Stuffed French Toast with Gingerbread Praline Sauce: A Christmas Breakfast

A warm and spiced breakfast just waiting to awaken your senses Christmas morning, with you surrounded by family and a plate piled high with cardamom cream stuffed French toast swimming in gingerbread praline sauce. The gifts already sit under the tree, wrapped and calling to the kids. Only the stockings have yet to be filled. […]

The Secret to Perfect Scrambled Eggs

My quest for the perfect eggs started in sixth grade. I had compared my mom’s and my grandma’s scrambled eggs and the scrambled eggs of my childhood friends parents, and there was something definitely different about my grandma’s. They weren’t spongy. They were fluffy. They didn’t lack flavor. They were yellow clouds of morning bliss. […]

Blueberry Pecan Pancakes to Get You Through to Friday

It’s Wednesday, and I’m having a hard time grasping the concept that I have two full days of work ahead of me before the weekend. Two. Full. Days. Granted, I work from this very seat I’m sitting in now and much of it is done before I shower or change out of my pajamas. With […]

French Toast Bake: Make Me Now.

Three years ago I went to a bridal shower for my cousin. There was a French toast bake there. It was fantastic. This is not that recipe. It only prompted me to search online for something similar. After looking over a few, I came up with this. While most breakfast bakes call for cream or […]