A Caffeinated Giveaway to Survive the Holidays

I’m giving away a Folgers Gourmet Selections Coffee Sampler Pack to get you through the next month of holiday madness that includes a Keurig Brewer, a Black and Decker Coffee Maker, and a selection of coffee for both.

I’m the sole coffee drinker in my family. Occasionally my baby brother, whom I have done everything in my power to lead to the dark side whenever possible, will indulge and consume the thick black substance that accompanies me at my desk daily. However, I grew up in a coffee-free home. The beverages of choice in my childhood residence were skim milk and water. Occasionally my mom would have some caffeine-free herbal tea that we could pilfer for a bit of flavor in our lives.

It’s no surprise then that I was mystified by the intoxicating smell and the warmth that came off my grandmother’s cup. I would hover and hold the warm porcelain cup in my hands, breathing deeply at this strange substance that didn’t exist in my home. My grandmother, always willing to indulge her first grandchild, happily let me taste spoonfuls of the liquid when it had cooled to a temperature my two-year-old self wouldn’t object to. Yes. Two.

My grandmother would then come to visit, which is a nice way of saying she babysat me often and would wash our clothes on high heat and scrub our floors as though specks of dirt would infect the entire house, riding over on her black European-style city bicycle, the basket packed with a small mug of coffee for me. This continued until I was old enough to start walking to the coffee shop to purchase my own when I became a coffee drinker. I have no regrets.

For me, coffee isn’t so much about the waking up, but about the act of drinking it that I find comforting. (I can say that, as I was coffee free for 7 years while I had kids and came back because I missed the ritual.) I like it dark and complex, and variety is always nice, too, with one cream. The kind of cup you want to get lost in…or is that the book?

With a full line of gourmet blends, there’s certain to be something you love with Folgers, whether you want sweet and flavored or Try it for yourself! You can grab a free sample of the Folgers Gourmet Selections by liking their Facebook page. Samples are limited to the first 500,000 people, so grab yours today.

A Giveaway

I’m giving away a Folgers Gourmet Selections Gourmet Coffee Sampler that includes:

  • (1) Keurig Special Edition Brewer
  • (1) Black & Decker 12-Cup Coffee Maker
  • Full line of Folgers Gourmet Selections bagged flavor varieties: Vanilla Biscotti, Baked Berry Cobbler, Coconut Cream Pie, Caramel Drizzle®, Toasted Hazelnut and Mocha Swirl
  • New Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup® Packs roast varieties (2 varieties)
  • Folgers Gourmet Selections mug

To Enter

Leave me a comment below. Tell me anything: What you’re planning for holiday shopping, what your baking list looks like, whether you hosted/are hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

The Rules

This giveaway is provided by Folgers and will run until Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 at 11:59 pm CDT and is open to all U.S. residents 18 years of age and older. A winner will be chosen at random using Random.org from all eligible entries. Chosen winners must respond within 48 hours of notification to claim their prize. Good luck!


  1. What a great giveaway! I totally agree with you too – the smell of coffee is so intoxicating, I love it!

  2. I’m going try to get all my gifts online this year. Way less stress.

  3. Leaving work shortly to bake four pies for tomorrow’s feast. We will start and end our day with coffee, of course. That and wine help me survive the holidays.

  4. Maria Malaveci says:

    My holiday shopping is always done online. I hate the crowds…..


  5. I’m heading to my in laws for Thanksgiving dinner. Working on a little something something to take with me : )

  6. Hello, I also enjoy your Coffee. I need folgers several times a day just to get by and to relax. I am a Grand M

  7. Hello, I also enjoy your Coffee. I need folgers several times a day just to get by and to relax. I am a Grand Mother of nine kids and they keep me running. I am staying home for the holidays and doing all the cooking. Happy holidays to you and yours

  8. I’m almost done with my shopping. My husband and I decided to buy ONLY for our two daughters this year, and we are spending under $200 total. It’s been a rough year, but the kids are each getting something they really wanted, so this works!

  9. LOVE thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday;)

  10. I’m baking pumpkin and pecan pie for Thanksgiving

  11. I made two apples pies with my five-year-old for Thanksgiving!

  12. Jennifer R says:

    I am making the family holiday dish this year since my Dad, who always makes it, is going to my Step Mom’s family, so I’m making the Kugilis this year… fingers crossed it’s just as amazing as my dad’s.

  13. Daniel Metcalf says:

    I’m planning on making 3 meals on Friday using Thanksgiving leftovers.

  14. I will be enjoying the day with my son (soon to be 14), he’s such a joy to
    be around, I’m so thankful for having him in my life! Working
    in law enforcement Im often getting home late and by the time
    dinner, homework and chores are done there isn’t alot if
    time left. So this thanksgiving is for much needed quality time!

  15. Carrie Anderson says:

    This year we are bbqing duck for Thanksgiving !

  16. Happy thanksgiving and thank you for all you do to bring sunshine to my life. I’m a bit weepy today giving thanks for my mom, who I miss more than words can utter.

  17. Jennifer Piotrowski says:

    Hello. I serve my husband a cup of coffee every morning that we are together over the last 23 years.

  18. Driving to Portland to be with a friend for thanksgiving tomorrow.

  19. I have it easy for Thanksgiving. All I do is show up at my sister’s house, eat and watch football!!!

  20. Everything is better with coffee! Easy Thanksgiving this year- heading to the in-laws and just need to bring homemade dinner rolls so flour is flying in our kitchen today with my 2 and 5 year old helpers.

  21. I’ve been cooking all day for the big feast tomorrow! Can’t wait!

  22. hello Mmmmm coffee!, what a great giveaway! This year I’m celebrating Thanksgiving at my moms with my first baby girl, we’re all helping mom cook the turkey and some Tameles! ;) money is tight so I’m gonna go score some deals on black Friday to give others a little something for the holidays! good luck everyone!

  23. I am making pulled pork for a late supper tomorrow night.. #nontraditionalthanksgiving

  24. In total, I’ll be making 700 cookies. I’m doing a few exchanges and doing all homemade gifts.

  25. I’m going to work tomorrow! not cool!

  26. Looking forward to dinner at my oldest son’s home, with all of the family. No cooking for me until Christmas.

  27. Every year since my youngest turned 18 and started college we have eaten out –usually Chinese or Thai, and it’s wonderful!

  28. I am a breastfeeding mother of 4 boys; coffee makes my world go round :) Great giveaway!

  29. First Christmas with my daughter. Very excited!

  30. LOVE the smell of coffee! I am not hosting Thanksgiving but I am making several dishes to take. It will be a great day.

  31. Well- this is sure awesome! We won’t be doing anything this Thanksgiving as we are preparing for a move 1100 miles away.

  32. Great giveaway! We are going to our youngest daughters home for Thanksgiving and the whole family will be there.

  33. Mary F Brown says:

    OHHH, cannot wait to try your pumpkin streusel bread. Happy Turkey day and many people to be thankful for. Keep the faith.

  34. yum! Great giveaway. :) We are preparing some family faves for tomorrow. Homemade cranberry sauce and bread, etc. I did buy our dessert pies as Cracker Barrel has some awesome pies. With Christmas coming, we will be making some fruitcake cookies for a group of friends. Don’t let the name fool ya, they are yummy! :)
    Happy Holidays!

  35. The most perfect sound in the entire world is coffee brewing. It’s almost embarrassing how I drink coffee like it’s water. I love it! This will be my first Thanksgiving away from home not to mention my first “southern” Thanksgiving! Ha!

  36. We’re golfing in the morning and eating all afternoon! Happy Thanksgiving!

  37. Anna Simon says:

    Love the smell of coffee, especially now with kids!

  38. I’ve wanted one of those forever! Pick me!
    Over the weekend, I’m making holiday cookies and trying to make my first pie.

  39. I picked up a 24 pound turkey this year in hopes of picking up stragglers looking for a place to be tomorrow.

  40. We’re supposed to bounce between both ILs houses tomorrow, but I’m not so secretly hoping we won’t have to go! My hubby is sick!

  41. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving! Will be smoking a turkey!

  42. I like my coffee too. Fortunately my husband enjoys it too:-). Well, we have been busy baking maple leaf cookies and pumpkin pies. Tomorrow morning we will have homemade cinnamon rolls. This is the start of our wonderful baking season. For Christmas we make 12 different types of cookies. All of this goes well with coffee:-)

  43. Sharon Fleming says:

    Wow! What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  44. I most of my shopping done already, but plan to take advantage of Black Friday (online) sales for clothing….can’t beat those prices. :)

  45. Jennifer Lamas says:

    After slicing my hand open.. I would love some extra caffeine to give me energy to get through the challenging holidays!!

