The Monday Menu: June 22, 2009


On Father's Day: Ole, thank you for being the father to my children. I look forward to another year of parenting with you and can't imagine doing it without you. Thank you for your patience and your rationalization, your love and your tenderness, for the stability and support you bring to our family. And thanks for putting up with me. … more

White Chocolate Raspberry Lady Cake


We don't make birthday cakes very often here. It's not that I myself don't enjoy and appreciate cake. My kids don't. I know, what kid wouldn't want to shove their face in a piece of frosting-covered sweetness? Mine. Now, don't get me wrong. They like the idea of cake. They may even take their piece happily. Then a bite or two into it, … more

Jalapeno Cornbread: So Hot, So Sweet


To start off I have to say, this is not a grilling recipe.  I've never tried it on the grill, and I probably never will.  Certain things need stability - a high speed camera, a vintage moped and good cornbread.  The latter requires a type of stability that can only be provided by a highly predictable 400 degree oven.  Would it work on the grill?  … more

The Monday Menu: June 15, 2009


You know it's your birthday when: A. A new immersion blender shows up at your house B. Your mom shows up with a sewing machine and a car full of FREE plants to plant all around your house and diagram plans from a landscaper as to where to place them C. A growler of beer from a microbrewery in Chicago appears with your sister at 8:00 at night D. … more

Sautéd Ginger Garlic Green Beans


Jen Isham went home on The Next Food Network Star premiere this Sunday for making green beans for a room full of Food Network stars. A simple search of their recipe index reveals that they have 186 sautéd green bean recipes. This doesn't even begin to go into the total 1201 recipes that involve green beans on the site. What they're saying is you … more

Monster Cookie Madness


When we moved into the neighborhood over two years ago we had no idea what our neighbors were like. We had only moved a mile from our previous residence because we were determined to stay in the same elementary school. I was nervous. I'd liked the familiar, tree-lined streets of our old, 1930s Cape Cod neighborhood. I was hesitant to think I'd … more

The Monday Menu: June 8, 2009


We went to the Walker Saturday for First Free Saturdays with Tiff (who happens to be married to a MN athlete of the month). Kola Nut and Kiwi made kites as part of the activities provided by the center for Up, Up and Away in combination with the Lighter than Air exhibit, and I haven't heard the end of "when can we fly the kites" since. When it … more