Eat Well, Spend Less: Week 2 Wrap-Up

This past week was all about frugal meals in the Eat Well Spend Less series, and I was so excited to see everyone’s contributions. There were such great ideas, from pantry meals to budget-friendly ingredients, this group showed they know how to cook on a dime.

I showed you a week’s worth of meals here at Chez Olmanson, sharing how all the meals fit together and breaking down our budget into four sections: produce, meat, dairy and eggs and whole grains and other staples like beans. It’s prudent to point out that this budget includes only food items. Were we to add up all the personal care items that we tend to purchase on some of these same trips, the number would go up.

Lentil Shepherd’s Pie and More Frugal Meals

Aimee’s post on Simple Bites shared five frugal meals including black bean burgers, crustless quiche, chocolate chip chili, seasonal vegetable soup and a recipe for lentil shepherd’s pie with a sweet potato mash topping. These meals are fantastic for cheap solutions to family dinners without sacrificing taste. She definitely showed you can eat well on a budget.

A Young Bride’s Shift to Eating Well for Less

Alyssa shared on Keeping the Kingdom First how she transformed from relying on processed food options as a newlywed to buying raw milk and grass-fed meat. She shares her must-have pantry list and some tips on making meat and vegetables stretch for less and her top five budget-friendly meals.

Pantry Meals to Keep the Budget on Track

Katie from GoodLife Eats shows us just how easy it is to come up with something spectacular from the confines of the pantry. From crepes and pancakes to pasta and frittatas, she has a list of pantry meals for every occasion, including desserts to impress last-minute guests.

Save Time. Save Money. Save Your Sanity.

Jessica tackles the subject of meal planning this week, sharing how it can not only help in the pocketbook, but also in stress management. Her five meals include options on how to use leftovers and make the meals stretch even farther.

Choosing Which Items to Purchase and Which to Make from Scratch

Katie details her choice to make as much from scratch as possible over at Kitchen Stewardship this week. Then she takes five of her favorite budget items and breaks it down by price: from scratch versus store-bought. Taking it a step further, Katie shares the five areas she chooses not to opt for the cheaper option and why. It’s a great lesson in how to save money in one area so that you have that to spend in another.

Five Frugal Ingredients to Make Your Budget Stretch

Tammy’s list of five ingredients that won’t have you emptying your pockets includes pretty inclusive lists on how to then use those ingredients in many, many meals. Be sure to watch her video tutorial on making your own kefir. It’s a great way to make those dollars stretch.

Budget-Friendly Meals for Everyone

Mandi’s meals are quick and easy, not to mention delicious. The cheeseburger baked potatoes caught my eye immediately, as a way to turn twice-baked potatoes into a full, satisfying meal just by adding the protein component. Also, she has a recipe for Dutch puff on the list, and I am a total sucker for Dutch puffs, having grown up eating them regularly.

Five Frugal Meals

Carrie shares her favorite frugal meals on Denver Bargains this week. I was so excited to see gumbo on her list, as it’s one I hadn’t specifically considered before, but it is hearty, filling and can definitely be done on a budget. Read her tips on how to substitute ingredients and add that special touch to the meals.

Thanks so much for reading along with us on Week 2 in the Eat Well, Spend Less series. This coming week we’ll take a look at where we shop, where to save money and where not to cut corners. I hope you’ll join us!

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