Gingered Clementine and Pomegranate Shrimp

These gingered clementine and pomegranate shrimp make fantastic appetizers or even a quick lunch. They come together quickly, cook even quicker, and then you’re left with tasty little shrimp covered in a sweet and spicy glaze. What’s not to love?

Last winter I was involved in this fantastic project that was the brainchild of one of my favorite people, Julie of Dinner with Julie. She had gathered a group of food bloggers together to make a cookbook that would benefit Haiti and Blog Aid was born, raising nearly $50K for the people in Haiti. And now, Blog Aid: Recipes for Haiti is up for a Gourmand World Cookbook Award in Paris, as well it should be.

It was in that cookbook that I shared a recipe for pomegranate orange ginger shrimp, a collaboration of Ole’s mind and my own that turned into a delightful appetizer, but there were a few problems. First, I had originally intended the recipe to be made with clementines. When I went to use them, however, I ran into a few problems (like finding them in February) and opted instead for orange juice. Second, I never shared the recipe here. You see, it was nearing the end of the season, and by the time the book was published and the opportunity to write about it came, the season had went.

Several months passed, and now here we are with a new season of pomegranates and clementines just ready to turn into perfectly glazed shrimp for your holiday party.

To get to the pomegranate arils, you’ll need to cut a section of the outer core off, scoring without touching the seeds.

Peel back to reveal the juicy arils…

…and remove from their home.

Collect the juice from the airls by cooking them down and then pressing the mash through a sieve, or just open a bottle of pomegranate juice. Whether you’re using pomegranate seeds or just pouring POM Wonderful juice in there, you’ll need a sauce or sauté pan. Use a sauté pan if you don’t plan on grilling.

To the juice add clementine juice. I get a good amount of juice and pulp, I first peel the clementines, and then press through a juice, keeping the pulp with the juice and adding that to the pan as well. Also in the pot is a bit of garlic, ginger and a dash of salt. It’s all cooked down and reduced to a syrup-like sauce.

Now you have two choices for the shrimp cooking. If you don’t like grilling in the snow, perhaps, you could just make it in the sauté pan, adding the shrimp and cooking for a few minutes on both sides. If you do like grilling in the cold – or the snow – well, then skewer and toss them on an oiled grill.

Then brush liberally with the sauce while they grill and the sauce caramelizes.

Bright and full of flavor, perhaps you’ll find yourself tucked in a room, lit with twinkling colored lights and guests dressed in bad Christmas sweaters sipping on hot cocoa while popping these into your mouth.

Not interested in shrimp but loving the clementine and pomegranate flavor profile? Head over to Food Your Way where I made a quinoa fruit salad with them and stuffed it inside a tiny, little squash.

1/2 pound raw shrimp (you choose the size)
1/2 cup pomegranate juice
3 clementines, halved and juiced with pulp
1 clove garlic
2 teaspoons fresh ginger, minced/grated
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
2 scallions, diced

Mix together pomegranate juice, clementine juice and pulp, garlic, ginger and sea salt in a sauté pan over medium heat until it starts to bubble around the edges. Lower heat slightly and cook until the sauce reduces to a thick syrup. Reserve 2-3 tablespoons of glaze for dipping.

On the Grill: String shrimp onto bamboo skewers (about 5 per skewer with 16/20 count shrimp). Spray grill with nonstick cooking spray and heat to 400° F. Place skewers on the grill and brush with sauce. Cook for about 2 minutes, basting once more at a minute in. Flip shrimp, baste again and cook for another 2 minutes. Shrimp should be a light pink color. Remove from grill. Garnish with scallions and serve with glaze.

On the Range: Increase heat to medium. Add shrimp directly to sauté pan. Cook for 2 minutes. Flip, cook an additional 2 minutes until shrimp have turned a light pink color. Remove from heat. Sprinkle with scallions and serve.

Makes about 5 appetizer-sized portions
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  1. I’m actually puckering imagining these tart flavors. Simple, fresh and seasonal – you nailed this one, Shaina!

  2. Shaina, the photos are so beautiful, I can’t imagine how good the food must be! If I could just find some darn ‘cuties’ to use my coupon from BlogHer Food, I’ll make this in a New York minute.

  3. GORGEOUS! What a great recipe, perfect for right now, yum.

  4. What a beautiful, refreshing dish to balance out all of the heavy fare of the holidays! Splendid indeed!

  5. honestly – the photos make my mouth water! quick and easy as well which is really nice during a season that seems to be moving at full steam ahead!

  6. Not only does this recipe sound amazing….it LOOKS amazing. I love all the photos, probably some of my favorites of yours. Beautiful job, Shaina!

  7. Great flavors for this time of year! Love the photos too!

  8. I love a girl that will still grill in MN in December. These look yummy!

  9. My girls love pomegranates …. and shrimp … I may just have to splurge and make these little jewels for them on New Year’s Eve

  10. Perfect recipe for the holidays. So chic! Would it work with fish? Say cod or tilapia?

  11. What a wonderful recipe!! I have never seen shrimp look so festive and delicious. We always make pasta and fish for Christmas Eve, this will be on the table for sure!

    • Here I found a conscious approach to make idealize presents for my cherishing ones. I am so astonished to be here and to assemble this marvelous article which is quite astounding.

  12. mmmmm… thanks for the idea, I’m excited to try your clementine quinoa salad too.

  13. What a colorful and healthy recipe! This is a really original way to use clementines and pomegranates.

  14. yummy. i would probably have never thrown those flavors onto shrimp, but reading about it and looking through your photos made my mouth water.

  15. Stunning-the dish and the pictures! Love the pairing of pomegrante and clementines.

  16. I want these now! not kidding, overnight them?

  17. The shrimp sound delicious great dish!

  18. Thanks for making this recipe so easy for me to print up and head to the kitchen!!

  19. Thanks for sharing this spectacular recipe with us. That is wonderful news that the Blogaid cookbook was such a huge success. I am so very happy to own a copy 🙂

  20. Looks delicious! What a fun recipe for Valentine’s. I’d love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight

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