Leftovers Redone: My Favorite Turkey Sandwich

We all know the feeling of the post-Thanksgiving hunger. You finally get hungry after the mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, dressing and turkey has had time to digest, and when you look in the fridge? Thanksgiving leftovers. Not what you were hoping for. Sure, a sandwich is always an option, but the thought of limp bread, cold Thanksgiving turkey and a slice of cheese doesn’t really have you clamoring to eat those leftovers either. That’s not going to sustain you after or during your Black Friday shopping trip. You were looking for something more.

This happens to be my favorite cold sandwich. Hands down. It’s #12 on the Jimmy John’s menu. “The Beach.” (Snicker.) My sister bought me this one. It is what every sandwich should be to me: made on a substantial wheat bread, heavy on the vegetables and loaded with avocados.
jimmy johns
It’s time to make one at home with that leftover turkey. Pick a heartier bread, whether it be wheat or white. You’ll need something that’s going to be able to support the mound of fixings you’re going to sandwich in between. Also on the table (counterclockwise from the bread): mayo, an avocado with a bit of lime juice and salt, tomato slices, sprouts, cucumbers, provolone cheese and leftover turkey.
Start the assembly by spreading mayo on both slices of the bread. Then on one slice spread a bit of the avocado, top with a slice of provolone, more avocado and another piece of provolone. Don’t question this. Do not skimp. Just do it. And on the other side place your tomatoes, a layer of cucumbers and the alfalfa spouts. Last, get your Thanksgiving turkey slices in there. I’m missing the lettuce component. We didn’t have any on hand. If I were going to add some, I’d probably go with a romaine. I have no space in my life for iceberg…unless it’s a wedge topped with buttermilk ranch and bacon pieces and…
the build
Then squash the whole thing together.
close up
That’s all you need to turn some of the Thanksgiving turkey into a meal worth eating, one that will get you through the crowds at the mall and keep you going as you decide ever important, life-changing decisions like what color iPod to buy your teenage daughter, whether you go for the wooden train set or the wooden block set for your nephew. Buying the wrong one can mean the difference between the “cool mom” and the “cool aunt” or the out-of-touch one. (I hope we don’t really believe this.) At least your stomach won’t be growling.

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