Creamy Grilled Artichoke Dip and Green Valley Organics

This dip features grilled artichokes, spring onions and creamy sour cream and cream cheese for a side dish to pair with all your favorite summer meals. This creamy grilled artichoke dip will soon be a summer favorite. We made ours with Green Valley Organics Lactose-Free Sour Cream, and we’re giving some away along with their kefir and yogurt for you to try, too!

It definitely feels like summer, but my kids are still in school. Well, until tomorrow afternoon at least. Why is it that the last week of school, where homework ceases and books remain closed always feels like the busiest time of the year for the parents? Between the final PTA meetings, the kindergarten graduations, the field days and the concerts, the activity level is high, the temperatures start soaring, and this mom is patiently waiting for the summer lull to come and carry me off into lazy weeknight walks and bike rides around the lake.

I’m in full summer swing, even though our schedule has yet to catch up – or slow down, as it were – and we started by inviting my siblings over to enjoy a grilled dinner and night by the (kiddie) pool on the most recent 102-degree day a few nights ago. I look forward to the next one.

We served a summer-worthy starter with our meal in the form of a creamy artichoke dip. Start by grilling your artichokes. While not necessary, it makes them a bit nuttier, and if you’re already eating outside or out there grilling, it’s a natural addition for you to grill the entire kitchen. Right?

While your artichokes are heating up, mix together your cream cheese, sour cream and lemon juice until smooth.

Chop the artichokes into larger chunks and mix in all the other ingredients: artichokes, spring onions, tarragon, salt and pepper.

Serve the dip on toasted bread, toast rounds or with vegetables. My personal favorite are these little bruschetta toasts.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when my Green Valley Organics showed up. When I opened the container with the yogurt, all of my kids were clamoring to try them, and we were not disappointed at all. They were creamy and thick, and they were full of probiotics, lactose-free and made from organic, Certified Humane cow’s milk. Really, I was blown away.

All the products are so smooth and creamy, with not a bit of grit to be found. The kids loved them, and we’ve been enjoying them ever since in pancakes, smoothies, yogurt parfaits and topping off tacos.

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  • Green Valley Organics Sour Cream (not yet in stores!)
  • Green Valley Organics Kefir


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1 10-ounce jar marinated artichokes
1 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup sour cream
1/2 lemon, juiced
3 spring onions, diced
1 tablespoon fresh tarragon, minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Heat grill to 500° F. Slide artichokes onto bamboo skewers and place on hot grill for 2 minutes or so per side, until they start to brown lightly.

Mix together cream cheese, sour cream and lemon juice until smooth. Add in spring onions, tarragon, garlic, salt and pepper. Stir to combine. Remove artichokes from the grill, chop lightly and stir into the dip. Serve with toasted bread, crackers or vegetable sticks.

Makes 6-8 servings.
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  1. Huuum… this is sooo good!!!

  2. This dip has my mouth watering! My whole family loves milk and cheese, but we have been eating more and more plain yogurt with fresh fruit, or in smoothies. Yum!

  3. Wow, that looks good! I’m an all dairy fan 🙂 Milk, cheese, yogurt – love it all.

  4. My favorite ways to eat dairy is cheese, followed by ice cream, followed by butter, than yogurt, etc. I can’t think of a way I don’t like dairy. I will have to try this dip soon.

  5. Um, I like ALL dairy. Cheese is definitely at the top, especially burnt cheese, LOL!

  6. Tweeted!

  7. I’m a fan of FFMF on Facebook!

  8. New fan of Green Valley Organics on Facebook!

  9. We’re huge yogurt fantatics in my house!

  10. Um.. favorite way to enjoy dairy? Is that a trick question? Shouldn’t everyone say some form of ICE CREAM????? 🙂 Vanilla milkshake with Haagen Daz ice cream is my favorite.

  11. I am most definitely someone that loves to dip and this looks exactly what I would love!

  12. My favorite way to eat dairy? Every which way: cheese, yogurt, sour cream, butter, cottage cheese, chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, milk shake, custard, pudding, flan . . .

  13. That dip sounds fabulous, I haven’t had a good artichoke dip in ages! I eat most of my dairy in the form of yogurt with fruit and honey, very simple.

