7 Ways to Save Money On Your Next Grocery Trip: Deal Seeking Mom Guest Post


Earlier this week, I wrote a guest post for Tara at Deal Seeking Mom about how to save money the next time you visit the grocery store. I came up with seven of my favorite tips.

1. Browse the weekly ads online before you go to the store
2. Combine online printable and clipped coupons with specials
3. Make a meal plan
4. Avoid impulse buying
5. Buy in bulk whenever possible
6. Shop at multiple stores
7. Talk to the supermarket employees

You can read the full post HERE.

Tara’s readers had some great suggestions on further ways to stretch your dollar on groceries, and I wanted to make sure everyone benefited from those suggestions because they were wonderful!

Bill McCollam suggested not shopping while you’re hungry, which is definitely a good idea. This can cut down significantly on your impulse buying. I know that I am personally less likely to grab – oh, I don’t know – a piece of tiramisu from the bakery that just got price cut and is calling my name if I have just eaten or it’s nowhere near a mealtime. If you can’t avoid it, consider grabbing a granola bar before you head out the door to calm your grumbling stomach and curb your cravings.

Frugal living from BankFiesta shared their way of saving money by shopping every other week instead of every week. This can help save money because you’re less likely to waste what you have in the house if you aren’t buying new food to stick in front of it on the shelf or in the fridge. Frugal also shared that it helps because you end up buying in bulk, which is generally cheaper on the whole.

Finally, Toni has done some grocery shopping investigation and found that her Meijer will accept competitor’s prices. Knowing this, she only has to shop at one store to get all the best deals. This is a great tip! If one of the supermarkets in your area is willing to accept competitor’s pricing, all you have to do is show up armed with the ads and your coupons.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my guest post this week at Deal Seeking Mom! The encouragement was fabulous and appreciated. And thank you, Tara, for having me! You are amazing!

photo by The Consumerist


  1. Thanks for guest posting, Shaina! It was a huge help while I was gone, so I truly appreciate it. You’ve got a great start here. I can’t wait to see where it takes you!

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