  46. Wow! I am busy baking cookies for all our family and friends!!

  47. I loved my keurig and a few months ago we had a power surger and lost everything digital in our house! Of all the things we lost I miss my Keuring the most.

  48. Nice giveaway! We’ll be spending our holiday with family followed by a trip to DisneyWorld!

  49. I am co-hosting thanksgiving. It’s going to be at our place and I’ll make the sides, but she is bringing the turkey. We look forward to it, hope it’s a good day for all!

  50. Tina Warner says:

    We are hosting friends for this thanksgiving!

  51. I am hosting Thanksgiving for my side of the family this evening. I’ve been cooking and cleaning all day and have a few minuted before everyone gets here. Have a safe and wonderful Holiday!

  52. My husband would be so happy if I won this for him! It is just the two of us for Thanksgiving (plus the dogs), but I’m planning a full menu and two desserts…snickers macarons and pear crumb pie. It is ambitious, but I try to make it special.

  53. Coffee is getting me through all this Thanksgiving Prep – Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

  54. I’m so excited about this giveaway! Tonight we are going to Zoolights, so I am kind of in a Christmas mood and decided to wrap all my Christmas presents.

  55. I just bought my Turkey. Went to 7 different stores before I found it. This year I am thankful that I found a turkey and of course for coffee!

  56. I am going out for my first black Friday to get my boys an air hockey table for Christmas ….

  57. Hosting guests for Thanksgiving. I am baking Pumpkin Cheese Bread for the neighbors right now! happy thanksgiving!

  58. The holidays and coffee just seem to go hand and hand!Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Peppermint Mocha, yum! Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  59. No big holiday plans here…just the two of us.

  60. Wow, what an amazing giveaway and would make a wonderful gift! Thanks for being thoughtful!

  61. I’m not hosting this year but I’m bringing stuffin’ muffins, spinach dip and pecan pie. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  62. Erica Wright says:

    Well I recently moved from AK to TN, so it’s just my husband and I with our 3 year old daughter! I’m still making a traditional feast! Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes/giblet gravy, broccoli casserole, sweet potatoes, and crescent rolls! With pumpkin pie and a pistachio dessert my husband loves! I’d love to win your give away! I don’t have a coffee maker, and instant just isn’t cutting it anymore! :) Thanks for such a fantastic give away! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! :)


  63. I am making dinner with all the sides and my first apple pie that I pray is better then my mother in laws!

  64. Audrey Bonnell says:

    Wow I can not even imagine not growing up with coffee. I used to drink it like my dad.4 sugars and lots and lots of cream. Now it is black and love the flavored coffee and sometimes for a break I will put a flavored creamer in my coffee.

  65. Nikki Huff says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanks for a great giveaway! I will be cooking dinner for my little family of 4 and we also have several places to visit through out the week!! Lots of fun & family :)

  66. A keurig is on my daughter’s Christmas list. I have one at home and she wants one for her dorm.

  67. Diane Foster says:

    I have begun cooking Thanksgiving dinner today for my family … and,
    all the while I am enjoying endless cups of coffee. :) So much to be thankful for ..

  68. Jamie Simpson says:

    Gonna get up early and go to my mom’s to cook! Can’t wait for the turkey!

  69. Cathy Wingo says:

    For the first time in years, I get to have Thanksgiving at my own home! My kids are ecstatic to get to cook, eat, and have leftovers for the first time in several years! I also am the only one that drinks coffee in the home, and would absolutely love to win the Keurig, cause I’ve really been wanting one! Love the chance to enter these giveaways, and I wish you the best for the upcoming holidays, including Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  70. I will be hosted at thanksgiving this year but will be baking the mummy desserts this year :)

  71. I totally agree with you about loving the ritual of coffee! I love the smell of it brewing, hearing it hit the cup, and holding the warm cup between my hands! I can be without my coffee for several days, but it all comes back to me missing that smell and complex flavor!!!

  72. I spent the day making a Christmas Wreath to give to my sister-n-law for being the best hostess during the Holidays. I also will make a couple Cheesecake pies, Banana Pudding Poke Cake, Pea Salad and Greenbean Casserole. We will eat at 4:00 on Thanksgiving day and then many of our family members will begin the Holiday Shopping.

  73. I am getting tables,chairs and goodies all ready for a Thanksgiving Feast this will be the First Holiday I have had with My Sister in 10 years She is making the Turkey so it is sorta starting a new tradition having someone else make the Turkey . Have a great Holiday …

  74. Oh what fun! Our family is going non-traditional this year. My son has to work (it’s his first job!) so we’ll be kicking back with a chicken casserole. But then next week we’ll start the holiday season with family from Florida and a traditional dinner!
    Would love to be able to brew a cup at a time..no one else drinks coffee in my house.. :(

  75. Melissa Witte says:

    Not hosting Thanksgiving, but taking several dishes.

  76. My holiday shopping is almost done, we’re doing Thanksgiving at my father’s and I’m bringing dessert, and I can’t believe the holidays are already here! Thanks for the chance to win!

  77. We are having lunch with my 89 year old grandmother — SOOO excited!!!

  78. I have a sign on my desk that says it all “Give Me Coffee and No One Gets Hurt”. We are having a family dinner at home this year.

  79. coffee first thing seemd to be relaxing but also an eye opener. It makes some desserts better. Some believe it helps them get over that last little hump of the day. I am a widow 8 years now and only 43. Invited to friends house for thanksgiving. i have known them over 30 years. hoping everyone has a blessed holiday season.

  80. We are getting together with the whole family at the in- law’s house. But I am planning little celebration with just my husband and 2 yr old daughter as well…
    Btw I am big coffee lover myself;)

  81. Amanda Estroff says:

    Favorite part of the Holidays is cooking in the kitchen with my mom. We start prepping things the night before into the wee hours that way, on the day of, we can spend most of our time enjoying the family especially all the kids. Awesome giveaway. Thank you and Folgers for this awesome chance. Happy Holidays all! :)

  82. Not hosting, but bringing brussels sprouts cooked in bacon, deviled eggs, and rolls. :)

  83. Robyn Plantz says:

    Must.have.coffee… I would love a Keurig!

  84. We are hosting Thanksgiving as we do each year. Lots of family will be at our home. It’s a traditional meal for us. Turkey with all of the trimmings. In fact 2 turkeys…one smoked and one deep fried. Mmmmm!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  85. Rosi Thwing says:

    I just baked your salted caramel cupcakes!!!! They are spectacular!
    They are for dessert tomorrow!

  86. Susan Stelly says:

    Out of town and letting someone else cook!

  87. Katherine McAuliffe says:

    My little family is getting together at my Grandmother’s then everyone is coming over to my house for desserts. It will be my twins first Thanksgiving…they are seven months old. It will also be my niece’s first thanksgiving, she is 9 months old and it will be the first time the 3 of them will get to meet! Looking forward to it. It would be amazing to have a single cup coffee maker to go with desserts…then I wouldn’t have a whole pot hanging out for the few who would drink it with dessert! :D

  88. travelling this Thanksgiving to see family. And doing lots of baking!

  89. What a great giveaway – love coffee but am the only one in the house too that drinks it!! I normally bake 7 – 8 types of cookies for the holidays as well as a big batch of fudge. Love to share them during the season!

  90. We are spending the day with our entire family. I am contributing to the dinner by making stuffed celery, stuffing, and brownies. I love this time of the year!

  91. We just found our we are having a baby (Surprise! Yay!), and I’m high risk (boo!), so we are taking it easy for Thanksgiving. We will be visiting family. Now that there is a baby on the way, our shoppng plans have changed drastically. We are now saving every cent possible. Still in great holiday cheer!!! Very excited for family time and our miracle baby!! :) Also, this giveaway is perfect timing, just what my better half wants for Christmas!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  92. Kathy Davis says:

    My husband is the cook in our family. One thing I am thankful for. Lucky me!… but I do the cooking on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just made a pumpkin roll, have the table set and most of the house clean. Because of conflicts my family won’t be here until Friday. (My son can’t make it at all. Plane fare is too high but he will be here for Christmas.) That gives me an extra day to prepare. Another blessing. I plan on making the traditional pumpkin pie and pecan pie and all the fixings. Another blessing…our 1st grandbaby will be here. Can’t wait!!!

  93. Aimee Doggett says:

    Our christmas starts at my inlaws, dinner then we walk around to see the lights. Christmas morning my partner loves a cooked brekky (after pressie opening of course) then for lunch my grandparent come over. Dinner this year is at my best friends house which im so excited about, get to give me god-daughter and her siblings their pressies on actual christmas day :)

  94. I would love a Keurig, and since my birthday is on the 24th, it would be so timely for a wonderful birthday present! :) We’re staying home and having a quiet Thanksgiving with family this year. Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!

