Menu Planning with the Kids

The what, why, and how of getting your kids involved in menu planning and the discussion of daily meals. I am in the kitchen, bent at the waist with my head tucked inside the refrigerator. Our fridge is always stuffed full with the season’s produce, wrapped in plastic or teetering in bowls. Each week I […]

A Menu for Heading Into Summer

A menu to make the most of the final weeks of spring an the first hint of summer vacation. The last week of school always seems like a waste. Both teachers and students are ready to be done, the sunshine beckoning them from the window. With the hard plastic chairs unforgiving and the clouds in […]

Mother’s Day Menu: Brunch and a Fair Trade Giveaway

Ideas for your Mother’s Day brunch, plus a fun Fair Trade Certified giveaway and a few gift ideas for Mom. I am guilty of ruminating. I spend a lot of time inside my own head weighing words and thoughts and ideas, forming opinions. Sometimes I get lost in there with all of those bits and […]

Weekly Menu: Jump Start Your Monday

A springtime menu and a few inspirational links that will get you in the “face the week” frame of mind. Plus, as always, there are a few tips on making the menu plan run as smoothly as possible. I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. This may have to do […]

Weekly Menu: A Green Spring

A spring greens inspired menu plan with spinach, chard, and arugula all featured for those with a green-heavy CSA. Plus, a bit of Irish holdover. Get the recipe for creamed spinach cups over on the Attune Foods blog My hands were cold, so I made a cup of rooibos tea. An influx of rooibos in […]

Weekly Menu St. Patrick’s Day Style

A weekly menu plan with St. Patrick’s Day in mind plus tips on how all the meals work together to create a functional meal plan that won’t take up all your time or all your money. The weekend devoured me in a chlorinated steam cloud, the kind that hits you in the chest with the […]

A Menu for Eating Well and Spending Less

This week’s menu plan, a round-up of interesting links from last week including the Eat Well, Spend Less questions, and a bit of bickering. Really, there’s no bickering. I don’t think. I like to read. Have we talked about this little piece of information? I feel like we should talk about this. If I had […]