Ginger and Coconut Oil Sugar Body Scrub

How to take a few things from around the kitchen and turn them into a ginger-infused coconut oil sugar scrub for body and face.
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Today’s post is not about food that you eat. It is, however, about things you normally find in your kitchen like oils and ginger and sugar and kosher salt. While you could technically eat what we are going to make today, I’m suggesting that you feed it to your skin instead.

My mom is a lotion fanatic. She has a giant bottle that she is constantly using at home on her hands, her arms, legs, face, wherever. I’m sure part of this stems from being a nurse, where washing your hands so many times a day leads to dryness, which leads to an increase need for lotion. That or she just really likes soft skin.

You would think that as her oldest offspring, I may have picked up those same lotion usage habits. Instead, I have avoided lotion and anything with moisturizing qualities my entire life like the plague. Rather than have soothing properties, it has irritated my skin, dried my skin out more creating a dependence on using more lotion, or caused my skin to break out.

Water. Water was surely the answer, to stay hydrated. This works, but my skin has essentially been starved of any other form of nutrition, and I figured it was high time I grew up and started taking better care of it. I am, after all, no longer a stubborn teenager, and I should adopt some normal habits outside of eating, which took me a while to adopt anyway. Plus, it’s important to take care of the largest organ in your body, right?

It made sense for me to seek out all-natural ingredients when thinking about skincare, especially considering my history with products, and so, I’ve been mixing up a few things and looking for ways to go all natural in what I put on my skin, as well as with what I put in my body. On Babble I shared how to use olive oil as a face wash, and then I looked at using coconut oil for more than just cooking. If we’re being honest, I also make my own deodorant because I avoid the aluminum in anti-antiperspirants and it’s becoming harder and harder to find good deodorant-only options. (This is something my mom did manage to pass on to me.)

This isn’t a lotion, but it does have a moisturizing quality, and it keeps my skin feeling soft without a lot else going on. If I do need more moisturizing, I tend to turn to a tub of pure shea butter for that, though I’ve been eying Susan’s body butter for a while now.

Making Your Own Sugar Scrub:

  • Use this to exfoliate every other week or so in the winter on your face as a way to rejuvenate the skin and shed dead skin cells. It’s like a homemade facial.
  • Why ginger? Ginger is great for sensitive skin, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent to decrease redness and help with skin disorders. It also works to energize skin, making your skin tighter and more youthful, and I’ve heard it’s been used on other problem areas, too.
  • The coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so this will be a bit thicker when mixed with the other oil, which I appreciate. It’s soft enough to scoop out, but it’s not runny. You could always use all cold-pressed oils if you want a thinner scrub consistency.
  • It may seem counter-intuitive, but oil will not cause your face to be greasy. On the contrary, healthy oils will dissolve the dirty oils that collect on your face, leaving you with clean, clear and moisturized skin naturally.
  • Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and a jar of this would make a wonderful gift to the special people in your life. We can all use a little bit of pampering every now and then.
1/4 cup coconut oil
1 tablespoon ginger, coarsely chopped
1/4 cup cold-pressed oil (tea seed, jojoba, sunflower, or almond oil)
3/4 cup granulated or turbinado sugar
1/4 cup kosher salt
1-4 drops essential oil (I used lemongrass)

In a small saucepan over low heat heat the coconut oil and ginger pieces. Continue heating for 5-10 minutes until ginger scent and juice has transferred into the oil. Remove from heat and press through a fine mesh sieve or through a coffee filter.

While the oil is still warm, mix together with cold-pressed oil. Stir to combine and allow to come to room temperature. Stir in sugar and salt. Scent with essential oils as desired. Pack into a container.

To Use: Massage into damp skin and allow to sit 2-4 minutes. Using a washcloth covered in warm water, steam over face or stand in a steamy shower for a minute. Using the wet washcloth, wipe excess from skin. Rinse and repeat until oil is washed away.

Makes approximately 8 ounces sugar body scrub.
Copyright © Food for My Family.