  95. I’m planning to take it easy this Thanksgiving. Think I can manage it??

  96. Kathy Baker says:

    I am hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow. Coffee is always on the menu too! Thank you!

  97. I love coffee. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving!

  98. I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner and would love to win this package!

  99. I am not hosting, but will be going to my BF’s aunt’s house for Thanksgiving. We will eat and look through ads for Black Friday and take our annual trip down to K-Mart. My baking starts after Thanksgiving and usually bring it in to work to share.

  100. My Holidays will be special with my 1 yo son and bittersweet without my grandma.

  101. We have already enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with all my extended family and will be going to my husband’s extended family for the real Thanksgiving. Thanks for a chance at a wonderful giveaway.

  102. megan madore says:

    Im making homemade egg rolls, cherry l!!!oafs n tons of other traditioal food from my family this year

  103. Darla Catalano says:

    My birthday is today and I’ve spent it prepping for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I love to cook, so that’s quite alright by me. I love coffee too, and I’ve been dreaming of a Keurig, so I’m officially wishing to win this contest when I blow out my candles!

  104. I’m in charge of dessert this Thanksgiving! I’m making baked smores bars, pumpkin pie dip, and caramel stuffed apple cider cookies! Yum!!

  105. Teresa Jacobson says:

    My sister-in-law is hosting turkey day this year. I am bringing 4 different desserts as our contribution. My oldest son flies to Paris for 4 days so he won’t be home this year. First time we won’t all be together for Thanksgiving. He’ll have a wonderful time but I’ll be so grateful when he’s home safely.

  106. Janey McFadden says:

    This is my first year EVER to cook Thanksgiving dinner! Wish me luck!

  107. I will be hosting the holidays this year with my wonderful family from near and far! We will all be cooking, eating, making our lists and shopping together, so much fun!! Then taking the kids to get hot cocoa at midnight in between shopping trips! There is nothing like being home for the holidays! I would LOVE to win this amazing giveaway :) Thanks!

  108. I have some fabulous dishes planned for Thanksgiving. Maple Turkey, Parmesan Green Beans, Roasted Asparagus, Carrot Risotto, Butternut Squash Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potato Casserole, My Moms ‘favorite’ Stuffing, Homemade Yeast Rolls, , Sweet iced tea, Spice Cranberry Prosecco Punch and Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream. Yum!!! Happy Turkey Day! :))

  109. Laura Frisch says:

    Baking list is over the top as usual.

  110. Jeanette P. says:

    Thank you for this contest opportunity! We always cook for Thanksgiving. Tonight I’m baking the pies :) My Christmas shopping is done as I shop for deals all year round. I’m going to enjoy a stress-free and fun holiday with my family and friends this season.

  111. Pat Campbell says:

    My daughter loves Keurig & has been begging for one for Christmas! We hope to have one soon!!!

  112. I’m NOT hosting Thanksgiving dinner (thank goodness…what pressure!)…but we will be visiting family.

  113. I am co-hosting dinner with my Grandma. Can’t wait to spend the day with my family.

  114. My mother in law is cooking this year!! So easy fun day for me although I am no “cook.” I make a mean homemade chicken and dumplings!! I am the sole coffee drinker in the house and have yet to invest sooo…I would be forever grateful! PS…My christmas shopping is already DONE!!!

  115. Sherri Jackson says:

    Small dinner with family – my husband & I are sharing cooking duties. Baking new pumpkin dessert and pecan pie for my sweetie.

  116. I am cooking up our Thanksgiving meal for family of 7. Turkey marinating and pies to bake yet today. I would love a Keurig!

  117. Tammy Vazquez says:

    I will be doing all the cooking this year. Go me! ;) My husband is actually off for Thanksgiving this year, so it will be extra special. We all love coffee, so this would be really awesome to own. Thanks so much!!

  118. Only in charge of deviled eggs and a veggie tray this year! We are kid free tonight, so it will be easy to prepare and then a whole night’s sleep ahead of me before the big day!

  119. Thanksgiving is just myself, my husband and our 3 boys as family is all out of state. I still fix everything that we would have had if our family was around. Christmas will be great as my brother and his family are coming to our house. I love having family around!

  120. I am enjoying today with my mama and sister doing some baking, cooking and prep for our big family feast tomorrow. Love this special time we have together. Thanks for the giveaway.

  121. I’m excited to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner!

  122. I’m baking a pumpkin pie and a turtle pie tonight to take to my Mom’s for dinner tomorrow. I’m also taking dinner rolls, but I cheated and purchased those!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thank you!

  123. Emily Childers says:

    Going to my mom and dads, thank goodness we aren’t traveling. We have 4 kids under 7 and so thankful we can all sleep in our own beds. I am making a cheesecake, green bean casserole and rolls

  124. Stacey Jones says:

    HI! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving! May you have a Blessed holiday! I am starting off with my favorite holiday show…Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving…getting ready to start cooking. The day after is my Christmas decorating day! No stores for me! I will be home in my pj’s enjoying a cup of coffee watching my favorite Christmas shows decorating and getting ready for Christmas! Thank you so much for reading my post. I hope I am entered in the drawing! Have a blessed day! Happy Thanksgiving!

  125. Having an Italian Thanksgiving…first course crudite’, second course pasta with meatballs and beef, then turkey and the works (if I have room!) Followed up by some good hot steaming coffee!

  126. It’s the first Thanksgiving I am not cooking…going to our adult daughter’s for Thanksgiving. That’s why I have time to read blogs today :))

  127. My sister and husband are coming for Thanksgiving, so excited don’t get to see her but maybe once a year. We like to get together and savor our coffee with homemade cinnamon rolls . She is always on the lookout for new coffee! Can’t wait to spend time with my two granddaughters also!

  128. My mom makes the best turkey ever. It is so moist and flavorful she made me in charge of the broccoli casserole and my sister in law the desserts. I made a special surprise since my mom and I went to Italy this summer I made the fruit syrup for Bellinis!
    The Keurig is on my Christmas list this year since I am the only one who drinks coffee in my family. I hope I win!

  129. Salma Solaimani says:

    I hope you and your family a very delicious Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas! We are without family this year for Thanksgiving so planning on taking a mini vacation tomorrow. May everyone have a safe holiday season!

  130. I am hosting my first ever Thanksgiving dinner. I’m nervous, but luckily it will only be a few of us.

  131. Renee Pedroza says:

    A hot cuppa would be great with my pecan pie muffins:)

  132. Melissa Koller-Shamblin says:

    My husband SOOOOOO wants one of these. Here’s to hoping Now to finish my baking!

  133. This will be our first gluten free holiday.

  134. I’m going to some online holiday shopping, spend time with my family and enjoy a wonderful meal(that I don’t have to cook)!!!

  135. We are staying home for the holidays this year ~ it’ll be the first time we stay home for both, but I’m pregnant and passed the date where I can fly, so it is for good reason. My shopping list seems endless, but yummy!!! We are ordering the turkey this year, another first. It is deep fried cajun, should be interesting with heart burn ;)

  136. I have a very, very special (hope to be daughter-in-law) that loves coffee. I would love to treat her to the coffee brewer. Thanks.

  137. This would make a nice present for someone or myself. Lol.
    Have aI Happy Thanksgiving!

  138. I’m planning to make some rolls and some pumpkin pie dip tonight!

  139. Deb Barrett says:

    My daughter is in Tech School.. away from the family for the first time in 21 years… I am having dinner at her dad’s house … missing her so much… not much cooking for me… if it wasn’t for his family I would be here by myself…. first time I did not have to cook, which I have always loved to do…. picked up a key lime mango from Publix… I have her for Christmas though… will cooks lots and lots for her trip home… her favorite… choc cheese cake! Have a great Thanksgiving.

  140. I have the lucky job of bringing the pies for Thanksgiving this year. Bakers Square here I come :)

  141. This is my first year hosting Thanksgiving. My dad retired this year and he and my mom moved to Blue ridge. I’m excited and about as ready as one can be :) I found out I will be cooking two turkeys instead of one about a hr ago thanks to my little brother. LOL :)

  142. I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, as usual, but I happen to be working 3-11 shift at the hospital!!So I’ve tried to get most things done today, so my husband can take over tomorrow!! Wish him luck!

  143. I’m eating at a neighbor’s, and I’m taking the dressing and a pie.

  144. I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner even though my family will be scattered this year. It will be my boyfriend and me with the dog and cat. Very thankful for all the blessings that my family has.