  14. I already follow you on Facebook.

  15. I tweeted the contest!

  16. I couldn’t get over how creamy and smooth their products are. So delicious!

  17. cheese, cheese, cheese. did I answer the question?

  18. I can’t wait to try this dip. I LOVE artichokes. I like all forms of dairy – cheese, sour cream, milk, kefir, yogurt…

  19. Great recipe! I love GVO’s products!

  20. Love this recipe and beautiful photos! My favorite way to eat dairy is whole milk in my coffee!

  21. Yogurt is my most favorite food ever.

  22. I am a fan of Food For My Family on FB.

  23. I am a fan of Green Valley Organics on FB.

  24. My favorite is (unfortunately) ice cream. But a close second is yogurt cheese! YUM 🙂

  25. Cindy B. says:

    My favorite dairy is cheese, I love it on pizzas.

  26. Cindy B. says:

    I followed Food for My Family community on facebook.

  27. Cindy B. says:

    I followed Green Valley Organics community on facebook.

  28. TRish G says:

    my favorite way to have dairy is in my nightly homemade hot chocolate

  29. I like yogurt with granola.

  30. I follow Food For My Family on Facebook.

  31. Oh Shaina. Green Valley Organics needs to hire you full time to make them recipes and photography stuff. AWESOME. You have totally convinced me that I need to run out and buy all the supplies to make this… I think I am actually drooling!

  32. Alone…..child & husband are asleep, tv is on a good show, sitting on the couch eating a Grilled Cheese, tomato sandwich.

  33. Mm this looks so simple and tasty!

    I love dairy in pretty much every form… does that count? I’ve actually never had keifer though!

  34. I love ALL dairy….cheese, milk, sour cream, cream cheese. I can’t get enough.

  35. WHat a great recipe!! Love the grilled twist, I bet it adds a whole other level of flavor!

  36. Shaina, this dip sounds awesome. Love how simple it is to prepare, especially this time of year when we want lower maintenance foods. These Green Valley products sound great…love yogurt the best, but really all dairy.

  37. I follow you on FB & Twitter

  38. I follow GVO on facebook too.

  39. Jessica says:

    Yummm…organic dairy! Does cheesecake count as a way to eat dairy? Because if so, I choose that. If not…I choose heavy cream poured over chunks of chocolate and fresh raspberries as my favorite way to eat dairy:)

  40. Jessica says:

    I also follow gvo on facebook.

  41. Jackie Albright says:

    I love yogurt, followed by cheese, sour cream, ice cream, buttermilk… You name it, I like all dairy!

  42. That dip looks delicious!! My family loves yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, cream cheese-we love dairy!!

  43. Cindy Brown says:

    My favorite dairy is cheese!

  44. Cindy Brown says:

    Liked Food for My Family on Facebook

  45. Yogurt, cheese, and chocolate milk.

  46. Joined food for my family on fb.
    tnxns09 at gmail dot com

  47. joined green valley on fb
    tnxns09 at gmail dot com

  48. Vanessa says:

    I’m 6 mos pregnant and lately cheese has been my main source of dairy. I eat it on everything! vmvazquez83 at yahoo dot com

  49. Roseanne Alonso says:

    We love to eat cheese, ice cream and yogurt.

  50. Roseanne Alonso says:
  51. Roseanne Alonso says:

    Follow you on FB.

  52. Roseanne Alonso says:

    Follow Green Valley on FB.

  53. candy franklin says:

    I love fresh fruit and nuts in my yogurt!

  54. I love my morning protein shakedown fruit and yogurt

  55. I follow food for my family on fb

  56. I follow green valley organics on fb

  57. darlene uncapher says:

    i follow food for my familu

  58. Oh that dip sounds wonderful!

  59. I favorite way to eat dairy is Yogurt!

  60. My favorite way to eat dairy is definitely yogurt. 🙂

  61. That dip looks amazing! I had some of the Green Valley yogurt last summer, and it was wonderful. Truthfully, though, I’m definitely more of a sour cream person. Yum!

  62. Looks like a yummy winner to me!

  63. Man does that ever sound tasty. Not to mention it looks very tasty. So many great flavors!

  64. That is some amazing looking artichoke dip. mmmm.


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