  1. oooh, this sounds like it must smell absolutely fantastic!

    • Ginger is one of my favorite smells. I could sleep with a big knob of it under my pillow and dream happy dreams all night long, I’m sure.

      • Hi loved your recepie
        Just wanted to ask
        1) instead of fresh chopped ginger can I use ginger essential oils? How much
        2)What’s the shelf life of v use fresh ginger

  2. I can’t wait to make this, thanks for the recipe Shaina!

  3. This looks absolutely luxurious, Shaina. I love it! I never adopted beauty rituals either.. this sugar scrub would be a pretty good way to start.

  4. This looks lovely, Shaina! I have pretty sensitive skin, so I will definitely give this a try!

  5. I love a good sugar scrub. Just one word of warning… if your house is prone to ants, especially in the spring and summer, keep your sugar scrub up high and rinse out your tub or sink well after using it! A friend of mine walked into a shower full of ants one day, all there to love on her sugar scrub!

  6. Thanks for this great recipe Shaina. I have one question though…would it be ok to use coconut oil based scrub on oily/combination skin? Thanks – V.

    • I haven’t had an issue using on my combination skin, but I don’t use it on a daily basis. It replaces the dirty oil on your face rather than adding to them. If you are worried about it, you could always cleanse your skin as you normally would after using the scrub first.

    • Coconut oil is awesome for oily skin! I’m a skin care therapist, and recommend it to my clients. I’ve found olive, castor and coconut oils to be best, but you should play around with the percentages to find what works for you 🙂

  7. Oh this sounds awesome!!! I definitely want to make this and give it away as gifts!! What a great Valentine’s Day gift to girlfriends too!!

  8. This sounds like something I could eat with a spoon – and although Kristen’s comment is freaking me out a little, I’ll be sure to keep my jar tightly sealed!

  9. so pretty! Love this

  10. Shaina, I never make my own skin care but you have made it very obvious to me that I should. Beautiful + smart 🙂

  11. I love coconut oil for hydrating my skin and I even use it in my hair!

  12. I bet this is AMAZING Shaina!! I’m going to have to try a batch!

  13. I would love to be more creative and patient to actually do something like this!

  14. I bet the lemongrass smells heavenly.
    Would you mind sharing your deodorant recipe? I’ve been experimenting with different natural ones, baking soda/cornstarch, etc., so I’d be curious what you use and like. Thanks!

    • Of course, Anna! I’ll email it to you, but I’ll also plan on sharing it in a post.

    • I use Milk of Magnesia (unflavored, store brand) poured into a small squirt bottle and spray on my underarms daily. This worked better than coconut oil recipe I’ve tried in the past.

  15. You’re going to send me a jar of this when the baby’s born, right? Sounds like the perfect cure for the post-partum blues. =)

  16. I love sugar scrubs, and I bet this one smells heavenly!

  17. It seems to be great, the smell of ginger is one of my favorites, and since I have super sensitive skin, I will try, thanks for the recipe.

  18. I can’t wait to try this!

  19. I love the combination of coconut and ginger – this sounds amazing!

  20. Oh my! I can’t wait to try this…sounds lovely 😀

  21. Made and tried this on my face and body today — LOVE it! My face was so soft and smooth afterwards. I was a bit hesitant to try something different on my face, as I have fairly sensitive skin, but it was just fine. Thanks!

  22. This looks amazing!! Can’t wait to try it!

  23. well this is extraordinary I am gonna try this…:)

  24. What kind and size of jar did you use? It is beautiful! I just ordered some almond oil to add to my coconut oil, so I should be able to make this sometime this week… my body can’t wait 🙂

  25. I tried to make my own at one time, and it was runny and ucky. This sounds wonderful. Set the jar in a plate of water and you won’t get ants!

  26. Could hemp oil be used as the other oil? I have it on hand and would like to try this.

  27. I’m wondering if I could use EVOO as the other oil? It’s something I have on hand and I am already using it in my OCM blend.