  145. my husband would love this, my kids would use the Keurig for hot chocolate :)

  146. Hi, I am a guest this year at TWO Thanksgiving meals, and I don’t quite know what to do with myself…I’ve always hosted! I am making pies though….six of them, to be exact. So far I have two Caramel Apple Walnut Pies in the oven almost done, two pumpkin pies waiting in the wings, and two Bourbon Pecan Pies also waiting to go in. Mmmmmm.

  147. I am a photographer and working on photos ALL day before the holiday, enjoying my coffee while I work. Looking forward to the break tomorrow only to come back at full speed Friday to get this busiest season as far as photographs done with!!

  148. I don’t have to do any cooking. My in-laws do everything so it’s kind of nice to spend the morning decorating for Christmas instead of cooking.

  149. Looking forward to spending some time with my family and eating some great food!!

  150. I’m going to be making a caramel apple pie with a pecan crumble topping, pumpkin and cheesecake pie, brown butter ice cream, and fried vegan coconut cream ice cream balls.

    All for tomorrow (if I end up having enough time to do it all).

  151. Hello! I plan on writing final graduate papers this Thanksgiving — but looking forward to Christmas, my favorite holiday! Going to the Christmas tree farm on Friday to select my 1st real Christmas tree since I was a child. I’ve been holidays shopping on Amazon, and waiting until my break in December to go personal shopping for family & friend gifts. I love the holidays! p.s. Also looking forward to our 1st snow of the year! :) Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas to everyone!

  152. J. Tarectecan says:

    We just moved and coffee was a special favorite between my parents and me. A new coffee maker would be a great way to ‘keep them close’ when we’re so far away.

  153. I can tell you I am not shopping Friday ;-) We are spending the day with family then decorating for Christmas over the weekend. Thank you for a wonderful give away and Happy Thanksgiving!

  154. Dori Mosher says:

    I will be spending some much needed “Doda”, what my grandkids call me, time with my grandchildren. They are my heart!

  155. Suzy Klein says:

    Having a hard time deciding what to have for dessert for Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  156. Michelle S says:

    We did our thanksgiving this past Saturday..had the dinner in our home. Plans for baking are….Strudel, Spritz cookies, fudge, biscotti and anything my family requests :)

  157. joseph gersch jr says:

    I am planning on going out with my parents for thanksgiving dinner

  158. I have a five day weekend with my sweet family! Plan on visiting with my folks and the rest of our family Thursday. Love this time of year and a cup of coffee out by the fire makes it that much better!

  159. cheryl francis says:

    I’m making pecan, cherry and pumpkin pies with Lime Jello Delight and Lemonade pie. All that in addition to turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn pudding, carrot souffle’, deviled eggs and green bean casserole. Whew, I’m tired, but happy!!

  160. Peg Cooper says:

    My husband would love a keurig, We had thanksgiving on Sunday he is a truck driver and will be working tomorrow. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family. Peg

  161. Kelly Aubert says:

    My husband loves coffee! It would be so awesome to be able to surprise him with this!!

  162. We are doing a combined Puerto Rican with and American Thanksgiving meal, so my hubby is doing most of the cooking. I will be making pumpkin pie for dessert.

  163. Missy Owen says:

    I am making chocolate meringue pie and chocolate chip pie. We celebrate at my sister’s and dessert is all I am trusted to bring… :)

  164. sharon wilson says:

    Have cooked all day, sure am tired, could sure use a prize….

  165. My husband would love this, I actually was gonna get him one for Christmas, so winning one would be great.

  166. I’m thankful for a quiet, low key holiday and then some shopping.

  167. colleen babich says:

    I will be cooking for my family of four, which includes my husband, my daughter and my 8 yr old granddaughter, who is autistic and has a list of about four things she eats. She promises us she will try a bite of mashed potatoes tomorrow so here’s wishing us luck!!!

  168. Marianne Jones says:

    Love the warmth of coffee.

  169. My husband has been at our family hunting camp in Maine since last Wednesday. Me and the children will drive there (3 hours north) tomorrow and meet with our extended family to share a Thanksgiving meal. With two small children in tow and having the furthest to drive, I am getting off easy with only having to bring my famous pumpkin pie which the kids and I made today from scratch as we talked about honoring the Native Americans and some *real* history.

  170. I will be spending Thanksgiving with my children and their families, for a great big lunch, and then off to early Black Friday sales!!

  171. pick me, pick me!!! I’ve a new daughter and need all the caffeine I can get!
    Thankful that I don’t have to do the cooking, but will be spending the time with family… they eat the turkey, I have the tofurkey :)

  172. Jo willoughby says:

    Just want the coffee maker lol! We have outgrown our mini keurig

  173. We are going to my Mom’s house on Friday for Thanksgiving. The holidays have been hard since my Dad died 2 years ago. It just is not the same. We try to make it a happy time for the sake of the kids, and we want them to have happy memories of their “Poppy”! I hope that all have a happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!!

  174. I am not too big on Thanksgiving, my holiday is Christmas! This year I am doing the ‘bird’ for our dinner @ my brother, so it’s a pretty low key year.

  175. Jen Breitigan says:

    I am going to go over to my Aunt’s house and see my family. We have a potluck every year and cook 3 different turkeys.

  176. I am spending the holidays with my family. I hope to make it through with have 3 boys, one of which is a newborn. Coffee is a MUST and making it with one hand would be amazing! Ha!

  177. Would love to win this my daughter is going to college next year and would love to have it, thanks!

  178. My daughters, my son in law & my 2 gorgeous grandsons will be here for Thanksgiving & I am doing all the cooking. Best way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday – being grateful for the love of family & thankful for the health of everyone!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone

  179. We’re doing most of the cooking for Thanksgiving, then transporting to my Mother-in-law’s house – somehow even cooking for just 3 means a groaning table and days of leftovers!

  180. I’m cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner…for just the hubby and me :/ Hello, leftovers.

  181. Shannon Perdue says:

    I am cooking a full dinner but we have to eat around 2pm because my mother law is in retail and has to be to work at 6 :(
    We are however thankful that we have jobs and we will enjoy our dinner!!!

  182. I have such fond memories of my dear Grandma and coffee, too. What I would give to be able to feel her wonderful soft hug again.

    We have a turkey brining and will be smoking it in our drum smoker. Will also be headed out to the mountains to cut a Christmas tree.

  183. Carole Resnick says:

    I have been trying to win a Keurig for over a year!!! Is this my time?

    We are having Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house. I just have to make 1 dessert since there will only be four of us at the table.

  184. Claudia Rivera says:

    My husband and I are coffee drinkers. We love our coffee…he likes his with hazelnut creamer and sugar and I love mine black. We will be enjoying a piece of pumpkin pie with a warm cup of joe tomorrow after we cook Thanksgiving dinner.

  185. Baking a pound cake this very minute and would love a cup of coffee as I wait to take it from the oven!

  186. Looking forward to a day of thankfulness. Coffee and pumpkin pie included!

  187. Charlsey G says:

    I’m planning to relax, eat some delicious food, and get my house in order! Looking forward to cleaning and getting things organized and spending time with family :)

  188. Looking forward for my daughter coming home from the military for the Holidays!!

  189. My wonderful husband took a vacation today to help me with all the prep work for tomorrow’s meal, and to have an early Thanksgiving dinner with my children & me! He won’t be able to be home with us to celebrate Thanksgiving. He’ll be out, patrolling the streets, doing his best to keep this Thanksgiving peaceful, happy & safe for the people of our community. I am so thankful for my husband – the friend, partner, provider & love of my life he is; the devoted daddy, baseball coach, football sidelines helper & dance “cheerleader” he is to our 3 children; and the hardworking, committed, responsible & fair public servant he is. Life is good and we are blessed! :) Wishing you ALL a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

  190. Rob Kabir-Clark says:

    What a great giveaway. Thanks for hosting! I am hosting too this Thanksgiving and am taking a break from cooking right now. So far potatoes, yams and pumpkin are done. Bird goes in first thing in the morning. Good luck to all!

  191. Betsy Carroll says:

    I loooove coffee and want a Keurig!

    We’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house again this year.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  192. Brenda Dauner says:

    Love your posts. We are remodeling at work and would love a new Keurig for my office :D

  193. We are going to a Thanksgiving buffet with my husband’s family. It will be a change…

  194. My family is going to go to my inlaws for Thanksgiving. Being in the military and being so far from family for so.. It is so nice to be able to have family to spend the holidays with!! So much to be thankful for this year- 4 healthy boys and a little girl due Dec 17, and a wonderful husband who will be celebrating his 34 birthday the day after thanksgiving… I feel so blessed!

  195. 5 pies baked and waiting for 30 guests tomorrow. Thankful for this big crazy bunch we call family.

  196. Vivian Deliz says:

    I will be visiting my cousin, who is a fantastic cook, for Thanksgiving. The best part of the day, is after we eat, we get our coffee, sit down, and just share/talk about everything that happened this year, what to expect for next year, and give thanks for all we have. Might not be much, but we are thankful for it.

