Strawberry Green Tea Pops: Mighty Leaf

A refreshing ice pop recipe that combines your favorite berries (these were strawberry) and green iced tea to form a quintessential summer treat.
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10 Quick and Dirty Summer Facts

  1. Every spring I plant my garden with the greatest of intentions. I plan and plot, and I care for each plant as if they were a small baby. By mid-July I’m tired. I hate having to water the plants, and I often skip days – multiple – in between watering, even when it’s 98º F and 86% humidity *because* it’s 98º F and 86% humidity. Today was one such day.
  2. I made a calendar with the kids, and we put Post-It Notes all over it on summer activities we wanted to do, outlined the summer camp schedules and sporting schedules and the like, and filled in the appointments. We then proceeded to forget about it for a month.
  3. After staring at the summer to-do list and realizing that no matter how hard I try I am just going to fail, I ordered solar print sheets. Perhaps we can cross that one thing off the list. Maybe I should throw away our 12-week-old pizza box we’re saving to make into a solar oven. (Nope, not a chance.)
  4. I am terrible at thank-you cards. I know this seemingly has little to do with summer, except that I really wanted to find a way to thank the people who helped when Magnus split his head open at the playground during Lene’s soccer practice. That was 3 weeks ago. Mm-hmm.
  5. We had to pick up some of our mess to host a barbecue for one of Ole’s side businesses this past weekend. I felt like I was reborn, such was the ecstasy of clean floors and walls. I promptly invited over some other friends to come have dinner before we smeared the walls with mud again.
  6. My house is no longer clean.
  7. I have no fewer than 7 loads of laundry that need to be folded. I’m of the belief the wrinkles in each and every t-shirt and pair of shorts add character to my kids’ ensemble. You are not allowed to tell me otherwise.
  8. I’ve noticed my children have started wearing their swimsuits as underwear. This is potentially due to the fact that they swim daily, but there is a high probability that it’s on account of all the underwear being buried in the pile of wrinkled laundry.
  9. We picked blueberries on Tuesday. This means we’ve picked berries every week for 4 weeks. Judging by the raspberries in the back yard, this will continue to summer’s end. This is the definition of perfection.
  10. I just referenced summer’s end.

Strawberry Green Tea Pops via
Here in Minnesota we spend months waiting for the return of the sun, and when it gets here, it’s come and gone too quickly. Already I feel the pull of autumn just around the corner tugging at the hem of my tank top, and we’re presently placed in the bull’s eye of summer, the thick of it.

It’s easy to get caught up in the go-here-go-there attitude of summer. The minute we are finished with one activity, we’re on to the next, and in between we’re trying desperately to slow the speed of the sun moving across the sky.
Strawberry Green Tea Pops via
We are terrible Americans, consuming far more tea than coffee in this house, especially in the summer when the tea comes cold and served in a frosty glass. This evening the kids finished off one jar after another, and when the pitcher was gone they impatiently watched the color seep into the water. We prefer ours with a slice of citrus or a frozen berry or two, but for freezing, we tend to mix the fruit in liberally.

The slight citrus green tea with Mighty Leaf’s Sunburst Green Iced Tea pairs well with a number of summer berries. We opted for the last of our strawberries, but feel free to mash mulberries, marionberries, blueberries, raspberries, or whatever you may have on hand. Mixed with a bit of honey to sweeten the sauce (adjust according to the berry sweetness) and a few cups of tea, you have all you need to create a cooling summer treat.

3 cups hulled and halved strawberries or other berries
1/2 cup granulated sugar or 1/3 cup honey
3 cups brewed green iced tea

In a medium saucepan over medium-low heat, cook the strawberries and the sugar/honey until the strawberries are boiling, stirring frequently. Using an immersion blender, blend until smooth. Set the pan aside to cool.

Once cool, mix in the green tea, stirring to thoroughly combine. Pour into popsicle molds, insert ends, and freeze until firm, at least four hours.

Once frozen through, unmold and serve immediately or wrap and store in an airtight container in the freezer until ready to eat.

Makes 10 3-ounce frozen pops.
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Strawberry Green Tea Pops and Mighty Leaf Giveaway via
With all the coming and going, it becomes easier to rely on gas station stops and bottled beverages over the summer. Still, instead try pitchers and cups for your picnics, filling them with your own cold brewed tea. (I am all about the cold brew – just add tea bags, stick in the refrigerator, and wait. Mighty Leaf’s 1/2-gallon pouches make it even easier.) In an effort to reduce summer waste while simultaneously being refreshing in the sweltering heat, I’ll select a commenter to receive a Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Brewing Kit that includes:

I’ll choose a commenter at random on Saturday, July 20th at 11:59 p.m. EST to win the Mighty Leaf set (supplied by them).


  1. Wow, these look so good!! You are so lucky to be picking fresh berries. I would kill to be able have some rite of the vine! YUM!

  2. The recipe sounds delicious! I wouldn’t have thought to combine the flavor of strawberry and green tea.

  3. These look great!

  4. So pretty and my very favorite summer flavors! I need a popsicle mold!

  5. We’ve been going through tons of strawberries this summer and these would be perfect for the hot days we’ve been having in Minneosta lately! I love drinking tea – especially iced in the summer, so I’m excited to check out Mighty Leaf now!

  6. Shaina, your list made me laugh out loud. Mine is similar. This giveaway has perfect timing. We’ve been making a lot more iced tea around here since James gave up sweeteners of any kind. He especially likes fruit teas. I’m even starting to come around and enjoy some of them. (I’m such a bad Texan, I’ve never been a fan of iced tea – don’t tell anyone, they might not let me back in!)

