Diet is a Four-Letter Word: Albion Fit Giveaway

In which I discuss a few of my feelings about the word “diet” in our culture and give away $150 to Albion Fit.
Diet is a Four-Letter Word (Albion Fit Giveaway) via

Three nights a week we don gloves and winter coats after dinner and pile into the car and head to swim practice at the local YMCA. While my kids swim, I make my way to the glorified “fitness center” where I’ve been lifting weights and climbing faux mountains to nowhere in some effort to expend energy when the air outside is not suitable for my usual fitness exploits: long walks around lakes, bike riding, hiking, intermittent running, gardening. On occasion I even do yoga and Pilates in my living room.

I do it because I get restless in the winter; the grey landscape swallows me whole. I do it because I know firsthand the mental benefits of movement and because I’ve seen the difference it makes in keeping me sane. More importantly, though, I’m trying to instill this practice of movement in my children as a daily part of life.

Diet is a Four-Letter Word (Albion Fit Giveaway) via FoodforMyFamily.comWe’re all bike rides and hiking, circling the lake, canoeing, fishing, and swimming. There are gardens to tend and yard work that involves heavy lifting. We pick berries and walk through the farmers markets. There are bugs to find and birds to identify. Baseballs thrown are switched for soccer balls kicked and then basketballs dribbled. In the winter our hikes are colder. We strap on snowboards and hit the hill. We swim in heated pools and lift weights in the fitness center. We throw snowballs, build snowmen, slide down the largest hill we can find before climbing back up to the top to do it over again.

Society tells me I should talk of low-fat and fat-free food, smoothies, gym membership, and the like as part of the New Year. I think society is wrong. While I embrace the clean slate idea that a new calendar year brings, I don’t believe these detox regimens, fad diets, lifestyle overnight makeovers are healthy or promote the type of life I want to live. Nor are they the life I want to model for my children.

Diet is a Four-Letter Word (Albion Fit Giveaway) via FoodforMyFamily.comI want to raise my children in an environment where we exercise because we enjoy it. I want to bake cookies with sugar and butter and teach my children how to treat themselves every once in a while. I want them to learn the importance of self-regulation and moderation when they think about the food they eat. They should learn the cues their body sends to signal when it is hungry or when it is full rather than counting calories taken in and expended. I want them to understand the difference between avoiding processed cookies because of chemicals/preservatives added and enjoying one that we baked without guilt.

This obsessive way we treat food in this country, how we regulate not by need but by desire, our inability to find balance in things that bring joy with things that bring health makes me fret as a parent. I watch my children and hope they will learn to live differently than what is being modeled for them by the culture and media around them. For me, that means practicing that behavior at home.

This weekend it meant a short winter hike before grocery shopping and a few hours spent on snowboards. Monday during the holiday off school we made four different kinds of doughnuts as we recipe tested the day away before packing up to head to swim practice. Tonight there will be homemade Caesar salads and math homework.

di•et, noun
a : food and drink regularly provided or consumed
b : habitual nourishment
c : the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason
d : a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight

I don’t want “diet” to be a four-letter word that means restriction and pain. I don’t want “fitness” to be something they dread. A diet is daily nourishment for your body so that you can flex it, bend it, move it. This balance isn’t perfect; however, as with most things worth pursuing, if we work at it we get it right.
Diet is a Four-Letter Word (Albion Fit giveaway) via
Albion Fit has been kind enough to send me a few pieces of their apparel to try out as I attempt to balance my life and are offering some to readers as well. A family-owned company committed to sustainable clothing and fair workplaces, they have a great selection of leisure and fitness apparel for women.

I’ve been enjoying their lounge crop pants, which are the best for transitioning from my home workday to the gym. I prefer the black over the charcoal, but I prefer black in most things. My charcoal waistband is a bit different than the black in that it has an elastic band running through it where the black is just soft, stretchy material.

One of my favorite parts about their tops are the thumb holes that are featured in many of their long-sleeved wear. Both the signature hoodie and the go long crew tees have them, as do many of the jackets and sweatshirts. My hands are constantly cold in the winter, and these help provide that extra bit of warmth as I go through my day. Plus, I feel like a wizard. A true sign of quality clothing: Kiera keeps stealing these from the clean laundry to wear them when I’m not looking.

Today through Wednesday you can get 15% off your purchase at Albion Fit by entering code familyfood15 during checkout. Plus, enter to win a gift card below!


  1. great post Shaina!! and I love their crop pants too!

  2. Their bathing suits look great!

  3. LOVE this post! I feel the same way about “real” food. I wish I had more energy to move more, though! I love Albion’s signature hoodie.

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  6. Great post! I love the look of the go long crew tops.

  7. I love the long crew tops, but really want that striped bathing suit!

  8. I like the Go Long Legging. I am always looking for a perfect plain black legging to wear in these cold MN winters.

  9. Nicole S. says:

    LOVE the great options for workout pants!

