Creamy Turkey and Mushroom Casserole

Even if I may not be a casserole fan for 85 96.75 percent of the year, the cold weather has me craving creamy mushrooms and wild rice all baked together into a belly-warming dish of deliciousness. I hope you’ll forgive me, but I’m going to talk about them (the mushrooms and rice) twice before I’m done. Here and again as a soup soon after. The casserole starts with white rice and boiling water and a bit of white wine.

I start with mini portabellas, and I couldn’t pass up this asparagus. It just looked perfect. You could toss in green beans or broccoli or any other vegetable of your choosing. Or don’t. This would work completely green free as well.
Into my measuring cup I add one can of cream of mushroom soup and then fill to the 2-cup line with milk. Mix it together and add it to the rice and water.
cream and soup
Mix it all together.
into the pot
And add some turkey. This is left over from Thanksgiving. Give it a stir.
Stir it all together. You want to make sure all the rice and vegetables are under liquid. If you need more liquid, add just a bit more white wine or milk to cover them up. (Pick the wine. Everyone needs a bit of wine in their casserole.)
Now, rather than stopping there, we’re going to use up any leftover dinner rolls you might have around. No dinner rolls? How about stuffing mix? The idea is to give the casserole a crunchy layer that will help balance the creaminess inside.
bread cubes
Drizzle olive oil over the bread cubes and toss gently to distribute.
bread oil
Leftovers have been completely transformed into a hearty warm meal of comfort food that will keep you warm even on the coldest early December evening.
casserole on plate

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