Ceramic Cookware Giveaway: Farberware PurECOok

A quick review of Kohl’s Farberware PurECOok Ceramic Cookware, as well as the opportunity to win a 12-piece set in a giveaway provided by Kohl’s. As I mentioned before, this was a natural fit for me to work with Kohl’s, and any opinions expressed below are mine.

Ceramic Cookware Giveaway: Farberware PurECOok

Every night after dinner I stare at the pile of hand-washable dishes that fill the sink – pots and pans crusted with color from searing and cooking, dried bits of food plastered to the pan left there inexplicably when someone’s kid made lunch earlier – and sigh. I may fill the pan with water and walk away, only to be irritated later when I reenter the kitchen and am reminded of the task still waiting for me.

Why do we avoid these things that would be better dealt with head on? Instead we put them off, allowing them to linger in the background of our lives.

Ceramic Cookware Giveaway: Farberware PurECOok

There is a bit of reward in finishing a task, in seeing the job through to completion and then not having to return to it again – never mind tomorrow. Likewise, there’s also a bit of reward in pans that are allowed to slip into the dishwasher, no matter if your child hasn’t bothered to scrap clean their scrambled egg mess from the edge because even if you were to hand wash that neglected and forgotten pan, it wipes clean without elbow grease.

We’ve been using our pans for a while now – and ceramic for much longer – and while I’ve used them for eggs and the potato and arugula frittata several times, I can’t properly state how excited I was the first time I used one to make fried quinoa in the morning for the kids’ lunches. In less than 60 seconds, all the caramelized quinoa bits and color on the pan was washed away with our everyday sponge, and I was hanging it up in its proper place. Goodbye procrastination.

My bits of advice for ceramic cookware maintenance are:

  • bamboo and wooden spoons are your friends; forks and metal utensils are the enemy
  • don’t let them nest in a cupboard somewhere, lest they get scratched as you are jostling them around
  • instead, store them by hanging or investing in a pan rack or pan liners to separate them from each other

I’m excited to be giving away a set of these very same pans to a reader. They are aluminum pans with a PFOA- and PTFE-free ceramic coating that provides a nonstick cooking surface. You can use them in the oven up to 350°F, and they are dishwasher safe. Enter below for a chance to win a Farberware PurECOok 12-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set from Kohl’s.

Ceramic Cookware Giveaway: Farberware PurECOok


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