Refrigerator Pickles: The Taste of Summer


When we were considering what to fill our raised bed garden with this spring, one of the things that made the list and was on the "must have" list were chub cucumbers or pickling cucumbers. Chubs are smaller cucumbers. They're like the short, stumpy cousin to the long, lanky cucumber most of us are familiar with. If you pick them early, they … more

Orange Pecan Zucchini Bread for Doorsteps Everywhere


Our garden is overflowing with zucchini, and after eating it 5 out of the 7 nights last week with dinner sauteed, added in sauces and cut into cold spears, it's time to bake. Lucky for me, one of my favorite quick breads is zucchini bread. This one is complete with orange zest and a light orange glaze and packed with walnuts. A few weeks ago, … more

Need a Staycation for Your Back-to-School Blues?


Last Monday I wrote about using the last weeks of summer to squeeze in one last relaxing staycation over on Deal Seeking Mom, and then I neglected to let you know because I was up to my elbows in bleach and green t-shirts with 26 kids. But you should go check it out...and then find out what else is on sale this week. Tara's in the know and … more

The Monday Menu: August 10, 2009


I did it.  I survived last week.  Just barely, but I made it. I have a less hectic schedule this week, a moment or two to relax and maybe do something for me, like take a photography class (Wednesday), and we may even squeeze a few things in there like an appointment with a plastic surgeon for the Kola Nut, soccer, t-ball, pictures for soccer and … more

Spicy Sweet Savory Seared Ahi Tuna


I would imagine that for most people the word tuna conjures up images of soggy tuna salad sandwiches made with too much mayo and pickle juice.  Or better yet, a classic Midwestern tuna hot dish (read casserole for the rest of the country) with egg noodles and potato chips on top.  And these aren't necessarily bad images.  I'm quite fond of a … more

Canned Tuna: More Than Just a Casserole


I like tuna. Really. I do. I like it as a big, ol' tuna steak, sliced raw on my sushi, seared and dipped in wasabi-infused sauce. I do NOT, however, appreciate what most American households are likely to have as their tuna standard: Chunk Light least in most cases. You've seen it in cans of various sizes. It makes appearances in … more

The Monday Menu: August 3, 2009


At the urging of our friends, we made a last-minute decision to see if we couldn't get everything to line up just right so that we could change our wedding RSVP from a "no" back to a "yes." The catch, of course, was that it required a bit of shuffling and bribing and Houdini-style skills to make it happen. In the end, our kids found themselves in … more