  10. Like those bathing suits!

  11. Their bathing suits are SUPER CUTE

  12. The sweet stripe full zip looks great!

  13. Really hard to choose between pants & hoodies!

  14. Love their leggings and yoga pants.

  15. It all looks so great!

  16. i love the black diamond pant

  17. The signature hoodie will help keep me warm running on those cold mornings; thumb holes rock!

  18. Amen, sister! Let’s hear it for butter, homemade cookies, nature hikes and berry picking. I hope this ‘trend’ catches on with more parents. Enough of endless television and ‘snack’ foods.

  19. The bathing suits are very cute!

  20. Gotta love the hoodie with thumbholes!!

  21. Lynda Del says:

    Love their ‘Go Long Crew’ tops.

  22. I love the Lounge Crop, Charcoal pants.

  23. Christina Kelbel says:


  24. Kristin C. says:

    I love the signature hoodie! So cute!

  25. I love the lounge crop pants too!

  26. I’ve been eyeing their hoodies and the crop pants look pretty nice too.

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  31. Their unwind pullover…

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  34. I love so many of their items but I am in real need of a swim suit. The High Tide is so cute!

  35. I love their signature hoodie!

  36. love the unwind pullover!

  37. I like the go long crews!

  38. I love the apres leggings in indigo

  39. I do need a new bathing suit……

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  41. Having fun clothes to wear makes me more motivated to exercise. Love Albion Fit.

  42. I love my fitness clothes. I have to put them to do my fitness routine. I can’t do fitness in my daily wear. I love both these pieces but that hoodie with the finger holes is the bomb.

  43. I could really use some new workout pants! (fingers crossed)

  44. Love love you post. Agreed about enjoying food especially cookies…life in moderation! Love Albion fit and love the unwind pullover.

  45. i love the sweet stripe zip in yellow and grey

  46. I couldn’t agree more. I move plenty, and try to teach my kids balance too! The busier we are, the harder it is,

  47. I love the signature hoodie!!

  48. I think the unwind pullover looks so comfy!


  50. Stephanie Gossett says:

    The spotlight hoodie is adorable! I love their items! I really the chance!

    beachmommy915 at gmail dot com

  51. All their stuff looks so comfy and cozy while still stylish, love that!

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  53. Tiffany R says:

    love the baseball tee!

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  64. Fantastic post Shaina!! That says it all so perfectly!

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  68. I love their Nautical Bow bathing Suit – top and bottom in black/ivory.

  69. Melissa Moore says:

    I LOVE this post! And I love the Black Diamond pants 🙂

  70. Baseball Ts!

  71. I love their long crews! and their swim suits!

  72. Gail Rosenstrom says:

    i want the stamina shorts!!!

  73. I like the purple Unwind Pullover with the cowl neck.

  74. Wild Orchid says:

    I would love one of these–

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

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  80. I love just about all of their stuff. I’ve never owned any, but it all looks super cute and comfy.

  81. Marner Campbell says:

    I love the Hoodie she is wearing——cool!

  82. Yoga pants look so comfy.

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  84. Luis DelValle says:

    Awesome duds!

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    Loving the Signature Hoodie in Heather Grey!

  91. Vanessa Richard says:


  92. I love the pants that you’re wearing-just what I need!

  93. Picture of the kids picking Blueberry, so sweet because summer is near, but the thought is Farming!!

  94. The hoodies look great.

  95. Kathy Flaherty says:

    Love the pants & the hoddies!

  96. Leggings

  97. I’ve always wanted a nice baseball tee like theirs.

  98. I’d love to wear the lounge crop pants.

  99. Would love a hoodie since my hands are also always cold . Great message in your post..thanks

  100. Great post! I really enjoyed reading it! 🙂

  101. The swim wear looks absolutely fabulous!

  102. SIGNATURE HOODIE, HEATHER GREY would be my fave.

  103. Love the signature hoodie in belize blue!

  104. Laura Smith says:

    I love the colors on the GINGER HEADSCARF.

  105. Love their super cute petal pants! I already have one of their jackets that I love! I am with you on this post! I grew up in a home with two runners as parents. They also biked and we sailed nearly every weekend. We ate extremely healthy. I didn’t have a hamburger and soda until after I was 18. Fitness and eating well has been embedded in me from such a young age. I hope to be instilling the same values in my sweet four. Loved your post, Shaina!

  106. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love the Sweet Stripe Full Zip, Aqua/Grey

  107. Thomas Murphy says:

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  108. I love this! Couldn’t agree more!!

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    (The Sweet Stripe Full Zip, Charcoal / Grey)

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    I like the Breathe Freely Tank in Cherry!

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  148. wendi watson says:

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  152. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love the Sweet Stripe Full Zip, Aqua/Grey!!

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