The Monday Menu: August 24, 2009

We visited the farmer’s market today. I have a special place in my heart for the farmer’s market. I could wander and people watch for hours if I was allowed to. As it is, I walk quickly and deliberately to my favorite vendors, stopping to browse at very few because Ole is sitting in the […]

The Monday Menu: August 17, 2009

My mom gave me this hibiscus tree for mother’s day this year. It sat in my dining room, sad, unloved in its original pot. I spent hours trying to find the pot I wanted at random stores. Then I found a ceramic version that was close to what I was looking for; however, ceramic wasn’t […]

The Monday Menu: August 10, 2009

I did it.  I survived last week.  Just barely, but I made it. I have a less hectic schedule this week, a moment or two to relax and maybe do something for me, like take a photography class (Wednesday), and we may even squeeze a few things in there like an appointment with a plastic […]

The Monday Menu: August 3, 2009

At the urging of our friends, we made a last-minute decision to see if we couldn’t get everything to line up just right so that we could change our wedding RSVP from a “no” back to a “yes.” The catch, of course, was that it required a bit of shuffling and bribing and Houdini-style skills […]

The Monday Menu: July 27, 2009

I would like to go back to Friday and do this weekend over again. It was far too short. I did, however, manage to get some work done, the grocery shopping completed and keep my house relatively clean. I also attended a baby shower and filled out the paperwork for our new car (new to […]

The Monday Menu: July 20, 2009

In the car again, on the way back from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Our trip started cold and rainy, but the weather turned around for the last 36 hours. The clouds left and we were able to see the sun set over the lakes and then rise the next morning over the palisade on […]

The Monday Menu: July 13, 2009

We are leaving early Thursday morning for our family vacation up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. I’ve been going there since I was Kiwi’s age, and I love being able to bring my kids and watching them experience everything. When I was little, we stayed in a small cabin out in the woods with […]