Greek Orzo Pasta Salad


If you saw Ole's Greek burger post, you may have been left wondering what kind of summer salad you'd pair that with. (I know you were.) It's not like a regular, ol' creamy coleslaw would do the trick there. And something about putting tzatziki sauce on your burger doesn't scream potato salad. It screams pasta salad, naturally. THIS pasta … more

Burgered Out? Go Greek


Summer is great, picnics, pot lucks and back yard grill outs are plentiful, especially in Minnesota where these types of activities are off limits for six months out of the year.  Unfortunately for us, this situation can lead to busy schedules and multiple engagements per week.  And while we always like to socialize, the traditional fare of … more

The Monday Menu: July 6, 2009


The Fourth of July always marks my favorite time of year in the garden. My lilies are in full bloom and the hydrangeas have come out to play. Plus, all of my new additions are taking off, like this little guy. I will say, however, that the seeds I planted are looking more like weeds. I'm going to give them three more days to impress me before I … more

Food for the Fourth

It's here. The 4th of July happens to mark my favorite point in the summer. My lilies are in full bloom, the hydrangeas just started, balloon flowers are popping. Outside of my garden, marshmallows are roasting, fireworks booming in the sky. We start off our 4th of July at a potluck picnic in the park surrounded by family. We end with … more

Chicken Alfredo Calzones


I used to be afraid of baking bread. It felt like this giant activity that required time and planning. And time. Lots and lots of time. Baking bread is for people with time, and time is something I don't have, I would tell myself. Because, really, I don't. There are things like a job and four kids that take up most of that, and then there's … more

The Monday Menu: June 29, 2009


Another week into summer. I had the feeling today that I'm going to wake up one morning and it will suddenly be over, my flowers done blooming for the season, the apples harvested, the leaves falling off the trees. I've decided I need to be a bit more organized in my daily affairs and responsibilities in order to appreciate the fleeting days of … more

Prosciutto-Rolled Asparagus Bundles


I received an email from my sister a few weeks ago. All it said was: "Yum." And then there was a link. Because I'm trying to get everyone to try asparagus, I knew it was something I'd be making. You don't like asparagus? That's too bad. You don't know what you're missing. My kids eat asparagus. One key thing when you're purchasing … more