Eat Well, Spend Less: Hearty Breakfasts for Cold Mornings

This month in the Eat Well, Spend Less series we’re moving into fall with ideas to keep you fed and frugal all winter long. We’ll start with hearty breakfasts to keep you warm on those cold mornings.

The return of cold weather means many things. Jackets will no longer be optional as my kids run out to catch the bus each morning. Gloves will be worn to warm fingers rather than to keep dirt from the garden from settling in under our nails. Likewise, there are changes happening in our meals as well.

As most parents, I know that breakfast is an important meal to get my kids going on their day, jump-starting their minds and bodies before they get to school or head off to a sports practice or game on the weekends, and when the air is cold and frigid, it doesn’t hurt to start staying warm from the inside out.

Oats and Groats

Oats and grains are a great way to get some substance in your and start your day off to a good start. Consider buying them from bulk bins rather than smaller packaged containers, as you can often find good prices on bulk food items.

:: Irish Oat Pancakes with Lemon Curd
:: Overnight Apple Pie Oats
:: Energy Bars

The Incredible Egg

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein, and they are also a rather frugal option. Even if you go for expensive farm fresh, organic eggs, if you can find them for around $4 a dozen, that’s only $0.33 per egg.

:: Breakfast Casserole
:: Baked Green Eggs and Ham Crêpes
:: Egg and Avocado Breakfast Sandwich
:: Spinach & Dubliner Cheese Egg Cups

Pancakes Make the Muffin Go Round

Making pancakes and muffins from scratch isn’t as hard as it sounds, and scratch are not only better for you, but cheaper as well. We often mix up the dry ingredients ahead of time and just measure and add the liquids. A bit of butter in a hot skillet and breakfast is ready in minutes. Get creative with your toppings and mix-ins, and you’ll have a hearty breakfast that everyone can agree on in no time.

:: Baked Apple Puff Pancake
:: The Best Muffins Ever
:: Pumpkin Pancakes with Cinnamon Syrup
:: Pumpkin Pie Coffee Cake with Pecan Crumble
:: Fruity Pancakes

Fruit and Yogurt (or not) Pairings

Seasonal fruits can be delicious, too, even when mourning summer berries. Try a green smoothie with apples and pears or even a squash smoothie. Baked fruit is great for those really cold days, and topping it off with yogurt and nuts makes for a complete breakfast that can bake while you’re showering or getting ready for the day.

:: Green Machine Smoothies
:: Kale and Frozen Blueberry Smoothies
:: Pumpkin Smoothies
:: Maple Vanilla Roasted Pear Parfaits
:: Maple and Cardamom Spiced Pears with Pecans
:: Citrus & Pomegranate with Vanilla Syrup

On-the-Go Eats

Sometimes (read: often) it’s necessary to make breakfast a portable affair. For those busy mornings when you have places to be, people to see or just for your everyday sort of hectic, having options that are ready in minutes or even seconds can save you from the drive-thru blues. Granola bars, made-ahead breads and quick and easy recipes all fall into this category.

:: Quick and Easy Egg Muffin Sandwiches
:: Cashew Brioche with Muscadine Preserves
:: Homemade Granola Bars

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