Chicken Satay with Pineapple Planks

I’m not Japanese, I don’t claim to know anything about Japan.  I do watch Iron Chef, but the only things I learn from that are how to make fish ice cream and brain pudding.  You will not find these things in my posts.  I do, however, dabble in very Americanized Asian cuisine. A few years […]

Make-Ahead Meals: Cornbread Dressing Chicken Casserole

I have a confession to make. I do not like casseroles. I just don’t. I’ve eaten many a casserole in my day or, as they’re called here in the Midwest, “hotdish.” So, you’ll have to forgive me if I’m less than excited about this recipe. Yep, that’s right. I’m going to give you a recipe […]

French Toast Bake: Make Me Now.

Three years ago I went to a bridal shower for my cousin. There was a French toast bake there. It was fantastic. This is not that recipe. It only prompted me to search online for something similar. After looking over a few, I came up with this. While most breakfast bakes call for cream or […]

Make-Ahead Meals: Stuffed Manicotti

We made it! We’re on the shores of Gichigami, enjoying the 14 inches of snow that were dumped here this week. Kola Nut was thoroughly impressed by the deer grazing outside our front door. And outside our back door? It’s Lac-Supérieur itself, greeting me home. How I missed you, Big-Sea-Water. Now we sit and wait […]

Make-Ahead Meals: Easy Enchiladas

I like tacos. You like tacos. We all like tacos. Taco night happens to be one of my favorite nights. It’s right up there behind burrito night. It’s easy. Chop, chop, brown the ground beef, stick it out on the table and let everyone assemble dinner for themselves. Nothing like getting everyone involved in the […]