    Since starting the OCM I’ve been wanting to make my own scrub to use once or twice a week. Your “recipe” looks very easy and doable! Oh, and any recommendations on other essential oils that would be good with the ginger? At home I already have lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree.


    • EVOO works as a carrier oil. For this I’d probably go with the eucalyptus essential oil. I love tea tree oil, but I think it would overpower the ginger here.

  28. Does this go bad? Should it be refrigerated? I worked at a spa and we mixed our own sugar/salt scrubs on an as needed basis and used them immediately, so they never got a chance to go bad. Just curious.

    • I keep it in the cabinet in my bathroom in the winter. That said, my house is rather cold. In the summer when it’s more humid and the air isn’t as dry it goes in the refrigerator. I generally use mine within a month of making it.

  29. Sounds wonderful! I’d like to know how to make your homemade deodorant.

    • Pamela Stallworth says:

      krista, I saw this on frugally sustainable website for deoderant. 1 tablespoon of organic corn starch, 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. You can use some beeswax with it if you want it to be like storebought and use an old container. I have not used beeswax. I put mine in a ceramic container so I can use my Young Living Essential Oils in it. I use Lavender. I just dip my finger and get a little every day. If that is a problem, use the bees wax melted and mix. This works wonderful and no chemicals. Also my persnikity daughter uses it.

  30. definitely making this for my mum… she’ll just love this

  31. Valeria Waage says:

    I love all of the products I have tried from the Skin Gym.It is so hard to choose which one I like the best, I know that this time of year (winter)my face can’t get enough moisture and would always feels dry Virginia said to try the avocado and geranium daily moisturizer.It is by far the best I have tried and doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy,and lasts all day.Thanks Virginia

  32. can you use the jarred minced ginger & not press it through a sieve? i have ginger people’s organic minced ginger & it’s so fine it’s practically a puree.

    • I think that would work fine. My only reason for removing the pieces of ginger was so that they wouldn’t be susceptible to deteriorating as the jar sat. I keep mine around for a month, but refrigerate only in the summer. I may refrigerate it regardless if it included a ginger paste just to be on the safe side.

  33. I love all the products. It’s interesting maybe our skin help to maintain fresh and stay young. I feel lucky to know that Ginger and Coconut oil is use to scrub our body.

  34. This sounds great. I really want to try making this, I bet it smells amazing!

  35. thanks for the recipe – I made this and it was fabulous – for the first couple of days – then the sugar/salt dissolved in the oils and within a couple of weeks I had a gloopy mess. I am wondering if anyone else had this issue?

    • I haven’t had this issue, Louize. I have a few ideas on why this would happen, so I’ll explain how I care for my jar once it’s made and I’m using it.

      First, I do keep my jar outside of the shower. The condensation and spray from the shower would get into the jar otherwise. Plus, it’s hot in there, hotter even than outside the shower. I have a small ledge on the sink right outside my shower where my jar sits. I also have a fan in the bathroom that kills some of the moisture when my family members are bathing as well.

      I’m thinking if it’s excessively humid and warm either from the shower or just in the house during the summer, you could experience the sugar and salt dissolving. To remedy this, I would suggest placing a lid on the jar and storing in a cool, dry place. I’m lucky that my bathroom tends to be a cool, dry place naturally.

      I’m so glad to hear you liked this. Hopefully making a few changes to storage will help preserve it longer for you. I use mine nearly daily (it’s my primary face wash), but they tend to last several weeks without having the dissolving issues you described.

      • Many thanks for taking the time to reply at such length.
        It is good to know your scrub lasts for longer than a few days, I won’t give up hope and will try making another batch, taking into consideration your suggestions.

  36. Hi, I made a huge batch of this a few months ago and the Sunflower oil’s smell overpowered everything! I’m going to try again….is there a certain brand of oil I should be looking for? Thanks!

