Did You See?


I just wanted to thank Jessica Chapman at the City Pages for her write-up about my blog. For those of you that had a hand in making that happen (you know who you are), you are incredible. Did you see she called me personable AND useful? I don’t know that anyone has ever called me personable before, but it ain’t for lack of trying. I’ll admit I blushed from the sheer excitement of it all.

It also made me think of what I’ve accomplished here since I launched in March. I’d have to say things are going well. I have a lot of growing and tweaking still to do, but I’m generally happy with the life of my blog.

However, there are a few cobwebs I’m not fond of. So, I got out the broom, and I’m cleaning up.

My first post was out of necessity. I needed to get recipes up in short order. So, I did. Hello, Chunky, Chewy Carrot Cake. Lovely recipe, not so great a post. It was lacking in the photo department. It is no longer lacking. Go look at it. Do it. I added a lovely set of pictures when I made this a few weeks ago. Just for you. Yes, you. I’m a giver. You’re welcome.

Seriously, thanks for being here. You make it worth it.

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