  197. Eileen Deliz says:

    There’s just 3 of us this year, but what’s curious about preparing this dinner is that the effort if the same whether it’s dinner for 3 or 20; all you are changing is quantities. Still, we are happy to be here and looking forward to an even better 2013!

  198. We’ve just enjoyed a lovely, early Thanksgiving feast with my newlywed daughter and her hubby! My daughter helped with the cooking this year … what an amazing cook! (pinterest was very helpful this year, too!) Just trying to recover from too much food! lol! We’ll be joining my brother, sis-in-love, sissy and brother in love for games and pie on Thanksgiving day!

  199. Anitra Mosley says:

    This year I am preparing the turkey for an extended family get together. It will be my first time to prepare it for more than just my immediate family. I am both excited and a little nervous!

  200. donna giblin says:

    This year we will be spending the early hours gutting my sons house from Hurricane Sandy, then the afternoon with my husbands family. I was so wishing my daughter could be here with us but she lives 12 hours away and will be home for Christmas. Hope you have a fabulous day!!!


  201. We are traveling minimally, but traveling non the less to visit both sides of the family. I can’t wait to eat the roasted beats in our favorite savory salad with goat cheese, walnuts, fried onions, and cranberries/apples, with maple balsamic vinaigrette. And, my Mom’s cranberry salad is calling my name.

  202. I will be spending Thanksgiving with my amazing husband and wonderful kiddos. Nothing over the top, but the best company I could ask for!

  203. Linda Moren Abuelghanam says:

    This year it will be just the husband and myself. We will be having all the tasty T-Day side items (just scaled down for two) and roasted chicken. A turkey is really too much for us and the hubby isn’t a big turkey fan anyway! It will be a nice peaceful day for both of us!

  204. Tonight I am enjoying the comfort of my cozy home with my husband and our young daughters. Tomorrow we will wake, ans embark upon a day of festivities with both sides of our families. I hope tomorrow I remember to take the time to look around and thank God for all the people in my life, and all that we have. I have another year under my belt to be grateful for.

  205. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! My family is going to have thanksgiving dinner with a dear family friend. She is doing all of preparation and trimming. I am responsible for bringing a couple desserts. Hoping I find something fantastic and worthy of such a great group of people.

  206. Hello! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

    I have been prepping all day today. We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, tomorrow. Love the holidays and we feel blessed to have part of our family close by and able to join us. The house smells soooo good already!

    By the way…I would LOVE a Keurig and Folgers IS my favorite coffee.

  207. Thanksgiving will be at my mom & dads as usual. My 2 sisters will be with their other families so I am looking forward to Christmas when we will all be together. Plan on doing some Black Friday shopping for some children we are adopting for Christmas. I hope to be able to make the money go a little further.

  208. Hosting my first Thanksgiving ever! A little nervous, but I tested out all the recipes on my family last month and I got the thumbs-up!

  209. My 13 year old son shares my love for coffee. He asked for a Keurig for Christmas.

  210. I have cooked and baked and cleaned and tried to pace myself for the last several days. I believe I am ready for Thanksgiving:)
    The house will be full of laughter, lots of talking and lots of food…. just the way we moms like it:)

  211. I am hosting Thanksgiving this year and do most years. It is one of my all-time favorite meals! I love to entertain and cook for others :)

  212. We are spending the holiday with my family and I can’t wait for my moms yams and fresh cranberries! Thanks for the chance to win!

  213. Going to my Mother’s house for Thanksgiving, a family tradition. No traveling involved. Can’t wait to gobble up the turkey!!!

  214. We are going to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I won’t be doing any Black Friday shopping because I can’t take the crowds like I used to. Happy Thanksgiving!

  215. Madeline Himmel says:

    I’m going to watch the sunrise on the beach tomorrow morning!

  216. I am so looking forward to tomorrow. Spending time with family and friends. Have a pumpkin cheesecake in the oven as I speak (type). Smells heavenly in the house right now.

  217. We have Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws tomorrow, Black Friday shopping with my mom and sister Friday, and then Thanksgiving dinner with my family on Saturday. All was going well until my two children got sick. Hope they feel better tomorrow!! This is a great giveaway! Would love to win!!!

  218. Nancy Hebb says:

    My Christmas gift giving aspirations have me hurriedly trying to knit wool socks for each member of our small family: my mother who turns 93 on December 8th, my brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece. Celebrations become simpler as time passes: handmade gifts, “consumables” and memories of those no longer with us play the most important roles. Just having our family together is the greatest blessing. While Mom is not a coffee drinker, the rest of us plan ahead to be sure coffee making is possible at her house! Someone brings a maker and someone else a couple favorite blends. It’s a rather minor– but crucial — new family tradition.

  219. We are celebrating Thanksgiving Friday. My sister is a nurse and she has to work tomorrow. The day doesn’t matter, getting all the family together does! I hope I win this. I really want a Keurig :)

  220. I’m looking forward to spending the day with my family, without worrying about work. Tomorrow is 1 of 2 days each year where the restaurant I manage is closed. The other day is Christmas.

  221. Margaret Smith says:

    I’m having a housefull tomorrow for Thanksgiving and we’ll be doing the same on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. I love having all our family and extended family get together for the Holidays.
    Happy Holidays to you & yours :)

  222. Jan Potter says:

    I had a wonderful day spent with my mom and sisters preparing a few dishes for tomorrow’s feast. So blessed to have that time to make memories, after surviving a heart attack two years ago at the age of 48. Tomorrow will be spent with lots of friends and family gather round the table enjoying the food, but more than anything enjoying the company. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

  223. Georgianne Potts says:

    I have another brand of single coffee maker, but think Kuerig offers so much more!!

  224. Kimberly Berry says:

    Going to in-laws for Thanksgiving. Not even attempting Black Friday shopping. I am pretty much finished with my Christmas shopping. Can’t wait to put up our tree next week.

  225. Linda Keeth says:

    Right now I have a pumpkin pie in the oven and I just took the sweet potatoes out. Running a Turkey Trot in the morning and then heading to my parents for the rest of the day!

  226. Traveling over ten hours by car, three kids with colds and coffee is one of the keys to our success.

  227. We are going to the MiL tomorrow and I will be cooking on Saturday, when my son and daughter come over to eat. We’ll have a full house and since I am off work on Friday it gives me a no rush day to prep everything. I would love to win this as my coffeemaker went up in flames and I am using an Italian stove-top espresso maker until I can get a replacement.
    I hope you have a wonderful happy Thanksgiving.

  228. Ann Fantom says:

    I have already started my Christmas shopping, but I will not be going to the stores on Black Friday. I will be busy shopping on Cyber Monday

  229. In-laws for Thanksgiving. Bringing Pecan Struessel Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole, Squash and whatever I can make before tomorrow afternoon.

  230. We are simplifying this year. Multiple injuries and surgeries are keeping the holidays low key for us this year, but we are more thankful than ever to spend time together as a family and for all of us to be on the mend!

  231. Denice Robertson says:

    I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year for only 5 adults and 3 little girls. The group is usually 11 or 12 adults and 6 kiddos. My cutting back on recipes has been very challenging today, to say the least! I have the Keurig on my wish list. I’m planning on buying it myself because my kids aren’t able to afford. Now if I could win it instead, then that would be Merry Christmas to me!

  232. My husband is deployed this holiday and I am greatful to live near family

  233. I will be going to an old friend’s house and bringing green bean casserole.

  234. I am going to be spending Thanksgiving with my hubby and three kids. I’ll be cooking dinner and then we’ll be having a family movie night. I’m not sure this year if we are going to stay in again or maybe go to the movie theatre.

    I’m really treasuring this year and I’m trying to hold onto every moment. My oldest is 18 and a senior. She is sending out her college apps this weekend and most of her chooses are out of state…holding back the tears…life will never be the same, but it will still be great!

  235. Looking forward to spending the holidays with family and friends. Lots of good food, drink, and good times!

  236. I love my morning cup of coffee!

  237. Donna Ingalls says:

    Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving to all. This Thanksgiving it will just be my husband and myself, but I am still cooking the whole works. We will have lots of leftovers, but I love the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. A Keurig is on the top of my list so this is a great giveaway. Looking forward to Christmas to see family and have some wonderful times with them all.

  238. We are planning a Thanksgiving celebration that includes hosting single Marines that work under my husband. Since we are overseas and away from our families we have to be family for each other.

  239. Thanks for the chance at the coffee stuff…. It sounds great.

  240. I am so thankful and blessed this Thanksgiving to be surrounded by my family.

  241. We are hosting Thanksgiving. I’ve been quite busy preparing for the feast. I am looking forward to all the family gathering here.

