kumquat surprise

The Monday Menu: October 26, 2009

Kumquat's face says it all. I managed to do it. We went to an apple orchard. We took pictures in the leaves later that day at the park. We painted pumpkins. Seasonal activities abound. I may not have cleaned my house this weekend, but I did get all of the grocery shopping done and found Kiwi a pair of basketball shoes for her first day … more

rice crispy triangles

My Take on Homemade Candy Corn

My kids have been complaining lately and with good reason. I have been procrastinating something fierce with moving into the fall season. It hasn't necessarily been intentional. No. It's just that there has been so much to do and juggle that things like seasonal baking have gotten pushed aside to make room for coordinating the book fair, … more

the reveal

Brick Grilled Chicken with Scallion and Lime Butter

Around our house, chicken rules. Beef is king, but due to the higher fat content, we try to limit our red meat intake. We eat plenty of fish, but with the cumulative toxins that can come with it, we hold off on going overboard. Sure, there's pork, but the only way Shaina is not a fan and will only occasionally allow it in some smoked varieties – … more

a leaf

The Monday Menu: October 19, 2009

Life has been rather hectic lately. I feel like I'm being pulled in 12 different directions, and unfortunately, none of them are the ones I'm interested in being pulled towards. I'm working towards planning a more toned-down week that focuses on things I am interested in: cooking, baking, keeping my house organized, participating in family … more


BBQ Ribs – Got a few hours?

Summer is gone. The 42 degree motorcycle ride to work this morning made it official for me. It is October, over a month past Labor Day. This year was an especially good Labor Day. We hosted our first (annual according to the neighbors) Ribfest and it was a great success. The idea has been brewing for a while now. Every time we make real BBQ … more

pounding it out

Chicken Cordon Bleu Easy Enough for You

I have been running around frantically for the past week or two with more things to do than i can possibly keep track of. There's been coordinating the book fair, baptisms for itty bitty babies, hospital visits with my sister-in-law and niece, doctor's appointments and, of course, the ever present work that fills my days. Luckily, simple dinners … more

Baby C

The Monday Menu: October 12, 2009

I spent the weekend playing with my camera (that's my 14-day-old niece above), working and getting ready for the book fair at Kiwi's elementary school...in between numerous engagements that kept me out and running around. I'm beginning to consider hiring a personal assistant. Someone who could scrub my dining room floor and do dishes and laundry. … more