Fair Food, Guest Posts and Recipe Cards All At Once

Before this becomes irrelevant – and maybe it already is – I wanted to share some of the culinary delights ate the fair this year. Reflecting back on it, we kind of decided it was a mild year for us. I mean, we didn’t go for the ostrich or the alligator, bacon-on-a-stick or even deep-fried Oreos. There’s always next year.
state fair collage

From left to right, top to bottom:
1) Chicken pesto crepe, carnival ride at night, the Giant Slide, Skyride
2) Cheese curds, sharing our lemonade with a bee, gyro, Scotch egg
3) Pronto Pup, gelato, fried dill pickles with ranch, MN wine tasting
4) Hibiscus iced tea and jerk chicken, ferris wheel at night, walleye fries, who knew it took so many people to make mini donuts?

Second, last week I shared my solution for the endless piles of paper that are generated by having kids in school over at Organizing Your Way. Endless. Piles. Of. Paper. No joke. You can read all about my great solution to keep it under control in an attempt to retain at least a small portion of my sanity. I also wrote about mixing wood tones while designing your home over at Simple Nest, and today I shared six things you can do in your yard and garden still this fall.

And finally, we’ve been making a few changes to the site. Between upgrading WordPress and attempting to get recipe cards up and working with the feed and in the site so they are easy to print and save, a few things may have been broken. It looks like everything is on a smoother path right now. I just wanted to say thanks for putting up with us as we – and by “we,” I mean Ole – fix and monkey and mess. So, thanks. Really.

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