Preparing for the Holidays

There’s a turkey to purchase, a menu to plan, recipes to thumb through, grocery shopping that needs to happen and cleaning. Don’t even get me started on the cleaning. Traditional Thanksgiving dinners can be a lot of work, and planning and organization go a long way to ensuring yours comes together all at the right time. Before you pass on the turkey and stuffing, take a look over at Organizing your Way today where I am sharing a few tips on how you can make your Turkey Day stress free by staying on top of the food preparation and keep the chaos out of your kitchen.

Is there anything you do to get ready for Thanksgiving to keep the stress level at a minimum?

Do you have a special Thanksgiving tradition?


  1. Shaina,

    Thanks for a great post! This is my first thanksgiving hosting, and I’m a wee bit challenged to make it ALL happen. I sure appreciate the tips you’ve offered through this series. I think I’ll make it through alive!

    PS- your site is just adorable!


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