Eat Well, Spend Less this Thanksgiving

A look at this month’s Eat Well, Spend Less series on Thanksgiving food and entertaining.Keep the focus on family and being thankful this week.

Holiday meals and entertaining can be expensive, and when you’re supposed to be giving thanks for all that you have, the last thing you should be worrying and fretting over is the cost of sharing a meal with your loved ones. Here are a few helpful tips to consider in the next few days to keep the food on your table wholesome, amazing and budget-friendly and to stay thankful for the things that are important this Thanksgiving.

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Foods

Tammy covers the basics of what can be done ahead of time and saved to keep the stress off on Thanksgiving Day. Her tips can keep you level-headed on Turkey Day.

Allergen-Free Thanksgiving Dishes

If you or a loved one have an allergy, don’t fret. Mandi has your favorite Thanksgiving dishes in allergy-friendly form, as well as do-ahead tips.

Frugal Holiday Desserts

Thanksgiving dessert can be spendy, but if you plan to bake from scratch and use seasonal produce, you’ll end up with a dessert that wows mouths, not wallets.

Organic versus Processed

Katie takes a look at the organic versus processed debate and oftentimes battle that can happen when different members of the family feel differently about the food you eat. Do you push the envelope and make holiday meals a political statement, or do you accept differences and just show up to eat?

One Turkey, Four Meals

Especially helpful if you intend to snag a turkey special immediately after Thanksgiving, Aimee will show you how to stretch just one turkey into four separate and completely different meals.

Leftover Turkey Recipes

Where there is a giant turkey, there will usually be leftovers. Katie looks at the multitude of uses for the leftovers and how you can make sure you’re putting every last bit of it to good use.

A Budget-Friendly Feast

Jessica shows us how to prioritize our Thanksgiving dinner so that we’re allocating funds to the things that are most important. Her tips are wise and reflective of the season.

Elegant Table Settings

Carrie has your table settings covered, from napkins to decorations, she’ll help your table feel like a true Thanksgiving celebration without breaking the bank.

10 Turkey Leftovers

Amy’s turkey leftover meals will make sure you don’t get bored eating leftover turkey for the week following Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Thank you so much for being here and sharing this space with me. I am truly thankful for you.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Great post and ideas for spending less and still eating incredibly well. That is half the battle, especially as we approach the holidays. Btw, some great looking food here. Love visiting.

  2. This food looks incredible. I am searching for what I am going to make an bring to the family dinner. So great ideas thanks.Happy Thanksgiving 😉

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Shaina.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips on saving money but still having a wonderful dinner with our loved ones.

  4. I’m craving to all this food even the dessert i want to try it..Happy Thanks giving to your family..

  5. These sound great. I’ve also got one to toss into the inexpensive ring: pumpkin muffins as a breakfast treat this weekend. Other than a can of pumpkin, which will likely be on sale now, it’s all pantry stuff. Thanks again and happy holidays!

  6. Great tips – I cannot agree more, especially with the baking from scratch part (and it’s so much more fun that way too 🙂 ). And love the photos! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. This is a great post. The foods look so delicious. Thanks for sharing this useful tips how to spend less money and still enjoying a great food. I will definitely try this ideas. Happy holidays!!!

  8. My thanksgiving was a success. I am planning to surprise them again next year and your money saving recipes would definitely get the job done. They all look delicious, my guest would really be impressed with something satisfying yet really cost efficient.

  9. We smoked out turkey this year and it came out sensational… Just finishing up the leftovers now. I am filing the leftover recipes safely away for next year. I want to try the Sweet and Spicy Turkey Curry Soup and I’ll be certain to make turkey soup stock next time, can’t believe I did not think of that before. Thanks for the great ideas.

  10. Love the tips for meals made with leftover turkey. It’s easy to get in the habit of turkey sandwiches!

  11. They all look delicious, my guest would really be impressed with something satisfying yet really cost efficient.Belated happy thanks giving hope you enjoy it!

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