    • Your cold-pressed oil will carry a scent. I’d try a tea seed, jojoba, or almond if you didn’t like the sunflower. I personally use almond or jojoba in my mix, though I have used tea seed in the past and liked that as well.

  37. Stephanie says:

    where can I get coconut oil?

  38. I am planning on making this body scrub for my Mum’s Christmas present….can i use any other type of salt as im not sure where i am going to buy Kosher salt in the UK?

  39. Hi! I’m wondering if I can substitute ground ginger for the chopped ginger. Will it still turn out? I can’t wait to try this recipe! I’m planning on making several jars for Christmas gifts!=)

  40. Hi! I’m wondering if I can substitute ground ginger for the chopped ginger? Will it still turn out? I can’t wait to try this recipe! I’m planning on making several jars for Christmas gifts!=)

  41. Thank you for sharing! I just bought little mason jars today and making this scrub for all the girls at work. Excited to put it all together this week!

  42. Would you be able to use regular canola oil? I am not sure if it is cold pressed.

  43. Thanks for the recipe! I made 4 batches and they turned out great! Christmas gifts for all my friends!

  44. Is this scrub perishable like sugar shrubs?

  45. I really want to try this but is there anything else I could use to a fragrance that isn’t essential oil. I’m out of town and all the local stores don’t sell organic oil just the oil you use in warmers. And ordering would result in it being delivered after the new year. I would love to make this a gifts as well.

  46. When you are measuring the 1/4 cup coconut oil it that firm or heated? Do you think this would work as well with lavender oil?

    • Firm. I don’t have personal experience with lavender oil. I would look at what properties it brings to skincare and whether it would potentially clog pores, cause a reaction, etc. before I added it in, but if all that checks out, I’d make a small batch and try it out!



  48. This looks simply lovely. I need something like this in the shower. I make a body scrub with almond oil but this…so delicious and decadent. Plus…coconut oil is incredible for the skin! xo

  49. This is a really nice idea for a Mother’s Day gift 🙂 I shared this with our group members on CafeMom – Holiday and Party Crafts – with a link back to your blog for the tutorial. Thanks so much! ~Yolanda~

  50. Thanks. I will be making this in the morn..

  51. Margaret says:

    Does this need to be refrigerated? How long does it keep?

    • I don’t refrigerate it. My house is on the cool and dry side, though. It lasts about a month that way without issue, perhaps longer. You could always add vitamin E as a preservative to have it keep a bit longer.

      • Could you let me know how cool you keep your house/the scrub? I have a feeling my understanding of cool differs from that of most people [I freeze once temperatures drop below 60]. 😉 Thank you so much – can’t wait to try this.

        • In the summer I don’t have air conditioning, so my house gets warm, easily above 78º F. In the winter my house is around 68º F in the bathroom, colder at night, and definitely warmer both times of year when multiple people have been showering. I think if you put it next to a heating vent, you’d be in trouble because of the direct heat source.

  52. oh dear it sounds wonderful! I was thinking to use it for face and neck, will that be okay?

  53. Thanks for your tutorial on this, Shaina. I’ve never made a home scrub before so I’m going to try it. It sounds devine! I’ve shared it on my site with links back to yours.

  54. Tiffany says:

    I don’t have any fresh ginger. Can you use powdered ginger instead?

    • Patricia Pataki says:

      Yes. You might have to use a generous amount though, since ground ginger needs time to infuse with the oil, so it may not have a strong scent when it’s just made, but in a couple of weeks, the scent of it will get stronger.

  55. Love it! Thank you for sharing!

  56. Have you tried making this in a crock pot?

    • I don’t own a crock pot, but the oil needs only to come up to 74º F to melt. You don’t want to cook it, so I would not recommend putting it in one.

      • I’ve found with the organic coconut oil, one only has to rest the oil bottle in your hands for a little while as our bodies stay a static 98.6 degrees. You will see the solid oil slowly liquify.

