Chicken Piccata: Chicken Fingers for Grown-Ups


That, up there, is flat-leaf parsley, growing in a pot. And down below here? Those are all things that I had sitting around the house. No joke. If I had shopped for this meal, I would have picked up a better wine. As it happened, we don't often drink white wine (we drink red), and so I keep white cooking wine around. And it is all I had on … more

The Monday Menu: August 24, 2009


We visited the farmer's market today. I have a special place in my heart for the farmer's market. I could wander and people watch for hours if I was allowed to. As it is, I walk quickly and deliberately to my favorite vendors, stopping to browse at very few because Ole is sitting in the car with a sleeping Kidney Bean and a restless Kumquat and … more

Green Does My Garden Grow: Preparing for Next Year


When I considered what I would plant in my garden in the spring after Ole had finished placing each and every rock around the bed, I really just picked things that I liked. I didn't do much planning or thoughtful introspection. I knew I wanted a kitchen garden, a potager, and already had my herbs in pots. I went to the farmer's market, looked … more

Sweet Corn – Hot off the Grill


It's summer in Minnesota, and that can mean many things to many people.  For me, it's not really summer until the road side stands pop up offering cucumbers, melons, potatoes and, of course, sweet corn.  Now, it can't be just any kind of sweet corn.  You see, I grew up spoiled.  My Uncle Duane had a farm in Southern Minnesota where he raised beef … more

The Monday Menu: August 17, 2009


My mom gave me this hibiscus tree for mother's day this year. It sat in my dining room, sad, unloved in its original pot. I spent hours trying to find the pot I wanted at random stores. Then I found a ceramic version that was close to what I was looking for; however, ceramic wasn't going to work for a tree I planned to drag around based on the … more

Refrigerator Pickles: The Taste of Summer


When we were considering what to fill our raised bed garden with this spring, one of the things that made the list and was on the "must have" list were chub cucumbers or pickling cucumbers. Chubs are smaller cucumbers. They're like the short, stumpy cousin to the long, lanky cucumber most of us are familiar with. If you pick them early, they … more

Orange Pecan Zucchini Bread for Doorsteps Everywhere


Our garden is overflowing with zucchini, and after eating it 5 out of the 7 nights last week with dinner sauteed, added in sauces and cut into cold spears, it's time to bake. Lucky for me, one of my favorite quick breads is zucchini bread. This one is complete with orange zest and a light orange glaze and packed with walnuts. A few weeks ago, … more