How to Prepare and Pack Freezer Smoothies for School Lunches: Eat Well, Spend Less

We’re talking about the ins and outs of freezer smoothies that are practically packable for school lunches for this month’s back-to-school Eat Well, Spend Less. Everything is back-to-school this month. While my kids don’t go back until after Labor Day, I know that in some parts of the country school is already back in session. […]

Eat Well, Spend Less: 5 Ways to Save Time Making Family Dinners

This month for Eat Well, Spend Less we’re looking at saving time in the kitchen. See how I tackle the family dinner debacle and win a copy of Jessica’s new book: Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook. The time is four o’clock. Children have arrived from school. Lunches need to be unpacked, backpacks checked […]

A Bit About Makin’ Bacon

How to make crisp and evenly cooked bacon in the oven without all the grease splatters and mess of frying it on the stove. Pin It Bacon. Have you ever noticed that bacon has the ability to instantly trigger a response in your brain? Its salty goodness reaches to the recesses of your mind, and […]

Preparing for a Backyard Barbecue: Tips, FREE eBook and a Dutch Oven for You!

Getting ready to grill for a group? We have you covered, with tips for preparing, a free barbecue e-cookbook and downloadable printables to keep you organized. Oh, and we may also throw in a pretty snazzy giveaway as well. We’re getting ready to host a backyard barbecue this weekend, and we have been busy prepping, […]

Quick School Lunch Tip: Peach Freezer Smoothies

I tend to get a bit greedy with peaches, as in I buy them by the crate. Last week I realized I was either going to need to eat the remaining 5 pounds I had still to get through that hadn’t been processed to freeze or eaten fresh or baked into muffins. I knew I […]

Stocking Your Pantry for Home Cooking: The Basics

If you’ve ever started dinner only to realize that you’re out of one thing or another, then you’ll know how easy it is to give up on dinner and just head for the nearest eating establishment. I mean, you’re going out anyway, right? A well-stocked pantry is one of the first keys to successful home […]

5 Ways To Cook More Often

With our weekly menu on display for everyone to see, it may be hard to believe that we ever eat out, but we do. In fact, there are days when the fast food flows as I sit behind my computer and toil away, leaving no time for the things I enjoy, one of them being […]