Quick and Easy Pink Pickled Radishes

Pickle fans will fall over themselves in glee for these pink-hued radish pickles. The recipe take minutes to get in the jar, and then they’re ready for all the things that deserve a pickle.
Quick and Easy Pink Pickled Radishes via FoodforMyFamily.com #recipe

The aluminum on plastic runners squeals crisply, and I hear the screen door rubbing along its track. Wet feet slap the linoleum, echoing through the open room as the hard floor and skin made slick from the pool come in contact with each other. The refrigerator sucks air in on itself followed by the satisfying pop as the seal is broken and the door pulled open.

From across the house I imagine the incandescent light casting its yellow glow across the contents in the tranquil, afternoon sun-lit room. I hear the clinking and clacking of containers being pushed against each other and the bottles in the door jostling as the door swings shut as I approach.

Standing there in her swimsuit, blonde tresses matted into a crown that deems her queen of the backyard pool, my daughter is elbow-deep into the pickle jar. With one arm wrapped around the tall glass jar holding it tight against her lycra-clad body, she’s using the other as pincers, dipping into the briny water and coming up with small deep green cornichons. Pool water and pickle juice puddle at her feet.

Repeat this scene with all the pickles. The tables that line the rows at the farmers market are loaded with produce perfect for pickling: fresh cucumbers, beets, asparagus spears, green beans, and pretty pink radishes, their tips fading to a bright white.
Quick and Easy Pink Pickled Radishes via FoodforMyFamily.com #recipe
There are certain things that are dictated by summer: soft beach towels with bright patterns, fizzy drinks, ribbed tank tops, sunglasses as big as your face, berries warmed by the sun, swimsuit tan lines, and pickles.

Don’t scoff. My kids, who barely touch the pickle container all winter, have gone through multiple jars since the weather turned. Apparently Vitamin D absorption and pickle consumption are highly correlated.
Quick and Easy Pink Pickled Radishes via FoodforMyFamily.com #recipe
These are best within the first five days of making them. They start to lose some of their crispness and crunch after that. I make them a bunch at a time, knowing that we can consume them all in one sitting. The pickling takes away a bit of the peppery bite of the radish and turns it into a natural spice for the vinegar and honey base of this pickle. Though, this variety, which go by the French breakfast radish moniker, have less bite than some varieties to begin with.

Simple and unassuming, these pink pickles can be added to sandwiches, tossed on top of eggs and salads and crackers, stirred into rice dishes, or tucked into spring rolls, or just eaten directly out of the jar. Let me know how you end up using these bright bites of summer.
Quick and Easy Pink Pickled Radishes via FoodforMyFamily.com #recipe

1 bunch radishes, about 1 pound
1 cup vinegar (apple cider, rice wine, champagne, red wine)
1/2 cup cold water
1-2 tablespoons honey or granulated sugar
2 teaspoons sea salt
1 clove garlic, sliced

Thinly slice the radish bulbs (or julienne or quarter depending on preference) and place them in a jar. In a small saucepan combine the vinegar, cold water, honey/sugar, sea salt, and the garlic. Stir to combine, bring to a boil, and then remove from the heat.

Pour the vinegar mix into the jar. Place the lid on the jar. Allow the radishes to sit until cool. Refrigerate until ready to use, up to 10 days.

Makes 2 cups pickled radishes
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  1. I’ve never tried pickled radishes but they look delicious! I’m going to try these out!

  2. I am all over these!! They sound so different, but still delicious! Plus, I love pickles!

  3. I’ve never heard of pickled radishes but I think I need to try them!! gorgeous photos Shaina!!

  4. great idea! I am a huge radish fan!

  5. I love pickles SO MUCH. I want to pickle everything! These radishes look lovely, and I absolutely love the intro with your daughter stealing pickles, too cute (and well written!)

  6. What a perfect spicy treat, love it!

  7. I will try these. How do you pickle beets – or is that not as easy?

    • Pickled beets are made in much the same way; however, you need to cook the beets and peel them first, which adds a bit of time to the preparation.

  8. I need to get to pickling and soon!

  9. Yum! I have never had pickled radishes, but I’m going to fix that this week!

  10. I will be grabbing some radishes from the farmers market and trying these, they look great!

  11. Love this Shaina! I have to say I’m not a big radish fan so I’m always looking for good recipes to use them (I get lots in my CSA box). Been making lots of quick pickles this summer and adding this to my list!

  12. I love pickled anything!! These look great! 🙂

  13. I love radishes! This is a great way to use them.

  14. Great idea…. Can’t wait to use these to garnish so many dishes!

  15. I love radishes but have never had them pickled! They are beautiful!

  16. I’ve pickled all kinds of things over the years, but never radishes. I wish I had known about this recipe a few weeks ago when I finally pulled up and discarded all the radishes we couldn’t use from the garden 🙂 Most definitely on my to-do list.

  17. I’ve never had them, but they look and sound delicious! Thanks so much for sharing, Shaina. xo

  18. I love the way you write…it’s so evocative and beautiful. And the radishes look so pretty! What a great hue. I will have to pick some up at the farmers market tomorrow. Thank you for sharing!

  19. I’ve had this post open for days because I wanted to tell you how much I love pickled radishes and I was just so happy to see them here. Looks lovely!

  20. I can think of a zillion ways to eat these beauties, but I’m thinking in my swimsuit with my arm deep in the jar sounds about the most perfect!

  21. yeah, these sound like the most delicious thing for summer! I’m a new fan of radishes. I’ve been buying bunches at the farmer’s market weekly. I’ve been eating them raw like carrots, but I’m going to save the next batch for these! Thank you 🙂

    Lovely story, by the way. I too think that the sound of the refrigerator door opening is music.

  22. I need to try doing this for real. I haven’t always loved radishes, but lately they’ve been my favorite!

  23. Reminds me of having picked carrots when I was young. We didn’t use any sugar though. Pretty much just vinegar and spices. Super zingy!!!

  24. love pickled radishes!

  25. Made these, loved them. Never been a big raw radish fan but my 2 year old wanted to try them. She didn’t like them raw either, but we devoured them pickled. Thanks for helping us learn to love a new veg!

  26. YUMMY! I made these last night with the first crop of the season. A half pound of radishes have been preserved for a good cause, and rather than rotting in my fridge (cause I don’t really like them) they are prettily peeking out on my refrigerator shelf to be sprinkled on salad, rice, sandwiches, beans… Thanks for sharing this simple, delicious brine recipe

    And, oh, yeah. So getting used on other veggies.

  27. melissa schneider says:

    thanks for the blog inspiration! they turned out fantastic – the whole family loves!


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