Potato Leek Soup for Surviving Winter

My appetite changes with the season. In the winter I appreciate things that warm you up and keep you warm. Like soup. In the summer, soup takes a back seat to pasta salads, potato salads, slaws, grilled meats and fresh fruit. A warm cup of soup on a winter day makes the transition from morning coffee to lunchtime that much easier. Yes. I use … more

5 Ways To Cook More Often

With our weekly menu on display for everyone to see, it may be hard to believe that we ever eat out, but we do. In fact, there are days when the fast food flows as I sit behind my computer and toil away, leaving no time for the things I enjoy, one of them being spending some quality time in the kitchen, seeing what I create. It's an easy … more

The Monday Menu: January 11, 2010

I needed to be productive this past week. I needed to be organized. Neither of those things happened, even with a determined effort on my part. Internet connectivity became a problem Wednesday, only being resolved today. C'est la vie. I'm working my way out of it right now, literally. I'll be here for a while, so feel free to say hi. Tonight … more

Tilapia with a Basic White Sauce to Round Out the Week

As a family we try to eat a variety of food each week, straying from the meat and potatoes that Ole grew up on or the spaghetti with meat sauce that could be found on my childhood dinner table on a weekly basis. We strive to make our food life interesting, nutritious and diverse. However, it can be hard when you are a family of six balancing … more

Baked Beans, the Basics

Disclaimer by Shaina: Yep, I saw them over here on PW, and I even told Ole that she blogged his recipe that he was working on. However, you're still getting them, and heck, maybe it'll help you with some of the measurement amounts. The following is a post by Ole, who made baked beans last week! I've always taken beans for granted.  Ten minutes … more

The Monday Menu: January 4, 2010

It was cold last night, -3 degrees cold when it happened. We were just about to leave to do our grocery shopping so that today could be full of cleaning and baking. Ole went to lock the back door because he'd been out earlier. When he did there was a large pop followed by hours of cracking, and that is how our door died. While I do find it … more

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup and Basil Grilled Cheese

Some things are worth it. Be it time, distance or price, some things are just worth the effort. This entry covers all the bases. Get comfortable. I have a lot to say...as does Ole. While we were in California this year on a trip back to Martinelli, one of our favorite wineries, we were told about a great cheese shop outside of Santa Rosa. We … more