The Monday Menu: September 7, 2009


It's here. The end of summer. I'm both excited for school to start and to have the kids in a more stable routine, but I'm sad that lazy pajama mornings and my afternoon projects with Kiwi and Kola Nut are coming to an end. To celebrate the end of summer, we find ourselves at the Minnesota State Fair every year – multiple times – eating, riding, … more

Fresh Garden Pesto on Your Plate and in Your Freezer


Our initial reason for gardening, before we even owned our own home, was to make pesto. We had always enjoyed pesto, and at the time with Ole in graduate school, buying the often expensive jar of it at the supermarket wasn't something we were willing to do. And the "pesto pot" was born. The pesto pot is nothing more than a pot planted with … more

Lemon Cream Seafood Pasta for Hanging on to Summer


It's here. The last week of the summer is in full swing, and I am over my head in work and events and activities and last-minute to-do lists that just may very well not get done. Throw in a couple phone calls about the school book fair (remind me again why I am the chairperson for that) and three open houses for the kids, I'm starting to feel … more

The Monday Menu: August 31, 2009


Only one weekend left until we send our kids off to school. I have to admit I'm looking forward to it, not because I don't want them around, but because I think they'll be happy to have some routine that involves other kids, other activities, someone – anyone – other than me. We spent the weekend with family, going to the zoo and bumming around … more

Herb Crusted Beef Tenderloin in a Windbreaker


You've probably read my other posts about beef tenderloin or filet mignon cuts, and as I've explained before, this is something that we would buy only on special occasions because of its higher price.  But not only are full tenderloins cheaper per pound than it's trimmed and cut filet mignon brothers, but there are sales (try $5.88/lb or even … more

Chicken Piccata: Chicken Fingers for Grown-Ups


That, up there, is flat-leaf parsley, growing in a pot. And down below here? Those are all things that I had sitting around the house. No joke. If I had shopped for this meal, I would have picked up a better wine. As it happened, we don't often drink white wine (we drink red), and so I keep white cooking wine around. And it is all I had on … more

The Monday Menu: August 24, 2009


We visited the farmer's market today. I have a special place in my heart for the farmer's market. I could wander and people watch for hours if I was allowed to. As it is, I walk quickly and deliberately to my favorite vendors, stopping to browse at very few because Ole is sitting in the car with a sleeping Kidney Bean and a restless Kumquat and … more