  57. Where can I find the homemade deodorant recipe you mention in this post?

  58. We used your recipe to make guest favors for a baby shower recently. The scrub feels fantastic on the skin! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Here are photos of the jars filled with the scrub and my post linking back to your recipe,

    I love ginger, looking forward to more recipes with ginger!

  59. Cannot wait to make this scrub! Going to pick up some ingredients today. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m think of it for gifts as well.

  60. Thanks,for sharing.

  61. Hi Shaina, how long can you store this scrub before it goes bad? I’m planning on making a large batch for gift-giving.

  62. I am so excited to try this! Can you share where you purchased your nice glass containers? Thanks.

    • They are Weck Canning jars. Several kitchen specialty shops carry them, including Williams Sonoma, and you can also buy them online direct or off Amazon. They are some of my favorites!

  63. Jenifer Ryser says:

    I’m really excited to be making this! I’m a HUGE coconut oil fan, & recently bought a 78fl Oz jug of Nutiva. I’m looking for X-Mas gift ideas incorporating this wonderful oil. I also have an endless supply of old Mason jars thanks to my 87yr old Grandma who loved to can. I plan on doubling, maybe tripling this recipe for gifts. I’ll let you know how my first attempt at making a scrub turns out:)

  64. Such a lovely idea, I’m encouraging friends and folk to M-Y-O edibles for Christmas gifts this year. So encouraging to see there are great people doing the same.

  65. Thank you.. How long is this good for once it is prepared and do you think I should use a pressure cooker to seal for longer lasting for gifts?

  66. Hi I fiund this very interesting as you I always try to use a different ways to take care of my skin, naturaly preferently, and I’ll do this definitly, but I have a doubt, It is necesary use essential oil? Because here in Mexico is very difficult to find one (exist but is so expensive) and the non expensive irritate my skin Can I replace it? Thank you for share your tips

    • You don’t need the essential oil to use this. I use them for added benefits, but not always. There is no need to replace them, just simply omit them from the recipe.

  67. Can you tell me the shelf life of this.

    • I’ve successfully kept it for a few months. It’s going to depend on whether you’re opening and closing it, if it gets contaminated, and the temperature and humidity in the room you keep it in.

  68. Do you think I could Pressure cook it in mason jars to preserve it?

  69. Toni Quayle says:

    Could one use ginger essential oil in this scrub instead of the actual ginger & if so…how much would one use?

    • Ginger essential oil can be used on skin, but I’ve read that it can cause photosenstivity and be harsh on sensitive skin. I use ginger for its soothing properties, and I’ve found that fresh is less concentrated and harsh, still delivering the benefits. If you are opposed to it, I’d look for other skin-beneficial oils and add in about 5-7 drops of one that you’d prefer. As always, due a test spot on your skin to test for sensitivity first.

  70. Hello, I would like to put these in mason/ball jars through the process of boilng and sealing the jar (canning) so I can give them as gifts for this holiday..

    1) What do you think about that?

    2) DO I have to put the mixture through a coffee filter?

    • I would not recommend hot water bath canning, as it would dissolve the sugars and salt, and the recipe would no longer be a scrub. Instead, I’d vacuum seal them and make them closer to the date you are wanting to gift them.

  71. Ian Stephan says:

    Hi Shaina once more! In the process of making multiple gifts from your recipes. Whats your take on Brown sugar compared to the granulated ? Good idea bad idea? Thanks

    • Hi, Ian. I prefer granulated. I feel the texture works better for this. The brown sugar seems to melt a bit more into the oils, and the molasses on it mixes in. That said, this is a personal preference only.

  72. Do you know the shelf life of this scrub once it’s in a air tight container? Thanks.

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  79. I always choose to have natural products versus products that you can buy from stores. Who wants products that are filled with a list of ingredients that are meant to kill you? As Christmas comes around I try and stuff everyone’s stocking kits with natural things that they can they use or use as a bundle to make soaps and cremes. We all know the stuff bought in stores are known by humans for a long time to cause serious illnesses later down the road!


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