Peach Crisp Pops Recipe

Refreshing and crunchy all in one, peach crisp pops are a mix of youthful fun and adult flavor in one cooling summer treat.
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Simple + Summer. These are two things that I would like to live together, to get cozy with each other. Instead, it always feels as if summer is sprinting out ahead of me, and we’re following behind, arms piled high with extra pairs of flip-flops, beach towels, summer reading books, the keys to the car and the house barely holding on, looped around my pinky. My kids are falling behind, and as I turn to encourage them to keep moving, summer dashes forward.

Still, it’s the simple things in summer that I appreciate and enjoy most. Spending the morning picking strawberries with the kids, when the farm stand shows up a few blocks from our house; the corn girl standing under her tent, the back of the pickup truck filled with ears of sugar sweet corn; late night walks at sunset; garden fresh tomatoes; and the peaches. Ole should have moved me down to South Carolina with him rather than coming home just for the peaches alone. In another life perhaps I own a peach orchard and spend my days walking beneath the trees (I’m short, so this is possible) and inhaling the honeyed air all summer long. Then I’d make peach pies, ice cream, crumble, crisp, cobbler, sorbet all day long.

Head over to Attune Foods Daily Digest and grab the recipe for these peach crisp popsicles. They’re sweet and soft from fruit, with just an added bit of texture running through them. (You can also just keep the crisp to the bottom end to keep it crunchy for weeks if you fill your entire freezer with these sweet treats. Filling the freezer is highly recommended.)
Peach Crisp Popsicles via
I’m an Attune Foods Brand Ambassador and write for them over on their site.


  1. These are something special, love the peach AND crumble in a popsicle, genius!

  2. Peaches are one of my favorite things about summer! Love this idea for popsicles!

  3. Simple summer pleasures. Popsicles are a must.

  4. Love, love, love! Peaches are what summer is all about! These popsicles look amazing!

  5. I love stone fruits and can’t get enough during the summer! What a fun idea Shaina!

  6. What a perfect summer treat!

  7. Peach crisps as popsicles?! That is so fun and yum :)

  8. yes please! LOVE THESE

  9. wow, loving the concept of these!! Gorgeous photos too!

  10. These look super-yummy!

  11. Love the crunch in the popsicle, such a creative frozen treat.

  12. Marcie Wulkan says:

    One of best on my list so far :)

  13. Yes please. Love peaches any way I can get them.

  14. Just checked out the recipe on Attune. Yummy stuff, I love how you added the cereal into the pops for a “crisp”.

  15. Cool idea! I’d leave out the crunchies, since I’m not a huge fan of chunks in my popsicles, but other than that this looks just delish!

  16. What a fun combination, a classic summer dessert in lickable form!

  17. wow!! I want some of these. they sound and LOOK so amazing, Shaina!

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