  7. Love these. So fresh and vibrant. I *just* put a big jar of cold brewed iced tea in the fridge. Cheers.

  8. I am in love. These look perfect!

  9. These look very refreshing! I also have a recipe for Watermelon pops – only one ingredient. Here’s how you make them:

  10. I love that list, except that last one… I don’t want summer to end!!! I am so in love with making pops this summer. I can’t keep them out of my head! I can’t wait to give these a try, and that tea giveaway is awesome!!

  11. These look wonderful – a treat for me after making so many for my grandsons!

  12. I love all these pops that are popping up!

  13. i want to go berry picking!! these look so refreshing Shaina!

  14. the bright colors of those pops are just gorgeous! I love green tea and need to put these on my list to make!

  15. Beautiful pops, Shaina! Love that you added brewed green iced tea!

  16. These look like the perfect summer treat!

  17. I love the deep color in these! So pretty!

  18. These look so yummy! where did you get your popsicle molds?

  19. Ooohhh, I want to make these with blueberries, delish!!

  20. Gina Guthrie says:

    These look so refreshing and yummy.

  21. Melissa says:

    LOVE the idea of tea in popsicles, just when I thought it couldn’t get more refreshing!

  22. What a refreshing treat. Popsicle molds are on my wish list.

  23. Diane G says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Think I may be trying it out this weekend.

  24. Those pops are gorgeous!!! Fun summer facts, too. I’m curious where you pick blueberries? We always go to Rush River, which is lovely and makes for an awesome road trip, but it’s just a bit far when I want to make a quick trip.

  25. Mary Ross says:

    So cool looking. Trying to make changes in my health…life. Would love to make tea from scratch instead of bottled store bought. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  26. Such a great idea to put green tea in the popsicles! I can’t wait to try this to cool off!

  27. Ok, I’ve just spent the last hour searching through boxes in the garage for my popsicle molds, in PHOENIX! It’s a mere 109 degrees outside, and likely hotter in my garage. BUT, success, I found them. I’m off to Sprouts for strawberries now! Thanks for the recipe!

  28. Katie K says:

    Looks delicious and healthy! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Ashley McRea says:

    This recipe looks delicious! I usually make tea with black tea, but I am going to try green tea too. I usually sweeten with honey, but I want to try fruit too. I am going to google that… It’s hot in North Carolina and humid! Definitely Popsicle weather! Thanks!

  30. Summer’s end! Say it ain’t so! (Confession: I also skip watering days in my garden, and weeding days, and often neglect to plant a second batch of stuff once the spring lettuce and peas are gone. Why bother?)

  31. what a fantastic summer treat! we didn’t get many berries this year:(

  32. These look great! How perfect for a hot summer’s day!

  33. I too drink tea by the gallons in the summer…will have to try Mighty Leaf. 🙂

  34. Hahaha, I nodded along to most of your points, especially the bit about the garden (we decided to skip it this year and just purchase at the farmer’s market) and the laundry. Now pass me a popsicle! It’s hot here in New England…

  35. I’m also from Minnesota and I TOTALLY know what you mean about summer passing too quickly! I wish I could stretch it out just a little longer, though I also appreciate the slow down of activities in Fall.

  36. MichelleH says:

    Those pops look SO good and SO refreshing! I’m going to have to make some pronto.

  37. Jessica says:

    I love those ice pops!

  38. Melisa A. says:

    Thanks for this post – my family will love these! And thanks for sharing your 10 Quick & Dirties… it’s so nice to know there’s another well-meaning, good-intentioned mom out there like me who also find their best plans derailed mid-summer. When our son discovered there are only 5 more weeks til school starts, he said, “Mom, it can’t be – we won’t get through all our stickies before then!” I’m now trying to figure out how to put a summer’s worth of stickies into less than half the time.

  39. Love the simplicity of these popsicles Shaina – beautiful color!

  40. Love these! Sounds so perfect for summer! 🙂

  41. It wouldn’t be summer without homemade popsicles and I can’t wait to try these!

  42. The school supplies are already out in Target, here in Colorado. This is my first summer at home with my daughter (quit work in February), and I had such grand aspirations! And now the school supplies are out, and we haven’t even made the summer list, let alone crossed anything off. But partly because we have been too busy having a great summer to bother with lists . . .

  43. These tea pops look amazing! Perfect for all this heat!

  44. Shannon C. says:

    Green tea in Popsicles… Why didn’t I think of that?!? These look fantastic!

  45. Love your summer fact list, especially number 7 and 8! They sound so much like something in my home 🙂 And these popsicles look gorgeous! I could have never thought of combining strawberries and green tea. Great idea!

  46. I am trying green tea in Popsicles today! What a great idea!

  47. What a great giveaway to enjoy on these hot summer days!

  48. Angela F says:

    These look yum, refreshing and healthy!

  49. My kids have been dying to make popsicles this summer, but I can’t find my molds anywhere. Thanks for the reminder to hit up Amazon for some new ones! Oh, and I’d love to win one of these kits too — that pitcher is SO cute!

  50. Can’t wait to try these popscicles! And I’ve been looking for ideas for brewing iced teas at home so will be trying your method soon. Oh and your list…I can relate all too well 🙂

  51. meredith says:

    Those pops look amazing on a hot day like today!

  52. This is a match made in heaven! I adore green tea in every form, and really want to make these 🙂

  53. I love that tea pitcher!! My daughter is a big fan of iced tea – like me. Those popsicles looks so refreshing 🙂

  54. Would love to win!

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