  242. Teresa Organ says:

    I’m spending Thanksgiving with my family. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! :)

  243. Happy Thanksgivng! I’m bringing pies and lots of love.

  244. This year there will only be six of us around the table….but what a wonderful six! We will be feasting on Turkey and all the trimmings.The temps are around 60 which is unreal for Minnesota!!! Much to be thankful for, that’s for sure.

  245. Linda Montes says:

    Our family tradition is to attend the annual Thanksgiving parade. This year we are most thankful for my first grandson who will also be part of the tradition, he just turned 6 mos. Then off to family dinner at my beloved brothers home, then later in the evening to the in laws. Life is beautiful. Thank you for this opportunity.

  246. It’s amazing that I could have actualaly been reading a post from myself! There was no coffee in my house – mom was a tea or skim milk drinker – she still says she isn’t “old enough” to like coffee! Now that all of her kids are coffee people every time that we are all at her house for the holidays, the tea drinker’s house smells of coffee and whatever else happens to be in the oven! Good times, good times…..

  247. We are hosting dinner at our house tomorrow with all the fixin’s, along with some gluten free goodies!

  248. Kimberly H says:

    I am making pies tonight for Thanksgiving! Two pumpkin and one apple.

  249. Meghan Finley says:

    I’m hosting the location but my mother is cooking. I can’t complain because thanksgiving just doesn’t taste the same without her. It’s funny how you can miss something you always had so easily. Glad she’ll be sharing that love with us this year

  250. We will all be at my sister’s house with everyone bringing food.

  251. I love just being home with my family over the break and enjoying each other.

  252. We were supposed to go family’s house, but my husband has a kidney stone. So we will be resting at home this year.

  253. I am going to Vegas for Thanksgiving!

  254. Spending the thanksgiving break with family…so thankful to be able to see our family on this holiday & everyone is healthy & safe.

  255. Dawn Newman says:

    Tomorrow we are cooking a Thanksgiving feast at home!! I plan on getting the sale adds and then decide if I will go shopping for Black Friday!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  256. Ashley McRea says:

    We are spending time with my husband’s mother, who has recently become a widow. We brought the food and our children…hoping to distract her for just a little while. We have much to be thankful for. Children help us remember that on times of grief.

  257. Lora McKee says:

    I am the mother of two beautiful girls. One is 26 years old and the other is 6 years old. Yes twenty years apart and yes I am tired. We are going to my oldest daughters home for Thanksgiving Dinner this year. She has a two year old little boy and wants to start some traditions with him. But it will the traditional Christmas at Lolli , Pop pop and the Ladybugs house. Which is what the grandson lovingly calls us.

  258. I will be enjoying a quiet dinner with my hubby tomorrow. No children at home anymore: one in North Dakota and one in Nigeria–different directions, different climates.

  259. Derondah Boothe says:

    Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my husband’s family. Love having everyone together!

  260. We were going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving… but my daughter got an awful case of the flu and there are 2 sick with it at the in-laws as well :( BOO

  261. I always host Thanksgiving here at home :) I’ve baked two pies, made cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, and green bean bundles just today :) Bread pudding, squash casserole, and of course turkey before on the agenda before lunch tomorrow :) My kitchen looks like a bomb went off in it, but I LOVE it!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  262. It is an Iowa christmas this year so we have a four day marathon ahead of us – buckle up!

  263. Cooking at Home for just My Husband and Mother, the kids are away this year.. Empty nesters.. We didnt even buy a full turkey, just the breast.. I will enjoy the rest and parades on TV though..
    Happy Thanksgiving to All…..

  264. oh man, Christmas is rapidly approaching. I suppose I should start shopping sooner rather than later. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  265. Happy to say most of my shopping is done. Now for all the fun parts-wrapping and baking! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  266. Angela Wichman says:

    Having everyone to our house for Thanksgiving. Hopefully by Monday I will be recovered enough to think about Christmas.

  267. These pictures are wonderful! Love the feel~

  268. Sophie Walters says:

    I am hosting my second thanksgiving ever…cooking an overnight turkey!

  269. jessica sandoval says:

    Having our family dinner with our usual extended “family” of single soldiers, paramedics,and EMT’s who do not have their families close by and can not go home.

  270. Angela Spengler says:

    I am looking forward to making Thanksgiving dinner with my 3 little ones tomorrow.

  271. I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my home this year.

  272. I am going to my family’s house for Thanksgiving, as always! This year I am making two of the sides though (sweet potatoes & green bean casserole) so that my mom isn’t doing all of the cooking ;) Looking forward to spending the day w/my family!!

  273. I hope you have a very nice holiday-thank you for the generous giveaway.

  274. I’m cooking for all of the family! Yay for Thanksgiving!

  275. We are looking forward to spending a nice sweet time with our family on Thanksgiving.
    royalegacy at gmail

  276. Thanks for the chance to win!!
    My baking list just crashed. (The over died today) So turkey in the crockpot, and no pie :(

  277. We are having Thanksgiving tomorrow and Saturday! Lots of cooking to be done! Fun times with the family! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  278. I plan on making turkey and all the fix-in’s – my family is coming over:)

  279. Happy Thanksgiving to you..

    i will spending it with my parents as my daughter is an exchange student this year and my son is at college….kinda of a quiet holiday…i will be shopping for a keurig for my daughter when she gets home we will celebrate. Christmas in July for sure :O
    thanks for an opportunity to win!

  280. Spending A nice quiet evening with my husband & my kids. My daughter & her bf will be staying with us for A couple of days… It’ll be a nice visit.

  281. We don’t live near family so for thanksgiving we are going to a nice restaurant. I love to bake a Christmas. So far the only thing on my list is an chocolate peppermint Oreo poke cake I found on Pinterest.

  282. Celebrating my Dad’s 80th Birthday! :)

  283. Jill Woodral says:

    I did a chicken fried steaksgiving on Sunday for my turkey hating boyfriend who works on Thanksgiving.

  284. I will be making my first Thanksgiving dinner alone! It’ll just be myself, my husband and daughter, and my younger sister. Other than that, I’m just going to relax and enjoy my long weekend.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  285. Spending time with Family! Love it!!!!

  286. Sarah Esper says:

    I will be baking a variety of cookies for my family, of which my seasonal favorite is pumpkin chocolate chip! Deeeelicious!

  287. Debbie Bray says:

    I can’t wait to start baking lots of cookies!!

  288. We will be hosting Thanksgiving this year. Oh and Christmas Eve also.

  289. I’m going to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving. I get to bring the biscuits, gravy, and cheesecake!

  290. We’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year but I’m bringing sweet potatoes, the salad and pumpkin pie! :)

  291. I made 2 pumpkin pies today, as well as a chocolate-whiskey pecan pie today.

  292. i’m having my sister & her boyfriend over at my house for thanksgiving dinner.

  293. Hosting Thanksgiving :) Turkey is in the oven and tomorrow I will cook everything else while watching the Macy’s Day Parade! Doing most of the holiday shopping online.

  294. Tiffany Jones says:

    I have been through a very tough year and I am so looking forward to the holidays to melt away the worries. It’s been hard for me but I still know I am blessed. I am looking forward to some quiet family time and would love to be able to serve my family some great coffee from my new machine (fingers crossed :) ) Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for this opportunity.

  295. Crona Kerr says:

    I receive your updates in my inbox and bit very excited when I saw that this time we’re reading all about coffee. Myself and my husband are crazy coffee fans. We both have a one hour commute to work so our coffee even accompanies us in the car. Although I love our French press, I’d love a coffee maker!

  296. Well, let me begin by saying that I was so touched by your story and it flooded me with memories of my maternal grandmother… I was, as you were, introduced to coffee by Marilyn, my grandmother, at the age of 4… She died when I was 8 and I only saw her up to the age of 5 as she and my mother had a falling out, but I loved her for bringing me to the ‘dark side’ as you said…lol I loved how she made her coffee and to this day, there are some brands that when I fix it, it tastes just like hers and I swear that I see her face when I take that first sip – I mean really – I see her face and it just warms my body and sometimes I even shed a tear because I loved that woman… Okay, I just had to share that little story… Well, I stated above that I am from Texas and everything here is bigger (true dat) in Texas and I will never stand in line again for anything – Online Shopping – here I come as those lines are ‘Texas Big’…hahaha I have a daughter in her 1st year of college and she will be coming home – okay, have to explain this – her dorm room is literally like 9 miles from our home – 9 miles & that kid has not been home but 2 times this 1st semester!!! Crazy? I think so, but she is loving college and to have seen that smile & joy on her face those 2 times – I will just let it be… My other daughter, 15 years old, and I will be having foot surgery next Wednesday (say a prayer for her) – mine is to remove a nerve that feels like a knife when walking, but daughter’s is to reconstruct her foot (cause of steroids before birth to develop her) and she will be down for 5 months!!! Let me say, that she is a wonderful child and my hubby taught her how to make my coffee and that kid has me a cup of coffee made by my bedside EVERY morning for the past 2 years – Every morning… Whatever will I do – I really don’t think I even know how to make it anymore…lol So, it would be a great way to start making it again with what? Yes, a new coffee maker and all that entails… Happy Holidays from Texas!!

