Slider Craze: Tiny Burgers for Tiny Hands

It seems as though everyone has jumped on the mini burger bandwagon as of late. Sit down and fast food establishments alike have been serving up these pint-sized patties for their guests of all sizes. It’s time for you too to embrace the three-bite burger.

When Kiwi was five years old she hated burgers. Burger night was met with tears and cries about the evils of grilled meat patties squished between two toasted buns. While I don’t care that she prefers steak to hot dogs and sushi to fish sticks – it actually makes me proud – I felt that a burger was really an essential food for her to conquer. For my sanity, if nothing else. Enter the mini burger.
big and small

These 1/6th-pound patties accommodate small mouths like those of my children, even though the middle two do not seem to share their older sister’s aversion to the full-sized variety.
kumquat looking on

You also benefit from a shorter cooking time. Be careful not to overcook your burgers and please – PLEASE – never press the patty down. Say goodbye to flavor and juice and hello to dry, lifeless lumps of meat.

Their small size does make them perfect for small mouths, but it can also be beneficial for indecisive mouths, the ones that can’t decide when given the choice between a bacon and blue cheese burger, a mushroom and Swiss or a California with mayo, tomatoes and lettuce. Why not one of each? This particular burger is a California style topped of with refrigerator pickles.
burger shot

Little and big mouths approve equally.
kola nut bite

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