Individual Baked Apple Crisp Recipe

A recipe for cinnamon-infused apple crisps prepared on whole halved apples for a healthy, simple take on a classic dessert.
Individual Baked Apple Crisps #Recipe

It has been a week filled with firsts: the first day of school, the first day of kindergarten, the first school lunches, the first bus ride, the first day walking, the first homework sheets, the first lost shoe, the first missed bus. Hmm.

In an attempt to regroup before next week, the first apple crisp of the season seems apropos. We were rewarded with a few days of cool mornings this week, making the proposition of flicking the oven to the “on” position not quite as unbearable with the wafting cinnamon, nutty toasting almond meal, and sweet baking apples filling the room serving as instant gratification for the small action.

Click through to grab the recipe for these Individual Baked Apple Crisps at Attune Foods.
Individual Baked Apple Crisps #Recipe
Bonus Coring Tip: Using the melon baller to remove the core from the apples: best use of this tool I’ve found to date. It works for pears, too.


  1. Um – that corer tip is a game changer! I bet it would work for getting stubborn pits out of peaches and nectarines too.

  2. wow Ive just made a similar recipe around a week a go… amazing dessert

  3. Oh these are so pretty and make me so excited for fall and apples!!

  4. Love these!

  5. Super gorgeous and I’m so ready for fall desserts!!

  6. This looks so perfect! And how did I never think of using the melon baller on an apple before – genius!

  7. Yay for fall desserts!

  8. love your food blog.check the awesome recipes at I just loved them and I think you will too!

  9. Apples + Cinnamon = A FALL MUST! :) Like the fact that you can make individual servings :)

  10. Oh, Heavenly Day, does that look delicious!
    I don’t bake huge apple crumbles, but to be able to do one or two at a time… Yummy! Thanks for this fun recipe!

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