009

San Francisco John

San Francisco with John Bolten (pictured above with Ole) is behind me, and Operation Christmas Cookie 2009 is underway. Right. Now. My sister is stuck here until it commences...on the 23rd. All right, so I'll let her go home soon. Accomplished: 6 batches of dough, rolled into balls and in the fridge; pecan teacakes; more gingered orange … more

Gingered Orange Shortbread and Challenge Dairy

wrapped in parchment

Finally, I share my shortbread for all the world to see. You can just add this to the list of things I have failed or fallen short at recently. It belongs right there next to purchasing pants that actually fit my growing 5-year-old and scrubbing my floor. You see, I made and photographed this shortbread late one night before I left for San … more

The Monday Menu: December 14, 2009

on its way down

I am here, or at least I was 3 hours ago, and my children? They're home in the frozen tundra with my sister trying to stay warm. While it may not be warm here, it is not 5 below. I will not complain, even when it rains every. single. day. Just because I'm here in California with Ole for work doesn't mean that menu planning for home didn't happen. … more

Peppermint Truffles from Ganache


So, you may have been wondering how much hot chocolate I was going to make with all that ganache the other day. Hot chocolate for everyone! Actually, not really. Hot chocolate for no one. Truffles for everyone...or at least for me. The bonus of making hot chocolate from ganache is that I successfully crossed off one of the items on my holiday … more

Peppermint Twist Hot Chocolate and Christmas Traditions

kiwi homework

I mentioned that the tree had made an appearance at our home not too long ago just the other day. Since the moment it walked in through the door and found a place to rest in the living room, Kola Nut has been asking every. five. minutes. to put the ornaments on. So, naturally, we made him wait until we were all there together. He got over the … more