  297. Stephanie T. says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of family today! Stay safe all.

  298. Highschool football this morning, dinner at mom’s, then Patriots football tonight!

  299. I’m hosting Thanksgiving AND Christmas this year. Yes, i’m crazy.

  300. For the first time ever I am going out to eat and to a movie on Thanksgiving!

  301. I cook Thanksgiving at home and we have family over. This year my 8 year old little chef is excited to cook with me, looking forward to making some wonderful memories .

  302. Joanne Gregory says:

    First Thanksgiving for my daughter and her new husband, so we are joining them and our new inlaws. New traditions, families mingling together, life is good!

  303. We are having dinner with my in-laws for Thanksgiving

  304. I am making Thanksgiving dinner for my husband, one-year-old daughter, and in-laws! Its my first time hosting…I am making nine dishes from scratch, and besides driving me a bit crazy, I am also getting nervous! Hope everyone likes the food I’m making!

  305. I am making dinner for my family of five: one will eat only the rolls. One will eat the rolls and the cranberry sauce. One will eat rolls, cranberry sauce and turkey. The other two will eat everything but the plates. I long for the day when my children will enjoy this holiday as much as I do!

  306. This Thanksgiving will be challenging as our daughter has just been diagnosed with a disorder of the nervous system which affects her heart AND her digestive system. Therefore, I’m learning all sorts of new gluten-free, dairy-free recipes for our special day!

  307. I’m Thankful for Coffee today! We are going to spend our morning watching the Parade and making hand turkeys!

  308. I baked pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, & a pumpkin dump cake. I also made cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, and sweet potato casserole. Yum! I can’t wait for lunch!

  309. Wishing you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  310. Lesley Pew says:

    I’m going to visit my nephew and his wife at their new home – bringing dessert of homemade chocolate chip cookies and fudgy brownies – Also will be seeing my niece and her husband and their twins – hope to have a nice time.

  311. We always go eat with the same good friends and it is always a wodnerful time. We do not see them often enough. We make the most of this day each year.

  312. We are making tacos this year! we usually have turkey and the whole nine yards but my whole family is out of town so we are starting a new tradition. watch netflix, eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and make tacos for dinner. Why tacos? because my husband and daughter LOVE them and they are SUPER easy. Then we can spend most of the day hanging out and enjoying what really matters – family. Otherwise i would miss probably the entire day just by working away in the kitchen.

  313. I drove to Chicago to have thanksgiving with my parents! Great giveaway– thanks for the chance to win!

  314. Stomach bug put my Thanksgiving plans to rest. Just trying to get my strength back. At this point even a good cup of coffee doesn’t sound good, but I’m sure it will soon!

  315. I started cooking last night. I think I cooked way too much & ate way too much!! I’m so sleepy! It would be so nice to win this to wake me up!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  316. Myesha oliver says:

    I started cooking last night and finished up this morning, I hosted for my family and will not do any Black Friday shopping…I can’t imagine anything worth being in those crowds

  317. Always wanted a Keurig…great giveaway and happy Thanksgiving!!

  318. My family drives an hour to my husband’s aunt’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. Luckily, I only need to make on dish (macaroni and cheese) so I get to spend the rest of the time enjoying my family.

  319. I just got finished cleaning up after thanksgiving dinner for 9. Now I get to plan Christmas Eve dinner, and Christmas Day for 10 in our new home. Sooooo excited!!!

  320. Just finished Thanksgiving dinner. Now onto Christmas. Looking forward to shopping, baking and cooking.

  321. I am not hosting this year but I made Cornish hens and on my baking list pies pies and pies!!

  322. mirela skinner says:

    WE will host this year for Thanksgiving and I will prepare most of the dishes. i like hosting.
    I like your article about coffee. i like it too and I enjoy when I can have a cup with my mom.

  323. I don’t have any idea what my shopping list looks like yet, so no Black
    Friday sales for me! Everyone is supposed to have their wish lists ready when we get together on Saturday, so I’m planning to check out the sales on Cyber Monday.

  324. Hmmm…Coffee makes the world go round. =)

  325. Kim Catapano says:

    My baking list wasn’t very long this Thanksgiving. I only had to make one Sweet Potato pie but I plan on making up for that this Christmas.

  326. I am so stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner that I could hardly eat a piece of delicious cheesecake for dessert (but I did it!).

  327. We hosted 15 people for Thanksgiving – a day filled with food, family, friends, and a fire in the fireplace – perfect!

  328. Hosted Thanksgiving for the first time yesterday. So many leftovers I won’t be cooking for a while!

  329. I LOVE COFFEE! Happy Thanksgiving!.

  330. I spent Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh, Pa at my sister’s new house. I’ll be heading home to California next week for holiday shopping and prepping for Christmas at my house with the soon-to-be hubs!

  331. Kristen M. says:

    We had a great Thanksgiving. I hosted and had the honor of my father-in-law visiting us in SoCal from the Midwest. It was special because we had not seen each other in four years – in which time we’ve added a third child to our family! The dinner was fantastic and so was the sunset beach bonfire afterwards.

  332. Pam Correll says:

    Dad, who is 87, says (every single year) that it just isn’t Thanksgiving without Waldorf salad. Everybody seems to have a “must have” for the holiday. What’s yours?

  333. Tasha Phillips says:

    Thanksgivng this year was VERY low key. It was my mother and I, movies, sparkling grape juice in wine glasses, a meat/cheese tray, and a plate for each of us of traditional Thanksgiving fare prepared by my mother’s best friend.

    We plan on having a low key Christmas as well, although I will be cooking, it will be totally of the nontraditional variety. At least for us!

  334. Valerie S. says:

    Relaxing on black Friday…cooked for 12 and enjoying the quiet. I would love to win the Keurig for my movie room. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  335. We went to my brother’s house. He made a fried turkey and grilled shrimp, oysters and chicken wings. It was delish!

  336. We usually eat Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. But, this year we are going to my sisters house. We’re having a big crowd and 3 turkeys: 1 roasted, 1 deep fried and 1 smoked!

  337. We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house. I helped with the stuffing and the pies.

  338. My favorite desert with coffee this holiday season is “Bestest Cranberry Bars”. My Cousin made them for a family get together and I’ve made them twice since this fall. Deliscious with a warm cup of Joe!

  339. We’ve hosted Thanksgiving in the past. This year we just went to the in-laws house and it was heavenly. Now with Christmas around the corner, I cannot wait to start baking the variety of sweets I have in mind!

  340. I am really looking forward to Holiday’s this year! We have a newly remodeled kitchen, freshly painted walls and we are hosting Christmas for my entire extended family! I just hope we get some snow this December!

  341. We finished up the shopping today and SO EXCITED to not have to go to the mall for the next few weeks :)

  342. I hosted Thanksgiving this year. We had roasted turkey, sausage stuffing, praline sweet potatoes, squash casserole & roasted green beans with bacon candy topping, rolls, pecan & apple pies, & chocolate chip shortbread cookies. It was exhausting, but delicious.

  343. I’m shopping at Walmart!

  344. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas goes by too fast! I really need to concentrate on my gift list and start shopping!

  345. I spent Thanksgiving on the plane to get back “home” to work. It wasn’t all bad- I was able to spend a week at my home (the place I grew up- will always be home no matter where I live) and we celebrated Thanksgiving early!

  346. We traveled by car to my sisters home for Thanksgiving. It was truly wonderful! We talked about the good old days, my niece’s upcoming wedding, and my kids loved seeing all their cousins. We even sang happy birthay to all with November birthdays.

  347. I love to make chocolate covered toffee over the holiday season.
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  348. For Christmas I am planning on making a prime rib roast and Yorkshire pudding

  349. We are getting together with lots of family throughout the holiday season

  350. Happy Holidays

  351. We bake all kinds of cookies, candy and put together a gingerbread house. My son loves to help with all of it!

  352. Marnely Rodriguez-Murray says:

    We just came home from thanksgiving at the in laws. No leftovers here, so Monday is the start of detox week before we leave for the Caribbean in a week!

  353. I have been researching coffee makers to replace our aging machine. What a lovely solution this prize would be! One for home and one for the office.

