Need a Staycation for Your Back-to-School Blues?

Last Monday I wrote about using the last weeks of summer to squeeze in one last relaxing staycation over on Deal Seeking Mom, and then I neglected to let you know because I was up to my elbows in bleach and green t-shirts with 26 kids. But you should go check it out…and then find out what else is on sale this week. Tara’s in the know and constantly updating with new deals and specials. She can help you stretch your dollar a bit farther as we head into the school season.
Which sent me over to Organizing Your Way sharing tips on how to get organized as the school year approaches and summer fades away, all too soon. Mandi is one of the most organized people I know, and I told her (in jest…at least partly) recently she is never allowed to visit because she would have a panic attack, but her blog is an inspiration, and her ideas have me thinking of new ways I can make my life, my house and my time a little less chaotic. Until that happens, I’ll just plan on visiting her instead.

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