Tried and Tested: Birthday Cake


I’m on a mission to fulfill a Birthday Cake Quest. Niki is looking for a birthday cake for a special little girl, who happens to be turning one towards the end of the month. There is a large spot carved out in each of the hearts of the kids here at our house for her. In fact, Kidney Bean’s first night of babysitting happened at her house.

Looking to avoid the usual food-dye-laden birthday cakes, she is in search of something more on the natural side of things. My mission is to construct the cake she dreams of, in a manner suitable for a one-year-old. I was thinking white chocolate and a buttercream frosting, colored a pink/purple with pomegranates. However, I’m open to suggestions. My recipe searching is underway. Here are a few I’ve found around the web that I’m interested in.

White Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake – bfeedme
Without the pecans, this has potential to be in the running.
Pomegranate White Chocolate Cup Cakes – Simplicious
I don’t know that I’m looking for cupcakes, but perhaps morphed into a layer cake, these would do the trick. Plus, they look incredible. I love the pomegranate sprinkled across the top.
Avocado Buttercream Frosting – Alton Brown
I’ve never made this, and I’m not sure how long it would take for the avocado to start browning, but I am intrigued. I may make a small test batch of frosting and watch it, taste it, watch it some more.
Almond Raspberry Layer Cake – Smitten Kitchen
The almonds probably wouldn’t work for a first birthday, but oh. my. goodness. I want it. In case anyone wants to make it for me, my birthday is in less than a month. I’d take one.
Bittersweet Chocolate Cake – Simply Recipes
Yum. I’m going to have to try this one eventually. It looks and sounds incredibly moist. It’s the kind of thing my mother-in-law would take two bites of and put her fork down, needing a break. That’s why we have coffee. Coffee and chocolate cake. I’ll have to invite her over.

photo by MShades


  1. Hope you’ll complete your mission, the first b’day cake is very..very important:)

  2. Wow, my infanta is one lucky girl. All of these options look delicious, she’d be honored to eat any one of them. And if you can’t decide, there’s always a *cake buffet* – you’d have time for that, right? I love your white chocolate with pomegranates idea, I hope my girl shares.

    Niki’s last blog post..Phosphates in your dishwasher detergent

  3. Yum! I can’t wait to find out which mystery cake you choose. I think they all sound amazing and I love the picture…where’s that recipe??

  4. Gemma Lay says:

    Okay so there is a picture at the top of this post..

    and I would really like the find the recipe.. if anyone has any ideas can they email me please-

    Any information would be really appreciated..

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  1. […] bit of news is that my birthday cake quest is complete, with not one, but two happy endings! Shaina is privvy to my site and happened upon my Quest post. Being the extraordinary person that she is, […]

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