  354. Debbie White says:

    Though,I’m not a big coffee drinker, I’ve always wanted a coffee maker to sample the various coffee flavors. There’s nothing like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

  355. Judy Denio says:

    We shared Thanksgiving with another family…Turkey and all the fixings. Dessert was a mix of pumpkin whoopie pies, pumpkin layered dessert, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for the kids.

  356. We just returned home from visiting family over Thanksgiving and one of my favorite activities during the holidays is to brew a fresh pot of coffee and bake something delicious. The whole house warms and smells wonderful and the kids are happy to sample something yummy.

  357. We’re creating new traditions this year with grain-free cookies, pies and breads for our meals due to a gluten intolerance in several family members. Turns out it’s not that difficult to do after all with so many specialty cooking blogs available these days!

  358. I love coffee – roasting coffee beans is the best smell ever! I hosted Thanksgiving again this year. Tradition is Thanksgivimg at my house, Christmas Eve at my mom’s house. We had 8 people and a traditional meal. Relatively stress-less – prepped a lot the night before and on Thursday morning, started with a huge cup of coffee and got to work. Served at 2PM, cleaned up by 4:30PM, dessert and coffee at 6PM and called it a success. I love the holidays!

  359. Lynne starr says:

    I am baking sweets with my little girl and boy. I really need the caffeine to keep up with them!

  360. I hosted Thanksgiving dinner, cooking and baking everything from scratch. My first effort and according to my seven guest it was a complete success. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  361. My holiday baking list is still a work in progress. Peanut butter balls are a must as my family loves the ones I make. Not sure if I’ll do cookies again this year, thinking more along the lines of candies and other treats. Need to figure it out as I’m traveling at Xmas so things will need to be made earlier.

  362. I am hosting Christmas Eve for my husbands family. My kids and I bake cookies and make candy to give as gifts to my in laws and many friends.

  363. After losing my Mom, it was hard to even think about Christmas baking as it was something that we did together. This year, though, our daughter really wants to get into the kitchen and create. She is my inspiration this year! =)

  364. Angela Gratn says:

    I need coffee. Would love to have one of these.

  365. We joined family for Thanksgiving and then hosted a Friendsgiving! It’s been a wonderful start to the holiday season.

  366. My family and I went to my sisters house for Thanksgiving this year. It was on her late husbands birthday so we spent the day with her remembering all of the good times we have spent with her husband over the years. Also we celebrated him and his birthday, which made the day even more special for us all.
    We made so many new things this year we tried pecan praline pumpkin pie (WONDERFUL!!!!) Also from scratch homemade country crusty bread and rolls, and a wonderful Korean bread with a savory filling! So we experienced so many wonderful flavors this year! It was truly a blessing! We can’t wait for Christmas now to try even more tasty treats!!!!

    Thyra Richardson NCMA

  367. Mmm I love coffee! I’m just now starting to think about gifts… Maybe coffee for some friends and family!

  368. Had 35 family members with us over Thanksgiving – loved being together, loved the food and fellowship!

  369. Family! So glad to be able to spend a day with extended family that we don’t see often enough throughout the rest of the year

  370. We are hosting Christmas for the very first time!

  371. I love family traditions especially around Christmas time.

  372. Thanksgiving was delicious! We were at my sister-in-law’s and ate turkey, some amazing stuffing with pine nuts in it, mashed potatoes, corn pudding, and yummy pie!

  373. Great giveaway! I haven’t done any shopping so the list is LONG!

  374. Just finished decorating the house for Christmas. Planning to work on some crafty gifts in the next couple of weeks.

  375. I’m detoxing from overeating on Thanksgiving, and have been caffeinating today to stay awake at work. This is a great giveaway for coffee addicts like me :)

  376. Well, Thanksgiving is over…and I am major planning our Family Christmas. I we are having lots of company throughout the month of December and I am going to make a lot of finger foods and casseroles. I have started putting them together for the freezer. Which will make my job easier.

  377. I did not host this year’s Thanksgiving…I was invited to a very nice dinner.

  378. We co-hosted Thanksgiving. Had my husbands brother and sister over with their families, and we all made dinner together. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  379. Russell Kilgore says:

    I am planning my first ever ‘Cocoa Christmas’ Christmas Eve party. I currently looking for various cocoa recipes to serve throughout the evening. I’m really excited about trying a red velvet cocoa recipe that I found on Pinterest.

  380. Blessie Nelson says:

    During the holiday time, we do a lot of baking. We make classic cheesecakes, many apple pies, sugar cookies and fried bean snacks and a big Scottish Christmas pudding cake!

  381. Mmmmm, I love coffee. I also gave it up during the pregnancy/nursing years, but I still love it so.

  382. I always bake breads, cookies, and bars for my friends for christmas. This year, I’m planning on adding hot chocolate mix and Baileys.

  383. We did not host thanksgiving this year, and it was very refreshing :)

  384. Blesson Selvanesan says:

    I am planning to buy a Kitchen Air Mixer for my wife this year! She really wants one!

  385. Debbie Craine says:

    My husband and I smoked a turkey breast for Thanksgiving and I baked a coconut custard pie. We took both over to my moms house. I would love to get my husband a Kitchen Aid mixer he has been drooling over them for a few years. Hopefully there will be some good sales. Thanks for the opportunity to win this caffeinated giveaway. I take one with me every morning when going to work. 5:30 am comes way too early with out coffee.

  386. We had a great Thanksgiving stuffing ourselves with family and now are looking forward to all the magic of the Christmas season. So much to do, so little time…

  387. This is a fabulous giveaway! I love coffee and basically can’t live without it! And am getting ready to do some holiday traveling. Woot!

  388. My husband drinks an astonishing amount of coffee every day. He loves, loves, loves him some coffee morning, noon and night. I’ve seen him sit in a great restaurant with a craft beer or a glass of wine in front of him and a cup of steaming black coffee right next to it. You get the picture. I could sure use some coffee gear and grind.

  389. Went to my brother’s for Thanksgiving, always great to be with family!!

  390. I bought a Keurig coffee pot about 3 years ago and had it delivered to the office – yup, you’re right – it never made it home!!! We had an issue with it, so I called Keurig and they sent out another part and the second one – yup, you’re right again – is still here at the office. I think we use it about 4 times an hour, not bad for a 5 person office, is it???? SO, I’d love to have one at home!!!!

  391. LavandulaLady says:

    I branched out this year and made all new recipes for our Thanksgiving dinner. I even baked the turkey WITHOUT a cooking bag; 1st time in 34 yrs of preparing it that way!

  392. Yummmmm! You just made me want a cup of coffee before bed! I love coffee all year long, but there’s something about the holidays that makes me want it more often!

  393. jedinene@yahoo.con says:

    I just want to make the perfect cheesecake to have with a perfect holiday flavored coffee.

  394. As much as I hate the colder temps- I really love this time of year! Especially curled up when it’s snowing, with a hot cup of peppermint mocha!

  395. Muhajirah P says:

    I don’t really like to bake but I have a whole list of things I want to make. I can sometimes bribe my youngest brother to make them for me but I run out of things to bribe him with. Haha, so I will just sip my coffee without any crumbly apple coffee cake.

  396. Muhajirah P says:

    Btw looove the tea tray, where did you get it?

  397. What is not to love about coffee!! I have wanted one of those Capsule things. They have me intrigued….

  398. It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is right around the corner! I’m very much looking forward to shopping, wrapping gifts, and taking time off from work to be with family and friends.

  399. What a blessing this Thanksgiving was! After years of not being able to swallow properly i had surgery last year to correct the problem. Recovery was much longer than expected and missed all of Thanksgiving and Christmas food last year! Wow, did everything taste so good this year!!!!! So counting my blessings!

  400. The holidays are made for coffee!! I usually have tea but I break out the coffee on Holidays and special occasions!

  401. Baking still to do: lots of biscotti (it’s now being requested by several family members for Christmas), gingerbread cookies and possibly houses, bar cookies, and Christmas cracker/candy. The Christmas cracker/candy has many names but it’s essentially crackers with a brown sugar & butter (or coconut oil) cooked topping followed by chocolate chips and crushed candy canes. Yum!

  402. I just found your page tonight. I love it! Making turkey broth now. I would love a new coffee maker!

  403. Joanne Gregory says:

    Planning to bake a cherry pound cake and rum pineapple upside down cake. Have to finish the chocolate cream pie first.

  404. Shannon knight says:

    Creme de menthe ice cream pie. Yum:). Coffee would be perfect with it:)

  405. We are planning to cook,but one stove has the oven messed up.Now,we face the task of using time wisely,and preparing food in order of importance.o But,my coffe will continue to flow.

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