Spicy Sweet Savory Seared Ahi Tuna


I would imagine that for most people the word tuna conjures up images of soggy tuna salad sandwiches made with too much mayo and pickle juice.  Or better yet, a classic Midwestern tuna hot dish (read casserole for the rest of the country) with egg noodles and potato chips on top.  And these aren't necessarily bad images.  I'm quite fond of a … more

Canned Tuna: More Than Just a Casserole


I like tuna. Really. I do. I like it as a big, ol' tuna steak, sliced raw on my sushi, seared and dipped in wasabi-infused sauce. I do NOT, however, appreciate what most American households are likely to have as their tuna standard: Chunk Light Tuna...at least in most cases. You've seen it in cans of various sizes. It makes appearances in … more

The Monday Menu: August 3, 2009


At the urging of our friends, we made a last-minute decision to see if we couldn't get everything to line up just right so that we could change our wedding RSVP from a "no" back to a "yes." The catch, of course, was that it required a bit of shuffling and bribing and Houdini-style skills to make it happen. In the end, our kids found themselves in … more

Baked Italian Meat-a-balls


Meat-a-balls? You know, like Tony in Lady and the Tramp, "Hey, Joe! Butch-a, he say he wants-a two spaghetti speciale, heavy on the meat-a-ball" Isn't puppy love sweet? Maybe you're looking to impress a special someone (or potential special someone) and don't have Tony's special spaghetti and meatballs to do it for you, or maybe you just want … more

The Monday Menu: July 27, 2009


I would like to go back to Friday and do this weekend over again. It was far too short. I did, however, manage to get some work done, the grocery shopping completed and keep my house relatively clean. I also attended a baby shower and filled out the paperwork for our new car (new to us) because the old one is no more. I was so happy just to … more

Lemony Shortcake with Strawberry Sauce and Whipped Cream…and Maybe a Little Ice Cream Too


What this shortcake lacks is fresh, cut strawberries. Because they're in the sauce, people. It makes it easy to bring places and to make ahead. Plus, I made strawberry malts with the sauce later. Rave reviews from my dad, the king of the strawberry malt. When we were growing up, the only time we ever stopped for ice cream was on the way to the … more

Smoked Salmon for the Rest of Us


Followers of this blog know that when it comes to fish, salmon is the family favorite.  It is readily available, affordable when purchased in bulk, and quite versatile as evidenced here, here and here.  We do salmon many different ways and they're all quite tasty, but in my opinion, this method takes the cake. Smoked salmon.  The words get the … more